100% Sweet Love

Chapter 32: You’re Just Dreaming

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Political Education Office.

All of class F’s teachers had been alerted, at present, they had assembled together to discuss the matters regarding Ye Wan Wan’s exam papers. Outside, the doorway had been completely surrounded by a crowd of lively students.

One of the teachers asked, “Despite this time’s main topics of Comprehensive Liberal Arts being rather tricky, it hadn’t exceeded the scope, these topics had already been previously reviewed, and as mentioned by our Qing He experts, Ye Wan Wan wasn’t the only one who scored full marks on it, but the main point is……was the result truly obtained by Ye Wan Wan through the exams?”

“Also, how is getting full marks for Language not justified? Granted by coincidence that the essay was graded highly by the examiner, but why wasn’t a single mark deducted in something like Reading Comprehension?” Another teacher also raised an issue.

At this moment, Language teacher Feng Rui’an’s tone and expression containing some doubt, “Ye Wan Wan, I was somewhat attentive towards your exam papers just now, and unexpectedly, I had discovered that every word in your Reading Comprehension was answered correctly, can you explain this?”

“I’ve seen these two questions before, it’s nothing more than a little reciting. For the first question in Reading Comprehension, it came from year XX, A six school union, third year entrance exam papers. The second question came from year XX, national 13 school, third year, second practice exam papers.” Ye Wan Wan rapidly answered.

Suddenly hearing Ye Wan Wan’s rapid replies, Feng Rui’an eyes shone brightly, “Correct, the source of these two questions had indeed came from there. Because the two had overlap the difficulties which was beyond the scope of the syllabus, I and the other teachers didn’t expect all of you to grasp it well, but since these two questions from the Reading Comprehension test was actually quite good, we allowed them both to appear on it at this time. You, this little lass, was unexpectedly able to answer these two questions on the exam?”

Though this kind of thing was on the Reading Comprehension test, they only taught the method of how to solve the problem, they wouldn’t make the students memorize the topic, after all, when the time comes, the college entrance exam wouldn’t have the same type of question. In the end, unexpectedly Ye Wan Wan was actually able to memorize the answers for Reading Comprehension test? While the teachers were discussing, a drowsy-eyed man wearing slippers who looked about 30 years old staggered into the room.

“Since the exam questions have been leaked, why was my Mathematics exam the only one that received 0 points?”

When the political education director Liu Bowen looked at the man with his sloppy appearance, he immediately frowned, “Teacher Zhao, this is a school, pay a little more attention to your image!”

Zhao Xingzhou yawned, “I don’t have any classes in the early morning…”

Although the political education director disapproved of him, in the end, he didn’t have much to say. Despite Zhao Xingzhou always dressing up in this slovenly manner, the Math results in class F have always been the best in the whole school, even the school principal turned a blind eye on him.

Liang Lihua impatiently comments, “It’s estimated that she failed to get a hold of the Math exam questions, besides, any ordinary person could memorize Reading Comprehension, as for the two questions on the exam that the teachers didn’t expect anyone to have a grasp on, in short, the problems were most likely questions that she had cheated on, this main point must not be left out!”

The political education director looked gravely at the girl sitting on the opposite side of him, with a face solemn, he asked, “Ye Wan Wan, where did you get the exam questions from?”

Ye Wan Wan expression was blank, “I received it when the exam paper was distributed.”

Liang Lihua immediately flared up, “You see, look at her! She still refuses to be honest!”

Ye Wan Wan gazed at Liang Lihua with a slight coldness, “Teacher Liang, you’ve repeatedly said that I cheated over and over again, if it isn’t too much trouble, please bring out the evidence that I cheated. If you have proof that I received the exam questions in advance, then I’ll promptly leave Qing He! If there’s no evidence, I hope the school will withdraw my expulsion order.”

Liang Lihua immediately sneered, “In your dreams!”

Zhao Xingzhou found a chair and sat down on it, after waving his hands, he announced, “No matter how much is said, just let the girl retake the exam again, wouldn’t we be able to find out whether her results are real or not? Didn’t we have a backup of the second exam? Bring it out, let her retake the exams on the spot!”

Retake the exams?

Hearing Zhao Xingzhou’s words caused all the teachers to became silent.

At this moment, Ye Wan Wan was inflexible and refused to admit anything. So to clarify this matter, this was the only method they could settle with.


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21 thoughts on “Chapter 32: You’re Just Dreaming

    1. Hehe i’d do the same if i was her. Slowly leading that maniacal teacher to self-slap herself…. The kind of selfish and nasty-tempered ppl like LLH, u cant reason with them after all.
      It looked like YWW was following the flow, but in truth she’s leading them down the drain.. Mwahahahah

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. once a failure doesn’t means always a failure atleast a teacher should have that incite.wan wan take another exam and seal their bad mouth.

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    1. I love her Math Teacher who has some brains and wasn’t biasedly treating her as a cheater… He’s the only one whose face won’t get slapped that much (since she received 0 because she fell asleep in the middle of the exam, right?)

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  2. i hate liang lihua, how is she qualified to be a teacher at a notable school? she herself, should be fucking fired from that place. Where the fk is her professionalism? she makes me angry!!!!!!!! grrrr

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    1. And she dares call herself an educator? Eat her crap, she doesn’t even care about her students, all she care about is her face… Which will soon be slapped by Wan Wan because she’s smart!!! She just had some unfortunate circumstances before

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