100% Sweet Love

Chapter 21: Examination

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

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After a brief silence, Ye Wan Wan spoke neither fast nor slow: “So, what kind of parents would teach what kind of children… Then, can I also say that, like teacher, like student? Class F is the worst class in the whole school… So, I’ve been wondering, what’s your opinion on this, Liang teacher?”

“You… You, impudent!” Liang Lihua angrily trembled.

This dead girl, dares to go as far as to ridicule her teaching ability!

Compared to the other classes in school, class F had the worst grades, and because of this, it has always been one of her sore spots.

All the students in the classroom were stunned.

Ouch, holy shit …

This Ye Wan Wan, unexpectedly dared to repeatedly talk back at the classroom teacher…

Is this the same girl who no matter how many times you scolded her, she wouldn’t dare to utter a single word— Ye Wan Wan?

Liang Lihua sneers, “Ye Wan Wan, do you really think I have no way of dealing with you? I can force you out of Qing He High School right now!”

Ye Wan Wan smiled faintly while looking towards Liang Lihua, “How is that possible, how could teacher Liang be so powerful, that I as a student would have no way out?”

Ye Wan Wan deliberately aggravated “so powerful” with these few words, she was clearly hinting that Liang Lihua had an abnormal relationship with one of the school leaders.

Sure enough, Liang Lihua’s complexion suddenly changed.

Although Ye Wan Wan didn’t have any evidence, no one would believe her words, but if she was speaking random nonsense on the spot, it’s inevitable that some people would try to verify it, especially since the man’s wife is also a school teacher…

This dead girl, unexpectedly dared to threaten her!

The bell rings—

At this time, the attending-class bell rang, breaking the stalemate situation.

Liang Lihua calmed her angry face and announced, “There’s still one more week left till the exams, and with just you alone, you nearly delayed the class time for the whole class! Ye Wan Wan, I’ll settle things with you later! ”

Forget it, this dead girl will be leaving after a few more days anyway, there’s no need to waste time talking with her and causing a bigger problem.

“Open your textbooks to the page 72nd!”

Seeing that the show was over, the students gave a disappointed sigh.

The third years will constantly undergo major and minor exams, this exam is very important. Seats will be rearranged accordingly to the ranking of the results on the test.

Unfortunately, her past-life result and scores didn’t have any meaning for Ye Wan Wan, she never thought about studying.

Very few people know that her memory is different from an ordinary person, for example, when it came to memorizing textbook information, as long as she glanced at it once, even if her brain didn’t completely process it, she would never forget a single word.

Other than math and other topics that requires hard work in order for it to be understood, rote memorization isn’t too difficult for her.

In order to have the school withdraw the dismissal notice, this test is the key.

Although there’s a lot to catch up on with only a week’s worth of time to review, it’s enough to cope for the test.


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Examination

  1. Thaaaanks for the chapter~ can’t wait for the actual exam and tbh I’m worried cause if she gets good scores people will slander her this time for cheating 😞. Besides that teacher of hers, even if she’s a fling to some higher ups…YWW has the strongest back up ever😂😂

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  2. i knew a girl in my high school that had this ability, i just try to learn through osmosis, but it dosent work for me… thanks for the chapters, what a horrible teacher.


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