100% Sweet Love

Chapter 34: Goodbye, Your Ass!

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Miaka_Mei & Vsukio

Vsukio: Editing this was a mess… Also, there’ll be no updates on the 23rd & 24th.

“Impossible! How could the decision be so easily overturned! “Liang Lihua suddenly became anxious.

With great difficulty, she was finally able to get rid of this girl, and yet just like this, it was unexpectedly foiled?

The political education director earnestly replies, “Teacher Liang, this is how the school regulates. You should have already known that the school holds a great importance on its enrollment rates, student Ye Wan Wan has the quality to be easily molded, you should make an effort with a bigger heart and properly guide her!”

How could Liang Lihua be willing to, but now that all the teachers have witnessed Ye Wan Wan’s results being real, there’s nothing she could do since she also knows how much the school considers the importance of grades.

Damn it! This time, there’s probably no way of getting rid of this girl!


On the side, as soon as Ye Wan Wan’s recently repeated exam came to an end, the crowd of students hiding outside had immediately brought back the news to the whole class.

After finding out the results, the whole F class flared up. That dumbass Ye Wan Wan who had always gotten first from the bottom in each exam, had unexpectedly placed first in class?

“We personally saw it! The teachers made up new questions on the spot and she answered all of them correctly! Also, the decision on her dismissal has been temporarily revoked!”

“Dang! Why did this happen! To think that we’d be finally be freed from seeing that hideous freak, but unexpectedly, we still have to continue meeting with those spicy eyes of hers!

“Isn’t it just a little good performance in the results? What’s so great about it! If her results weren’t as good as they were now, she wouldn’t have been able to keep on living!”

Soon, Liang Lihua came back to class with a darkened face, Ye Wan Wan had been following from behind her.

As soon as everyone saw them, the classroom suddenly quieted down. Everyone’s scorching and blazing hot gazes fell onto Ye Wan Wan’s body.

After all, the dumbass who had always been placed first from the bottom had suddenly become first in class. It’s inevitably that it would cause astonishment to the others.

“Class monitor, bring out everyone’s result and rearrange their exam ranks, students, remember to carefully check your exam papers without leaving any mistakes!” Liang Lihua coldly spat out a few sentences, while keeping her lips sealed and not saying anything about the recent matters, she didn’t say much about everyone’s result.

Why the hell would she publicly embarrass herself, by giving praise to Ye Wan Wan for her outstandingly rapid improvement?

Seeing how Liang Lihua was acting, everyone immediately reached an understanding, it seems that the matter of Ye Wan Wan getting first placed has no two ways about it.

Liang Lihua: “Everyone can now change to their new seats!”

Hearing that they can finally change their seats, the classroom had an immediate fit as if the students were howling in grief, some were worried, while some were happy.

Having settled down a large issue, Ye Wan Wan was in quite good mood. While leisurely tidying up her things, she waved goodbye to her deskmate, “Goodbye, student Si Xia! Congratulations to you, now you no longer need to face this ugly face of mine!”

As the boy pinched his report card, blue veins violently twitched on his forehead. Goodbye, your ass!

After a dozen more minutes, everyone was bustling with activity, soon, they quickly adjusting to their new seats.

But not long after, the surrounding people had a strange look as they gazed at the first set of the two front row seats.

The left side of the first row seat, Ye Wan Wan.

The right side of the first row seat… Si Xia…

At this very moment, the male sitting beside Ye Wan Wan shot a glance at the face which had been giving him several days of nightmare, the light within his eyes was as if he had lost all attachment to life.

If he had known earlier… it would have been a lot better if he had gotten first from the bottom rather than getting second on the exam.

Ye Wan Wan pitifully looked at her family’s nephew who was seated beside her, “Young man, you have my condolence, the road of the living is still long, this tiny setback is nothing much!”

Si Xia sucked in a deep breath, stabilizing his state of mind which was on the verge of collapsing, ”Shut up!”

Ye Wan Wan no longer continued to upset a certain person, she leaned on her desk and began making up her sleep. Just then, she had used up too much energy, she hadn’t even finished making up her sleep.

After everyone finished adjusting to their new seats, Liang Lihua continued, “Although the exams have ended, there is still another important matter to discuss. I presumed that everyone already knows that the school will be organizing a theatrical play to welcome the inspection of the school leaders, thus, all classes are required to direct a program. In the last class meeting, everyone agreed that our class program will be doing the stage play《Snow White》, the candidate for the prince is Si Xia, however, the candidate for princess Snow White is still undecided.”


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Vsukio: Just a heads up, the Snow White play won’t be happening until a very long time.

Mei: Chapter 34’s summary; A full slap on the faces of LLH and SX. Mwahahaha


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  1. could it please be our MC?
    Thank you translator and editor for your hard work, i understand how hard it can be sometimes. But thanks to you guys, the reading flows in the end.

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    1. hopefully our MC could be snow white and then we can bring her hubby back to watch the performance. i can’t wait for the jealousy to come out


  2. Imagine if the FL gets to be snow white…and she removes her make up and stuffs.
    And also…I can imagine how jealous the ML will be with the last -kiss- scene. Pfft…I don’t think he will even let her go on with it.


  3. Everyone will vote for her to be the evil stepmother i bet but it’ll be great if she becomes Snow White but then a certain prince would get pissed

    Thanks for the chapter


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