100% Sweet Love

Chapter 33: To Share Rain and Dew

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

“I have no objection.”

The language teacher nodded, currently, he was also inquisitive on whether or not if what Ye Wan Wan had said was true. In response, the other teachers looked at each other in dismay, in the end, they too expressed their approval.

“Ye Wan Wan, for you alone, a great number of people have been involved, and because of this, you’ve wasted the precious time of so many teachers! You still have a chance to admit to your wrongs! Don’t wait till you ended up losing your own face! The face of Class F will soon be entirely smeared by you!” Liang Lihua angrily roared.

Ye Wan Wan laughed, “Teacher Liang, you were the one who questioned me, you were also the one who made such a big fuss which caused so many people to get involved, and even if they had their time wasted, wasn’t it still you who wasted everyone’s time?”

“You…” it was too late for Liang Lihua to angrily rebuke, Ye Wan Wan who was already facing the other teachers, directly started to speak, “Everyone, there’s no need to trouble yourselves, let’s just use the backup exams. Just in case if what Teacher Liang has said about me possessing some remarkable ability to somehow getting the exam questions is true, I fear that even if I jumped into the Yellow river, I’d still be unable to wash everything off clearly. It’d be better if all the teachers would make 5 sets of questions of each subject on the spot, with 25 questions altogether, even if I get one question wrong, then you can consider that I cheated!”

(T/N: Once you’ve jumped into the Yellow River, you can’t wash it off = It’s hard to get rid of suspicion.)

Zhao Xingzhou at the side, stroked his chin, “Oh, student Ye Wan Wan, your math is quite worrisome… including language, politics, history, geography, and English… shouldn’t it be 30 questions?”

Ye Wan Wan face slightly darkens: “Math is not included.”

Zhao Xingzhou raised his eyebrows: “Why isn’t it included?”

Ye Wan Wan with a blank expression: “Because I hate math.”

Zhao Xingzhou suddenly clutched his chest, it was as if his heart had suffered a blow from an arrow, as his face filled with grievance, “Don’t be like this, what’s wrong with math? Obviously, my math is the most interesting…”

Ye Wan Wan: “…….” It’s the most torturous!

After the teachers had a short discussion, they unanimously agreed that Ye Wan Wan’s suggestion was the most impartial, plus, it also saves a lot of time. A few of the teachers at the scene made 5 random questions of each subject on the spot. Soon, 25 questions of each subject were made, printed out, and divided into 5 little sets of exams.

Though Zhao Xingzhou was unwilling to give up, he also made 5 sets of questions. As soon as he finished, his entire face filled with expectations as he looked at Ye Wan Wan.

The political education director looked at the time on his wrist watch, “You can start now, you’ll only be given half an hour, is that enough for you?”

“Yes.” Having no objections, Ye Wan Wan sat down and began answering the questions. Not far away, as they were waiting, the teachers sat on the sofa while drinking some tea.

Liang Lihua’s entire face filled with ridicule as she looked at Ye Wan Wan who began to immerse herself in answering the questions, she’d like to see how much longer this damned girl could continue pretending.

At first, Ye Wan Wan swept through the exam questions from start to finish, it was only then did she put her pen down onto the paper.

In order to prevent her from depending on luck, no multiple-choice questions were made. Instead, it was mainly filled with fill-in-the-blank questions, but in less than 10 minutes, all of the questions had already been answered.

As soon as she finished her exams, a few teachers hurriedly surrounded her, after they quickly checked her work, they found that… everything was correct! Well, excluding math which was still the only subject that was left out. In order to determine if Ye Wan Wan’s achievements were real, they made these few questions no less inferior than this time’s mock exams, and as the result, this girl’s answers was unexpectedly once again completely not lacking?

After Liang Lihua finished checking the last of the 5 English questions, her complexion abruptly changed, “This is impossible! Ye Wan Wan has always been the first from the bottom! How could her results become so good in just one night!”

Ye Wan Wan expression remain unchanged, “Why can’t I be a genius?”


Hearing what was said, the originally gloomy Zhao Xingzhou burst into laughter, “It’s estimated that this girl has always had this ability, she must have been deliberately handing over blank exam papers on purpose, right? Obviously, she’s currently in the rebellious stage for kids, making this completely understandable! In short, since the whole matter has been cleared, it seems that our Qing He has now gained an additional student with exceptional grades, so shouldn’t this a good thing?”

But speaking till here, Zhao Xingzhou with an aggrieved look, turned towards Ye Wan Wan, “However, student Ye Wan Wan, how could you neglect math? As the teacher, I feel seriously wounded! Can we do a consultation, in the future, to share rain and dew?”

(T/N: To share rain and dew = To distribute evenly)

“I’d have to apologize to you, teacher. This student is unable to.”


Ye Wan Wan turned towards the political education director and raised the matter of which she had been most concerned about, “Well then, what of my dismissal notice?”

The political education director stared at the ‘last minute’ exam, indecisively muttered to himself for a while, then eventually started to speak, “According to school rules and regulations, since your results from this time’s exams was completely outstandingly, the decision on your dismissal can be postponed, but first, you must be placed under strict probation period for a certain period of time! If it’s truly proven that you’ve corrected yourself, then the resolution for the dismissal will naturally be revoked!”


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Vsukio: One of my favorite things about this story is how everything gets resolved fast.

Mei: Oh the sweetness of face slapping…. Our poor Math teacher, even he’s not excluded. Bahahahaa he seem to have gotten 1000 points of damage.

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  1. omg i hate that one teacher so bad, but i’m beginning to like the math teacher. Maybe he can be Ye wan wan’s mentor in the future? Also, why not let her hubby tutor her at math, i’m sure her hubby would make an exceptional tutor, not to question the romantic moments to come ❤ ❤ ❤
    Please bring the ML back, i'm starting to miss him!!!!

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  2. The Math teacher is so nice and even willing to do consultation for her. I wish most teachers are that dedicated. Honestly, I love the whole chapter except with how she acted with the Math teacher. I thought it was kinda rude.

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    1. The real definition of an educator… Although must be strict at times, must believe in their students too…. I love Math-sensei the most in that school… But I’m worried since she is on probationary period, if that b*tch and that teacher tries to do something… It’s very worrisome….


    1. Yes. It’d affect your whole scoring and rank. But considering she aced in most subject, it doesn’t affect so detrimentally. Plus she already said that math wasn’t included in their evaluation LOL

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    1. You see it coming too. Without a doubt there may be two rivals; a nephew and this math teacher. Watch out Si Yehan. If he thought that he had problems with that Gu guy . Just wait.
      Thank you for this chapter


  3. Please fire that damn teacher! or at least have MC transfer classes or have that stupid teacher be humiliated and mocked at and be hated for going against MC. Better yet ML could find out about dumb teacher and have her life ruined.


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