100% Sweet Love

Chapter 30: Class Rank, 1st!

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

After having her time wasted due this brain-defected student, Liang Lihua’s patience was almost at its limit.

Applying a bit more strength, she turned over the report card to the next page.

However, in the next second, after seeing the literature & language results on the next page, Liang Lihua immediately became stunned. Unable to believe what she saw, she murmured, “Literature & language… 150 points…”

The students under the rostrum who had heard what Liang Lihua said, looked at each other in dismay.

“Just now, what did classroom teacher say? What the hell does she mean by 150 points?”

“She must have misread, right?”

“Uh, is misreading 0 and 150 points even possible?”

Liang Lihua repeatedly looked at the score for several times, the score was obvious at a glance. She even re-added the points over and over again, it was really a perfect score.

She thought she had found the wrong report card, but after glancing at the cover, it wasn’t a mistake, the name on the cover really was Ye Wan Wan!

Liang Lihua knitted her brows, enduring her suspicions, she continued to turn over to the next page, when she turned to the third page, she became even more shocked.

On the third page, Ye Wan Wan unexpectedly scored a full 150 points on her English!

How is this possible!

Although she teaches the English class, at the time when she was grading the English exam papers for Class A, out of the entire class, no one received a full mark. The highest score was 148 points, but for Ye Wan Wan, her English score on her report card unexpectedly displayed a perfect score!

Liang Lihua continued to turn to the next page.

When turning to the page for Comprehensive Liberal Arts, Liang Lihua was thoroughly stupefied…

The results for Ye Wan Wan’s Comprehensive Liberal Arts was unexpectedly:

100 points for History, 100 points for Politics, and 100 points for Geography!

A perfect score of 300 points!

And finally, the rankings on the last page astonishingly showed– Ye Wan Wan, Class Rank, 1st!

At the last row, the girl with the clear cold eyes began asking, “Teacher, you still haven’t told me, what are my grades and ranking?”

Liang Lihua tightly pinched the report card, as her complexion became more and more gloomy, her anger immediately flared up, “Ye Wan Wan! You’ve got quite the skills! Unexpectedly, you actually dared to cheat!!!”

As if she had anticipated this kind of response from Liang Lihua, Ye Wan Wan unhurriedly asked, “Teacher, what makes you think that I cheated?”

Liang Lihua’s complexion was extremely ugly, in a stern voice, she replies, “Oh, you didn’t cheat? If you didn’t cheat, how did you score 150 points in Literature & Language! 150 points in English! 300 points in Comprehensive Liberal Arts! And ranked 1st in the whole class!?”

When the students heard Liang Lihua’s words, the whole class burst into a loud clamour.

”WTF! What? Literature & Language, English, and Comprehensive Liberal Arts all received a perfect score?”

“Also, 1st in the whole class? Ye Wan Wan? You’ve gotta be kidding me! How is this possible!!!”

“This bluff is clearly cheating!!!”


“Teacher said that I’ve cheated, but is there any evidence?” Ye Wan Wan asked.

Liang Lihua sneers, “Does this even need proof? Ye Wan Wan, do you think of everyone as fools?”

“Then, may I ask, is there anyone else within the class who had gotten a perfect score? If I’m the only one who got a perfect score, then may I ask, how did I cheat?” Ye Wan Wan refuted.

Liang Lihua disdainfully spoke, “Obviously, you’ve tampered with the exam scores out of malice, with this brain of yours, even if you were to copy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were able to copy correctly!”

When all the students heard what was said, they all evidently nodded. If Ye Wan Wan secretly snuck into educational administration office to tamper with the result, then it would make more sense.

“This hideous freak is truly daring!”

“She actually thought that if she tampered with her report card, then her exam papers would have a perfect score? In the end, fools are truly fools!”

As long as all of the exam paper are inspected, then the whole truth will be revealed! If she could change her report card, could it be that she could also change her exam papers?



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  1. Of course they would accuse her of such. Honestly though, to be fair, not only is this the worst class, she had continuously been in last place. Suddenly reversing this would be suspicious, but it would be wrong to outright accuse her of cheating in front of the entire class without the proper evidence.

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