100% Sweet Love

Chapter 23: Giving Si Yehan A Love Letter

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Inwardly, Shen Mengqi immediately sneers.

She really thought that Ye Wan Wan finally had a little bit of a backbone!

But she’s basically still the same miserable wretch!

Are you pretending to be a decent person?

Shen Mengqi’s eyes flashed, while walking behind Ye Wan Wan, she secretly took out her cellphone and shot a photo in the direction where Ye Wan Wan was seated, afterwards, she silently retreated away.

After returning to her dorm, she wasn’t reviewing, instead, she immediately sent a message to Si Yehan.

In order for Si Yehan to finally dump that waste Ye Wan Wan, now is her best chance!

Who is Si Yehan? He’s the first heir of the famous Si family of Z country, their existence is unattainable for ordinary people.

But not only does she have Si Yehan’s personal cellphone number, she could also freely come and go out of the little imperial palace of the imperial capital, Jin Garden.

She was practically trembling with excitement when thinking of how someday, she’ll be the hostess of Jin Garden, and everyone will know her relationship with Si Yehan.

Even that straw bag Ye Wan Wan could attain Si Yehan, so how could she not?

After all, that man treats her differently, not only does he allow her to come and go out of Jin Garden at will, he also gave her countless of expensive gifts. If she were to ever encounter any difficulties, plus followed his preconditions, he would immediately dispatch people to solve the issue.

Shen Mengqi’s cheeks flushed as her face filled with sweetness and confidence. If she tries a little harder, this man will be hers sooner or later!

[Mister Si, I heard that you and Wan Wan had a quarrel, are you alright? Don’t you worry about Wan Wan, I just recently went to see her, Wan Wan seems fine.]

A photo was attached onto the message, it was the photo that she secretly took. The shot of the love letter was clearly made visible.

With Si Yehan’s observation, he would undoubtedly discover that the love letter was written for Gu Yueze!

He’ll find out that not only did Ye Wan Wan leave him, she also immediately started to pursue Gu Yueze!

For now, she should add a little fire, if she makes Si Yehan completely loathe Ye Wan Wan, there’ll be no possibility of him to change his mind.

At this moment, in Ye Wan Wan’s dormitory.

After Shen Mengqi left, Ye Wan Wan was still reading her textbook, but for some reason, she kept feeling as if she had overlook something.

Subconsciously, she glanced towards the corner of her desk.

And sure enough, she saw the rough draft of a love letter that she had previously written for Gu Yueze in the past. Since she never managed to finish it, she had never sent it out.

Tsk, I almost forgot about this thing!

In her past life, when Si Yehan had confined her, she would naturally rebel. She’d only successfully return to school after threatening him with her death, but because of Shen Mengqi always trying to secretly instigate conflict, she didn’t stay in school for long, her reputation was already thoroughly ruined.

And at the time, the main cause that Shen Mengqi used to instigate her relationship with Si Yehan was precisely this love letter.

Although the situation of this world is slightly different compared to the past, according to her understanding of Shen Mengqi, even if she broke it off with Si Yehan, Shen Mengqi will not give up the opportunity to discredit her in front of Si Yehan.

After Ye Wan Wan picked up the love letter, her hand started to rotate her pen, the corner of her mouth slowly raised.

Fortunately, since this love letter is only a draft, she hasn’t written down the receiver’s name yet.

Therefore, why can’t it be written for Si Yehan?

As Ye Wan Wan took out her cellphone, she took a photo of the love letter and sent it to Si Yehan while matching it with a loving emoji.


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Vsukio: Shen Mengqi is really delusional, it seems that she hasn’t realized the real reason why Si Yehan treats her so well.

Mei: oh God, a storm is brewing… *panics, runs in circle*(ΟΔΟ;;)

16 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Giving Si Yehan A Love Letter

  1. i strongly despise shen mengqi. her actions are despicable and her behaviors are shameless. why, i think the author should give her a just punishment for trying to build a rift between two loving people


  2. Omg omg. I’m dying to know Si Yehan’s reaction!!! At this rate that damnable two faced friend of hers, might end up as a love Cupid 😂😂😂😂😂 thank you so much for the update 😊

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  3. Ye Wan Wan is one smart cookie. Now if we could just get rid of the malicious friend things could change for the better,
    Thank you for this chapter update translation

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    1. serious question btw.
      and here´s another one: in the description it states that they´re married. but i cant see that so far.
      is this still going to be explained later or …?


      1. Without spoiling too much, that’s exactly why he treats Shen Mengqi so well. In later chapters, things will get explained from Si Yehan & Xu Yi’s POV. As for the marriage thing, they were married in Ye Wan Wan’s past life, not her current life.


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