100% Sweet Love

Chapter 17: I’ll Stop Being Hostile

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Soon, after the servant served up breakfast, the five of them sat down to eat.

Ye Wan Wan looked at Si Yehan by her side, then look at the opposite Lin Que, Chen Xiu, and Xie Zhezhi. Sitting at the same table to eat with these highly respected, bright glorious big shots made her have a special fantasy-like feeling.

After all, these four people are the influential men in various fields in the future.

Because the Ye family is engaged in the entertainment industry, the thing that Ye Wan Wan paid the most attention to was the Film Emperor, Xie Zhezhi.

Probably aware of Ye Wan Wan’s frequent sneaky glances, Xie Zhezhi slanted his head and directly blinked at her with his pair of watery peach blossom eyes, “Little miss Ye, do you want an autograph?”

Fuck! That glance, he sees it so clearly!

This guy is simply a male enchantress, it’s no wonder he could take away the hearts of all the girls in Z Country.

Signature! Of course she wants it!

Xie Zhezhi is the future Oscar-winning actor! The first man to get an Oscar in the State of Z! She’ll be able to make a deal after she sells it!

Even now, Xie Zhezhi has gotten countless awards, he’s currently the most popular entertainer in the entertainment circle, causing all the girls in Z country to craze over this famous actor.

Not to mention his autograph, even if he just casually appeared and allowed photos to be taken at a phone booth, it could even become a popular sightseeing site. Several fans would line up every day just to take group photo there.

However, considering the possessive nature of a certain pervert, Ye Wan Wan decisively shook her head.

To dare collect the signatures of other men? Unless she doesn’t want to live!

Seeing Ye Wan Wan’s eyes filled with desire, but reluctantly shaking her head after taking a glance at Si Yehan, Xie Zhezhi softly laughed, “Little miss Ye is really adorable.”

Ye Wan Wan: “…”

Film Emperor Xie, enough! Tease me again, and I’ll be hostile! Can’t you see the mushroom cloud over your perverted brother’s head?

Lin Que glanced at Xie Zhezhi, his mouth twitched, “Third Xie, where’s your integrity? To actually dared tease Ye Wan Wan…”

As Xie Zhezhi’s fingers gently caress the vase with dew rose petals, he faintly replies, “All the girls in the world are like flowers, they should be loved and cherished dearly.”

This remark easily reached Ye Wan Wan’s heart. With this, Ye Wan Wan immediately glared at Lin Que, “Did you hear that? Learn something, you single dog!”

Lin Que immediately flared up: “Fuck! Who did you say the single dog was! You’re a single dog!”

Ye Wan Wan turned to look at Si Yehan beside her, “Darling, second Lin scolded me as a single dog! You tell me what does he mean, isn’t this clearly cursing us to break up?”

Si Yehan, after hearing Ye Wan Wan voicing this “darling” made his anxious mind feel as if silk sweet stream flowed through it. After hearing this, his clear cold eyes immediately shot towards Lin Que’s body.

Lin Que instantly curled up in a fright: “Ninth elder brother, I was wrong… …”

Ye Wan Wan, you little villain!

Xie Zhezhi crooked his head while facing Si Yehan, his eyes looked deeply at the girl with her face wearing heavy makeup, gaudy dress, and green haired, “Ah, ninth, I haven’t seen you in the past few days, doesn’t it seem like your home’s little girl feel like a changed person?”

Si Yehan glanced towards the girl.

A changed person?

The only change she made was getting a bit smarter and changing her manner of escaping from him.

Momentarily meeting Si Yehan’s deep look in his eyes, Xie Zhezhi raised his eyebrow, his expression looked as if he was wishing for the world’s doom, “Tsk, since you clearly know her purpose, why do you still indulge her? This isn’t like your character!”

“I’ve eaten my fill. Time to go to school!”

At this time, Ye Wan Wan had already finished her breakfast. Picking up her schoolbag and baggage by her side, she went to notify Si YeHan.

As she was leaving, after walking half the distance, she turned back around. Step by step, she slowly walked back to Si Yehan. With her schoolbag behind her, she put her soft arms around Si Yehan’s neck and made a kissing sound when she kissed his lips, “Remember to think of me!”

After that, she left behind the four stunned people and skipped away.

After a long time, Si YeHan lazily leaned against his chair, while indifferently glancing at his friends, he replied, “Because I found that, I really… like to eat melons.”


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E/N: To those who don’t get the melon comment, refer back to chapter 13 and chapter 14.

T/N: Melon: someone in love. Ever heard of forced melon? It’s meaning is forcing someone to fall in love with oneself.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 17: I’ll Stop Being Hostile

  1. Melons ah, you see are sweet when you eat it at the right time. But it’s different once you have a walking/talking melon beside you.

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. I like how lin que and wan wan bicker with each other. ..Haha poor Lin que, since si yehan only likes little melon

    Thanks for the chapter!


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