100% Sweet Love

Chapter 22: Idiots Have No Qualifications

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

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This test is the key to make the school withdraw their decision on the dismissal.

But with only a week’s worth of time to review, although it seems a bit rushed, it’s enough for dealing with this exam.

Thinking of this, Ye Wan Wan relaxed her mind and began reading her textbook.

The male student who was sleeping on his desk heard the sound of the flipping pages, he immediately frowned and glanced towards the side.

As the result, when he turned his head, he unexpectedly saw Ye Wan Wan reading.

This woman…. what stimulated her change in character?

As his thoughts runs wild, his whole face darkens after seeing Ye Wan Wan’s actions.

Because the rate at which Ye Wan Wan was flipping through her book, was much faster than the rate when she became hostile today.

This, where’s the reading?

If she’s not reading the book, then what is she doing? Why is she being such a pain in the ass, idly flipping through the pages?

“Too noisy.” the male student’s charming face filled with discontent.

Ye Wan Wan’s complexion slightly darkens, this brat still has some energy!

Believe it or not, this old lady will not use seniority to crush you to death!

But by seniority, he must respectfully call her ninth aunt!

In her past life, she later found out that Qing He’s most handsome male student Si Xia, was unexpectedly the nephew of Si Yehan.

Ye Wan Wan’s brows slightly raised, “Ah, too noisy? If you have the skills to do well on the exam, then try reaching for the front! The weak are prey to the strong, make an effort if you want to be respected, idiots have no qualifications!”

“…” The boy suddenly choked half to death, his facial expression showed disbelief.

He was just ridiculed by the last ranked student in the whole school?

Heh, fine then.

With this exam, he’ll make her understand what the law of the jungle really is, and who’s the real powerhouse to revere!

The school bell ringing signifies that the school day has ended, time went by too fast.

After skipping class, she went to an open space to review with a burning passion.

Throughout the entire day, Ye Wan Wan had double vision when she looked at people and the densely packed words in her textbook.

During the next seven days, the school will be on holiday, making it so that everyone could concentrate on reviewing for the exams.

Qing He high school applies closed-teaching, so unless there’s a special circumstance, it’s a requirement for students to be integrated in the boarding school.

During these past few days of doing revision, everyone was allowed to study in their own dormitory, they could also go to class.

After school, the students returned to their dormitory, Ye Wan Wan also dragged her suitcase toward the dormitory.

The school dormitory is a four-person room, but because of the joint exclusion of roommates, she was arranged to live in one.

In addition, with her unknown relationship with Si Yehan, living by herself was truly an advantage.

As soon as her slender fair fingers gently opened the dormitory door, a familiar breath instantly came rushing in.

Although the space of this single dormitory wasn’t that big, it’s enough for one person to live in. Compared to the much bigger Jin garden, it gave her a sense of security.

Moreover, Qing He have continuously received countless investments from rich merchants and alumni. The dormitory conditions are excellent, not only does it have air-conditioning, it also has a private bathroom and toilet.

Ye Wan Wan placed her suitcase onto the floor then began putting everything into it.

After she finished tidying up, she went to sit down to continue reviewing, but suddenly, the sound of knocking was heard through the door.

When she opened the door, she saw Shen Mengqi who was wearing a pale pink colored flower bud silk on a one-piece dress, standing at the door.

As soon as the girl saw Ye Wan Wan, her entire face instantly filled with excited, as her eyes became tearful, she cries out, “Wan Wan! You finally came to school! I was so worried! It’s great to see that you’re okay!”

Looking at Shen Mengqi’s appearance of caring to the greatest extent, Ye Wan Wan’s heart couldn’t help but to sigh with some emotion. It’s no wonder Shen Menqi’s popularity was high when she entered the entertainment circle in the future. Her acting skills are incredible, it could even leave people speechless.

Ye Wan Wan sat down in front of her desk. Due to being disturbed, her expression looked slightly impatient, “What’s the matter? Regardless of what matters you have, look for me again in seven days, as of now, I have no time.”

Shen Mengqi thinks that because she had quarreled with Gu Yueze, her heart felt uneasy, thus, she urged her with a gentle voice, “Gu young master probably misunderstood your relationship with Si Yehan, while his love holds a deep responsibility, his heart still has you, otherwise, he wouldn’t have helped you this time! So, as long as you go find him and explain this misunderstanding to him, then everything will be fine!”

Ye Wan Wan didn’t have the time to go talk nonsense with this fine upper body of a best friend of hers, so at this moment, her entire focus was on her textbook.

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan kept turning her textbook restlessly, it’s estimated that she hasn’t calmed down yet. With this, Shen Mengqi decided to stop urging her.

“Then Wan Wan, I’ll be leaving first, finish taking the test, I have to hurry and go review, my father said that if I’m able to continue maintaining third place, he’ll buy me a new cellphone. If you have any concerns later, remember to come look for me!”

“Got it.” Ye Wan Wan didn’t lift her head.

Shen Mengqi slightly knitted her brows, she’s somewhat unable to adapt to Ye Wan Wan’s indifferent attitude.

While she was getting ready to leave, her split vision suddenly shot a glance at the colorful corner on Ye Wan Wan’s desk, there was impressively a love letter.


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  1. I bet delinquent boy’s gonna fall for her and everything will be crushed as he learns he’s his aunt pupupu😏 Aaaaah~ I envy people with photographic memory. Where can I get one srsly😂 Thanks for the chapter!!😊

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  2. Shen Menqgi is trouble. Now she’s gonna steal the letter. and Nephew will be getting into the mix as well.
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