100% Sweet Love

Chapter 25: Today’s Dog Food, Everyone Ate Happily

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Mei: I would like to thank the readers for entertaining me with your torment-expressing comments! ROFL #sadisttranslator (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)

Vsukio: After discussing for a bit, Mei and I decided to release one chapter for today! But there’ll still be no chapters for the 12th & 13th. We’re also planning to do a double/triple chapter update soon, so until then,  stay strong! ∑d(°∀°d)

This…. How is this possible!

Xu Yi stared at the short SMS as if he had seen a ghost.

His mind repeatedly flashed a few sentences from that disgusting till death of a love letter.

“This…” Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

After all, this was truly unbelievable!

Ye Wan Wan’s love letter wasn’t written to someone else, but to master?

Xu Yi being peculiar would naturally give rise to Si Yehan’s attention, in a hoarse and gloomy voice, he ordered, “Bring it over.”

When Si Yehan’s cold eyes looked over, Xu Yi doesn’t dare to delay long. In a hurry, he respectfully handed over the cellphone with both of his hands.

After the man’s fingers lightly pinched the cellphone, he paused for a moment, after looking through the fragmented screen, he began reading the content of the text message.

The SMS contained a photo, and unexpectedly, it was the photo of the love letter which caused him so much shock just now that it made his five viscera and six bowels to burn into ashes.

(T/N: Five Viscera and Six Bowel means the internal organs of the human body.)

The man’s pair of eyes suddenly narrows dangerously, but just then, in the corner of his eyes, he inadvertently looked across the top and noticed the name—Wan Wan!

Wan… Wan…

After clearly seeing the nickname of the sender, the man’s overcast ice-cold facial expression instantaneously froze, in the next second, it changed into astonishment.

This text message… was sent by Ye Wan Wan?

As his fingers subconsciously continued scrolling down, not only did he discovered the love letter, below the love letter was supplemented with a happy loving emoji.

The proof that she betrayed him again, the love letter that was written for Gu Yueze…

Was… given to him!

Willing to be the collar on his shirt, to receive his residual fragrance, willing to be the belt on his garments, to bind to his slim delicate body, willing to moisten his hair, to brush the hair on his temples till his shoulder…

While the man was spacing out, a new SMS was sent—

[Ninth master, Ninth master, why haven’t you replied yet? Did I write it nicely~ praise me, praise me, Muah~]

The servants who had been shivering in the corner, were now looking at each other in dismay. They didn’t understand why master who for a moment ago, was as angry as a lion wishing to tear everything apart, would suddenly quieted down in an instant. His expression kept changing as he repeatedly gazed at his cellphone, it was as if he could see flowers coming out from the cellphone.

In the end, Xu Yi wasn’t sure how Si Yehan felt at this moment, so he tried to cautiously ask, “Ninth master, you…”

Si Yehan: “Be quiet.”

Xu Yi no longer dared to speak another word.

After Si Yehan finished speaking, he started to gaze earnestly at his cellphone, his slender fingers tapped on the phone screen.

Seeing that the screen was chipped and became less sensitive, the man slightly frowned.

Due to Xu Yi being very curious, he couldn’t resist sneaking a peek from the corner of his eyes.

In the next second, his dog eyes nearly went blind…

Ye Wan Wan sent another sweet fawning SMS that was too unbearable for people to look at, but with that fragmented screen, his family’s master intermittently typed the word: [Good]

But after sending the [Good], he matched it with a animated “Muah~” emoji.

(T/N: It’s an animated emoji, so since the expression can move……
it doubles the horror!!!! (⊙ꇴ⊙) )

“……” Xu Yi was horrified as he gazed at the ‘Muah’.

It was simply unimaginable that this kind of expression would unexpectedly be sent by his family’s master…

Just as he was feeling horrified, the man’s restored languid voice reached into his ears, “Let them return.”

Not only did his voice sounded very lazy, it also sounded very satisfied. Seeing that his gaze was repeatedly looking through every character on the love letter, it was obvious that his mood was very good.

“Uh… Yes!” Xu Yi hastily answered. He then made a phone call to order the men that went to bring Ye Wan Wan back to return instead.

The howling wind and torrential rain was unexpectedly lifted just like that!?

(T/N: Howling wind and torrential rain, its figurative meaning is a difficult, dangerous situation.)


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Vsukio: Wan Wan, incoming!!!

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Today’s Dog Food, Everyone Ate Happily

  1. i think the storm just pass. what will happen next? At least we it’s not a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for that double/triple release. Thank you translator team for the chapter!!! ❤ muah!

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  2. our ninth master with his cold expression sending a kissing emoji !?
    uwahhh i can’t imagine it!!!
    our poor xu yi and the servants had a master with mood swing just because message from wan wan!!
    thanks for the chapter XD

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      1. She’ll probably have shivers and trembling upon seeing that emoticon… I even had goosebumps (and my anger from reading the other novel written by this same author, translated by aihristdream) after seeing that part…

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      2. @Momielxai, sorry I’m confused. Do you mean One Child Two Treasures? I didn’t know that the author is the same………. Which source proved it? 「(°ヘ°)?
        P.S. I’m only informed that the author also wrote Hidden Marriage though.


  3. Woahhhh Muah, you hear?! Seen it right?!!

    Would be nice if the author describe the changing expressions to ussss, it would be quite amusingly unimaginable haha!
    But isn’t his hand bloody from crushing the wine glass? how could he type so leisurely~


    1. Oh yeah, thank you very much so the chapter~!!!!
      Will wait for next chapters from Wan wan’s side~ y’know~ MUAH’s reaction if have lol


  4. In this lifetime I ‘m glad WanWan has been using her history to avert calamity at the hands of others.I just wish we could get rid of a few characters or get them tied down by their cruel actions against Wan Wan.
    Thank you for this translation SO COOL


  5. Lol, very good XD
    I liked that this problem got itself swiftly solved without further complications ~
    Thanks for the translation~


  6. I discovered this novel from NU while using their ‘random novel’ option. And I’m so glad I checked it out. This novel feels so different and exciting. I just binge-read all the available chapters and I couldn’t wait for more. Thanks for translating!


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