100% Sweet Love

Chapter 29: She Doesn’t Dare, Nor Could She

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Vsukio: Sorry for the slight delay, lo and behold! Here comes a triple chapter release!

After having a good laugh, Liang Lihua gloomily tells her, “Ye Wan Wan, don’t bother talking big with me here, I’m afraid it’s already too late for you to regret and repent! Qing He is a century long famous school, which of those who came out of Qing He isn’t a giant among men, the pillars of society! You, this kind of trash residue, the vermin of society, is a disgrace to Qing He! If you still have the slightest heartfelt sense of honor left, pack your things and beat it, quit trying to change my opinion by stirring up trouble. Or do you want me to call over those parents whom you’ve severed ties with to come take you away?”

In the midst of mentioning the matters regarding Ye Wan Wan’s parents, Liang Lihua’s face filled with ridicule and disdain as she deliberately lengthened her tone.

Hearing the words “severed ties” caused Ye Wan Wan’s pupil to abruptly contract!

Since her rebirth, this was something that she had continuously wanted to avoid and didn’t dare to face.

In her previous life, she put all the blame on her parents for being unable to get together with Gu Yueze. She kept arguing with them, said countless excessive words, done countless excessive things that wounded their hearts, and finally, in the end, she even went as far as to forcing them to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to sever their relationship, thereby removing herself from this so-called ‘stain’, all for the sake of having Gu Yueze pay more attention to her…

But little did she know, her parents had concealed many truths from her, suffered many disasters, all for her sake…

After rebirth, the people that she wanted to see the most was her parents and brother!

But she doesn’t dare to, nor could she!

The current her has no qualifications, plus, she doesn’t have the face to see them!

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan was just blankly standing there motionlessly, Liang Lihua angry slapped the table, “Ye Wan Wan, don’t you dare test my patience!!!”

After Ye Wan Wan returned to her senses, her face remained unchanged, “Teacher, I’m merely suggesting a reasonable request, that’s all.”

Liang Lihua took a deep breath, while forcefully trying to control her fury, her hands piled up the stack of statistic scores. After searching for a long time, she finally found Ye Wan Wan’s name and took out the report card, “Fine! Let’s have a good look at your results! It seems that you’re not shedding a tear until you see the coffin!”

(T/N: Not shed a tear until one sees coffin: refused to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality; Resolute in one’s pursuit of a goal despite of obstacles or advice.)

The report card shows the student’s scores in each of the class’s subject, this includes the total score and each of the exam scores. The last page shows the class ranking and the whole school ranking.

After the students from below saw this, they all remained silent…

“Does this hideous freak have a brain problem? Could it be that she can’t even estimate how much points she got from her own exam?”

“She’s simply nothing but a disgrace!”

“She’s probably trying to find her own sense of existence! Ugly people always does the strangest things!”


The first page that Liang Lihua opened was the Mathematics scores. From the overall score to the multiple-score questions, the questions were all left blank. The score for answering the three major questions were all gaudily scored with a 0!

“Math, 0 points! Ye Wan Wan, is this the results that you wanted me to see so badly? And that you’ve gotten first in class on?” Liang Lihua sarcastically laughed.

“Ha Ha Ha… sure enough, this hideous freak really scored 0 points!”

“That’s a slap in the face! To even score 0 points in math, how is she going to get first in class? Her boasting has exploded in failure!”

“First place! There’s nothing wrong with getting first from the bottom!”

As if she didn’t hear the taunting around her, Ye Wan Wan expressionlessly mentioned, “There’s still the Language, Comprehensive Liberal Arts, and English scores.”

She remembers that this time’s language, English, and especially comprehensive liberal arts were all highly difficult. Using many uncommon words could help pull off big scores, especially for these three major subjects. Despite getting 0 for mathematics, if she could get a high score for these three subjects, although she can’t get first in the school, she could still get first in the class, and for her, that’s more than enough.


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  1. Most of the chapters, i actually skip the dialogue, especially her classmates and teacher. Like, okay, but aren’t the author put their reactions a bit exaggerate? No matter what, i still understand the point so i think i don’t need to waste my time to read these people thoughts.

    Thankyou for the translating! Sorry my grammar so bad!


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