100% Sweet Love

Chapter 28: What If I Got First

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

After the exam was over, the teachers began grading the papers overnight.

Because this was a mock exam, the grading process was modeled after the college entrance exams. With the name of the students being covered up, the teachers weren’t allowed to grade papers from their own classes, so until the grading process was over, the names will only be revealed once the statistic scores and ranking are shown.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night, everyone was nervously waiting for the results while estimating what score they got.

As for Ye Wan Wan, immediately after handing over her exam papers, she swayed back to her dorm and began to catch up on some sleep.

The next morning, Liang Lihua beamingly walks into the classroom. Due to going to the political education office to have Ye Wan Wan’s dismissal notice be made, she hadn’t even managed to check the student’s results yet.

“Everyone, quiet down! The test scores and ranking are now out! However, before I announce the results, I’d like to deal with one matter first!”

After hearing these words, all the students excitedly looked towards the last row.

Sure enough, just as Liang Lihua had said, she took out a notice letter, after patting it above the podium, she announced, “Presumably, many of you are aware of how our class’s student Ye Wan Wan has been frequently violating the school rules and regulations, and because of this, our moral conducts can no longer withstand it. While remaining unrepentant and tarnishing our Qing He High School’s reputation, the school has made the decision to issue her expulsion as punishment!”

There was a burst of applause under the podium, especially among the girls.

“Ha ha ha, I’ve said it before, we don’t need to wait for the results to come out since that hideous freak would already be expelled out of school!”

“Finally, I no longer need to see that horrifying face again!”

Liang Lihua squinted her eyes, while impatiently looking towards Ye Wan Wan, she added, “The effective date is today, now pack your things and go!”

Under everyone’s gloating gazes, Ye Wan Wan calmly remained motionless. It was as if she didn’t have the slightest intention of leaving. As she lightly hooked the corner of her lips, she lazily glanced at the person above the podium.

The mockery in her eyes and that calm provoking look immediately made Liang Lihua burst into anger, “Ye Wan Wan! What’s your problem now? Didn’t you want a signed written notice letter? The notice letter has already been prepared for you! Everything was handled according to the rules! It’ll save you the trouble from making the remark that the school practices go by ‘what I say goes’!”

Ye Wan Wan clear cold eyes slightly raised, as she unhurriedly stood up, she replies, “Fine, since teacher wants to talk to me about the school rules, then I’ll also talk to the teacher about the school rules. I seem to have remembered that the school rules clearly indicate a clause, in order to give a student the opportunity to reform and start anew, if they were to show a significance amount of repentance, they can properly be exempted from punishment.“

Liang Lihua sneered, “So what if there is one? It has nothing to do with you! Look at yourself, does your neither human nor ghost appearance even show the slightest look of repentance?”

Ye Wan Wan raised her eyebrows, in a just and forceful tone, “So what if I’m born ugly? Is it my fault for being ugly? Is judging somebody solely based on their appearance something the country’s teacher should be doing? If so, I think it’s better if the teacher would look at my results first, who knows, I might even get first in class?”

Liang Lihua was stunned for a moment, but soon after, she burst into laughter on the spot. All the students soon followed, the whole room was roaring with laughter.

“Hahaha WTF! What did that hideous freak Ye Wan Wan say just now? She’ll get first in the class? Who gave her the courage to say such a thing?”

“She’s just a fool! If she really got first in class, then I’ll go eat shit!”

“Haha then I’m afraid you’ll really have to eat shit, because getting first from the bottom is also considered first!”



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11 thoughts on “Chapter 28: What If I Got First

    1. well in fact its the trueth right? i thought so as well like naa impossible after all she didnt do anything for math
      but lets not forget that the class she is sitting in is like the bottom class where almost no one ranks with decent notes
      i imagine it like the people there alln have like 30% out of 100 or less
      thanks for the chapter

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  1. this ridiculing thing reminds me of hidden marriage. where is the male lead, please make a reappearance. the story isn’t as interesting without chuuuuuuuuu :DDDD


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