100% Sweet Love

Chapter 19: Getting Last Place on the Ability-Based Examination

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Vsukio: I was about go to bed, but Mei figured out that I finished editing chapter 19… and since a brand new day has already arrived… Here goes nothing! (・ω<)☆

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While Ye Wan Wan was engrossed in listening to the gossip about herself, she gained some information that she had nearly forgotten about. Afterwards, she leisurely strolled around until she reached class F’s doorway. The moment she walked through the door, the classroom went strangely quiet for a couple of seconds, soon, it was followed by the sounds of frantic slapping table and whistles.

Everyone was anxious to stir up trouble.

As the rottenest class in Qing He High School, there were plenty of students who defied the school rules and discipline. Ye Wan Wan was the most conspicuous one.

To put it bluntly, she’s the clown who brought amusement to these bored students during the weekdays.

And so far, Ye Wan Wan has never let them down.

“Hahaha holy shit! Ye Wan Wan, nice hairstyle!

“Yes yes yes, it’s a lot more explosive than a warhead!”

All the boys laughed whole heartily while the girl’s expressed abhor and disdain.

“What’s with all the noise! Everyone, quiet down! Didn’t you hear the bell ringing?” In the doorway came the angry voice of the classroom teacher.

“Ye Wan Wan, you again! You… Look at yourself, what’s with this ghostly appearance? Why haven’t you gone to your seat yet!”

The classroom teacher looked at Ye Wan Wan with her green hair, she was so angry her lungs had almost exploded, she actually wanted to continue scolding her, but unexpectedly, it miraculously resulted in the classroom teacher letting her directly return to her seat.

Anyway, this student will eventually be persuaded to leave school, there was no need to waste time arguing with her anymore.

Ye Wan Wan glanced through the classroom, without even needing to remember, she immediately knew where her seat was.

Because each class’s seat are ranked according to the results, and with her always being last, naturally, she sat in the final row.

At the position of the last row by the window, a boy was lying on his desk.

A boy with messy unruly hair, with his ears stuffed with headphones, was seen lying on his desk, sleeping. As the sunlight passes through the window with the branches and leaves brushing against the delicate side of his face, his entire being was as if he just came out from a fashion magazine illustration.

Si Xia, is the most handsome male student in Qing He High School.

Smoking, fights, and skipping classes has all been mastered by him. Though his grades are complete crap, because of his good semblance while being in a wealthy family, he steadily sat upon the position as the most handsome male student in school.

Hearing the sound of footsteps beside him, the sleeping young man suddenly opened his eyes with impatience, “Get lost!”

The other students in the classroom, especially the girls, all had the expression of rejoicing at someone’s misfortune.

They were admiring the beautiful sleeping face of His Highness, but was interrupted by this ugly woman.

Why is this ugly girl Si Xia’s deskmate!

However, when His Highness curses angrily, he still looks very handsome and good-looking!

Before her rebirth, despite Ye Wan Wan dressing up the way she did, in truth, she was actually a weakling. Her heart was very weak and felt extreme inferiority, her character was also very gloomy.

If in the past, being yelled at by Si Xia in such a way would definitely cause Ye Wan Wan to obediently nestled to the garbage can while shrinking behind a desk with a half-broken leg.

But this time, while facing the boy’s rage, Ye Wan Wan arrogantly stood in place. Looking at the boy with a smile yet not a smile, as if she didn’t hear a thing, she directly sat down next to his seat.

The boy’s face abruptly changed: “Want to die? Get the hell out of here!”

Ye Wan Wan leisurely stuffed her school bag into her desk, took out her textbooks and pencil-box, then fixedly glanced at the boy: “I’ve gotten last place on the ability-based examination, with the ability to take this position, for what reason do you want to make me leave?”

Si Xia: “…”

All the students in the classroom: “…”

Even the classroom teacher’s face darkened.


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  1. With her new attitude won’t she attract other flies to the ointment.Especially this pretty boy.
    Thanks for the translation It’s super


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