100% Sweet Love

Chapter 24: A Sickening Death Arriving

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Vsukio: Due to Mei being busy with her exams this week, there’ll be no new chapter update from the 11th to the 13th.

After sending the short SMS, Ye Wan Wan no longer cared about the matters regarding the love letter, instead, she continued to read as she raced against time.

But at this moment in Jin Garden, the sky and the earth has already turned upside down, it was a complete mess…

The man on the sofa looked maniacal and ruthless, the color of his eyes was as deep as the winter night, because his finger pinched his glass cup into pieces, the sound of dripping blood was heard, the coffee table at the front was kicked and had toppled over onto the ground, a huge sense of oppression fills the room that threatens to wreak havoc.

All of the servant’s trembled as they hid in the corner of the room. Due to the atmosphere, they didn’t dare utter a sound.

Cold sweats streams down Xu Yi’s forehead, while standing beside the man with his stiff spine, he shivered and glanced down at the shattered cellphone on the floor, in the next second, his face instantly filled with despair.

The quality of the cellphone was extremely good, although the screen was crushed, it was still strong and firm as it displayed an enlarged image of a love letter.

Damn, he should have known this would happen!

That woman has been dead-set on the one surnamed Gu, she didn’t even care that she was dumped and had their engagement broken, despite it already being a lost cause, she still won’t give up on Gu Yueze. How is it possible she’d have a change in temper, but also wants to get along with master?

Isn’t this, the leading foot barely finished cheating on master, the trailing foot promptly chased after Gu Yueze?

(T/N: It means she just barely finished cheating on SYH, but she had already made another move to chase after GYZ)

And to write such a disgusting love letter!

Doesn’t she have any sense of shame!

The love letter contained a poem, its rough meaning could basically be interpreted as, willing to turn into your coat lapel, to feel your fragrance, willing to be your coat belt, to be tied to your waist, willing to be your hair oil, to nourish your jet-black hair…

Such an obscene poem!

No wonder master was so angry!

She’s nothing but a woman! Since she doesn’t want to be obedient, he should just keep her in a place inside the house, there was no need to indulge her like this.

Master was muddled, unexpectedly, with just a few words, he had been deceived by that woman.

At this moment, the man’s complexion was as gloomy as water, the dormant beast within his body had completely rushed out from its cage, it licked its claw while exuding a bloodthirsty breath.

Wan Wan….

I have said…

This was the last time I’d give you a chance…

The last time I’d believe in you…

“Bring her back.” On the sofa sounded the man’s deep hoarse voice.

Xu Yi was trembling with fear, frightened by the man’s gloomy and cold expression, he promptly answered, “Yes! I’ll dispatch the men!”

In a flash, a row of black vehicles quietly advanced from Jin Garden’s front entrance into the dim light of the night.

In the living room, all servants kept quiet out of fear, their hearts filled with resentment and indignation.

Since the day that woman came to Jin Garden, they never had a single day of peace, the whole Jin Garden was made into a complete mess by her.

Xu Yi looked outside of the window into the dense dim light of the night, his heart felt gloomy, he was afraid that what was waiting for them, was another violent storm…

After that woman is brought back, he doesn’t know what will happen next!

When the time comes, isn’t the one with the worst luck not their servants…


At this moment, the shattered cell phone on the ground suddenly made a sound with the screen simultaneously lighting up.

Xu Yi subconsciously picked up the cellphone and took a glimpse, in the next second, he suddenly knitted his brows.

Why did it show that love letter again?

Moreover, it was a separate picture of the love letter.

Following after that, another ‘DING’ sounded.

This time, there was a short SMS. In the short SMS, it showed an emoji, it was a sweet and fawning expression of love.

But this time, Xu Yi finally noticed that the sender of these two short SMS wasn’t from Shen Mengqi, but was actually…. from Ye Wan Wan!!!

This… What does this mean?

That disgusting till death of a love letter wasn’t written for Gu Yueze, but it was written… for master!?



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    1. It is shen meng qi if im not mistaken?? You gotta remember her name so when the time comes for her to suffer, the more satisfied you are, after all the bitch of this novel may not be just her?

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      1. I have very limited capacity to remember people’s name. I didn’t even remember my co-workers’ names even after 3 months have passed after I started working. 😂 I’ll reserve it for my favorite characters.


  1. Lol… Yehan just wait till you see that obscenes, disgusting to death love letter was supposed to be yours (though it was GZ’s in her last life)… Hahahaha, she’ll definitely rage abot you bringing her back and destroying her veggie garden…


  2. *sob sob* My Chinese name is also mengqi and only my surname is different~ now I have to ask my parents to change my name T – T


  3. Thank God the phone didn’t break ! Leash in your beast boy ,now ain’t the time to be angry . I would prefer u never get angry actually wan wan is such a sweetheart ples treat her well .

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