100% Sweet Love

Chapter 35: Chop Off This Hand!

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Hearing Liang Lihua bringing up the matters of the theatrical play, everyone’s eyes immediately lit up, especially the girls.

It could be said that for this time’s theatrical play, the girls in the class were in a fit of having a bitch fight. The reasons why the female lead hasn’t been decided yet is because previously, several girls had gotten into a very fierce fight over it. Among the fiercest ones in the fight were Cheng Xiu and Han Xiaoru. These two have a powerful family background, fought till the days went dark, and caused a brawl that had almost broke out within the school. This had repeatedly caused Liang Lihua to be hard-pressed, which is why she decided to drag on deciding the candidate for Snow White till after the exams were over.

Liang Lihua continued, “In order to be fair, everyone will have an equal opportunity to participate, thus, I’ve decided that the candidate of Snow White will be chosen by drawing lots! With regards to the results from the lottery, nobody will be given any advantages!”

Last time when they tried voting, Cheng Xiu had one extra vote from Han Xiaoru, but in the end, Han Xiaoru refused to give in. Han Xiaoru revealed that Cheng Xiu had bought tickets from the other students, whereas Cheng Xiu denounced her by saying that Han Xiaoru had forced the other students vote for her.

With both of the girls having a powerful family background, it was best not to offend any of them.

Therefore, she felt that it would be best to simply draw lots in order to save trouble, plus, this practically makes it impossible for people to complain.

“Teacher, I have no objection!”

“Me too, I have no objection, let’s just draw the lot!”

Finally, in the end, the students unanimously agreed with Liang Lihua’s decision.

Originally, the chances of becoming the female lead were in the hands of a small number of girls within the class, but now that the opportunity has been evenly divided, everyone was now given a fair chance, so naturally, the majority would approve of this idea.

As for Cheng Xiu and Han Xiaoru, filled with unwillingness to give up, they both continued to glare at each other.

Upon seeing this, Liang Lihua gave instructions for the class monitor to write down the names of all girls in class onto small pieces of paper, then put them into a small box.

With this, Liang Lihua announced, “Let’s have student Si Xia draw the lot!”

Otherwise, if she were to allow a different person to draw, then when the time comes, it’d be inevitable that the girls would start trying to overrule and propose all kinds of changes.

Hearing what was said, all the girls nodded repeatedly, almost as if they were kowtowing.

Wow! The prince charming is personally pulling it out himself!

If they were to win the lottery…… it’s simply because their ancestors had done a great deed in the past!

The class monitor walked over to the last row while carrying the box, “Student Si Xia.”

At this moment, Si Xia was feeling depressed, why would he have any mood for these? Under the countless hopeful gazes, he finally conceded. After he pulled out a piece of paper, he threw it towards the class monitor without even bothering to look at it.

As soon as the class monitor caught the piece of paper, he suddenly felt as if his whole being was pierced by the burning gazes of the girls in class.

Lightly coughing, “The person that Si Xia had drawn is……” When the class monitor was about to speak, he carefully opened the small piece of paper.

Just as he was about to announce the name, in the next second…… the class monitor looked like he was struck by lightning, while standing there, he stared blankly at the piece of paper.

Aware of the class monitor’s peculiar look, Si Xia slightly knitted his brows and looked over.

The expression on the class monitor’s face gave him an indescribably ominous premonition…

At this very moment, the class monitor couldn’t bring himself to look at Si Xia in the eyes, even more so, he didn’t dare to look at any of the girl’s expressions. Only after being urged by everyone, he swallowed his saliva and stammered as he read out, “The name… The name that was drawn is…Ye…Ye Wan Wan…”

“What did you say?” The boy instantly grabbed the piece of paper from the class monitor’s hands.

When he saw the three words ‘Ye Wan Wan’ on the brief note, it looked incomparably distinct!

Ye Wan Wan was jolted awake by the rumbling noise beside her. After rubbing off the saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth, she opened her eyes in daze, facing towards her deskmate, she asked, “What’s going on…”

Si Xia looked at the girl with her horrifying face, ‘sadako’-like hairs, drooling saliva, and drowsy-eyed appearance…


I. Want. To. Chop. Off. This. Hand!


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17 thoughts on “Chapter 35: Chop Off This Hand!

  1. SX: I want to chop off this hand!!!!
    YWW: I don’t think you need to stress on that part, someone is willing to chop it for you
    YH: Tell me when to chop it off, I’ll do it in a jiffy!!!

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  2. So our Ye Wan Wan will get to show them what a princess really looks like. Great! But what about he crazed out lover? Will he be able to watch this drams without creating mayhem .
    Thank you for this update


    1. Sorry, made a small mistake in TL. It wasn’t that class monitor instructed the girls, but LLH was the one who instructed the class monitor to write down the names of all girls in class.


  3. Thank you for the update! 😀
    Question… I know we still have a long way for this novel to be finished, but I am curious to know is Si Xia suppose to the be second male lead? Does anyone know?


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