100% Sweet Love

Chapter 20: Expelled from School

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Vsukio: Finally done editing!

Mei: You call this editing? Pei pei pei (눈_눈)

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In a flash, the classroom sounded with a burst of astonished whispers.

“Dang! Ye Wan Wan, have you gone mad? You actually dared to go against Si Xia!”

“Aren’t you only doing this to get closer to Si Xia! After all, it’s such a good opportunity!”

“Fuck! She doesn’t even give a shit about her own moral conducts, how did this piece of trash come up with the idea to actually hit on our Prince Charming?”

The young female classroom teacher’s face was completely black, “Ye Wan Wan! You’re about to be expelled from school, yet here you are still gloating about something! Does getting last place give you face? How could I teach such a shameless student!”

Hearing the teacher’s words caused all the girls to become excited.

“Hahaha, I nearly forgot, Ye Wan Wan is getting expelled from school!”

“The news was actually true!”

“Great! Let’s see how arrogant she’ll be now!”

The class teacher was prepared to restrain her dismissal notice, but now after losing her patience, in presence of all the students, she began to directly scold her, “First, go look at yourself in the mirror and see what kind of a ghost-like appearance you have. While you’ve been wasting all day appearing as neither human nor ghost, the results has always been in complete shambles.

Second, because you’ve gotten first from the bottom of our class, our class F’s reputation has been ruined by you, this rubbish! You, the grain of mouse excrement that has been dragging the entire class behind your hind legs, unexpectedly didn’t even have a half sense of shame! You, get the hell out of this school right now!”

Seeing with their own eyes that Ye Wan Wan was actually getting expelled from school made all the girls filled with joy.

This hideous freak still wants to seize His Highness!

This is retribution!

“Get lost, get lost!”

“Hurry up and leave!”

Facing her classmates who have been trying to drive her out, Ye Wan Wan’s expression remain unchanged, as she chillingly glanced towards the rostrum, she proclaimed, “Expelled from school? I don’t seem to know who gave Liang teacher the right to expel me?”

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan incredulously still questioned her words, Liang Lihua complexion instantly turned uglier, in a stern tone, she roared, “After the school leadership made an unanimous decision, you’ve been dismissed!”

After Ye Wan Wan heard what was said, she immediately made a mocking expression.

Heh… the school leaders made an unanimous decision? According to the school rules, although she had violated many school regulations, it was only related to wearing makeup, not wearing the school uniform, and ditching class, she has to at least have three series of serious offense before getting expelled.

She’ll be expelled, totally because Liang Lihua reproached her in front of the school leaders.

Supposedly as a teacher, there’s no need to make life difficult for a student, but who let her luck be “too good”, in the past, she unexpectedly crashed into the adultery situation of a certain married school leader with Liang Lihua.

Liang Lihua would naturally utilize much effort to kick this thorn in her flesh out of the school!

This was the case in her previous life, it was normal for her to frequently make her life difficult in front of the class, and every time she was humiliated, she became the surplus excitement program for the students.

“What are you getting distracted for? Why haven’t you gotten lost yet!” Liang Lihua snapped and pointed outside of the classroom while looking very impatient.

Ye Wan Wan lowered her head and sneers, “Heh, there wasn’t even a signed written notice, with only a sentence coming from Liang teacher, I would get expelled? Is the school your practice of ‘what I say goes’?”

Liang Lihua’s facial expression suddenly had a huge change, after slapping the rostrum with some strength, she roared, “Ye Wan Wan! You, impudent! How can you talk to your teacher like this? What exactly did your parents teach you?”

After she finished speaking, Liang Lihua started to size her up with a disdained look, “But it’s no wonder, what kind of parents can teach what kind of children! A father embezzling public funds while borrowing a high-interest loan till he owes a butt ton of debts, and an older brother who mingles with gambling addicts. What kind of goods can this family even teach?”

Liang Lihua’s expression was filled with disgust and ridicule, she unexpectedly exposed Ye Wan Wan’s private matters directly in front of all the students.

There was a sudden burst of astonished whispers, their line of sight as if looking at something disgusting.

Ye Wan Wan quietly stood in place and remained expressionless.

Only Si Xia, the one who was sitting closest to her took notice, the moment Liang Lihua mentioned the matters regarding Ye Wan Wan’s father, the girl’s eyes which used to appear timid was like a cold ice cracking for the first time, filling the air with a dreadful cruel desire.

The boy slightly wrinkled his brows while his eyes flashed a trace of doubt, was it an illusion?


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Expelled from School

  1. so unprofessional, if I were in that class I would direct my gazes towards the teacher. if the teacher exposes private matters like this on an impulse because of their dissatisfaction towards you, who would ever discuss their private affairs or problems with them? everyone has different problems, bitch be putting her on spot.

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  2. Is she even allowed to be a teacher? Bish if her darling heard this you’ll be so embarrassed & humiliated. Hmph!

    Thanks for the chapter


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