100% Sweet Love

Chapter 16: Conscience is not broken?

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

The next morning.

Ye Wan Wan woke up from her sleep, naturally.

Then, she began considering today’s makeup.

Since there was no longer any need to cover up her appearance while being by Si Yehan’s side, she could naturally restore her original appearance.

However, it suddenly occurred to her that she still had a very important thing to do, and for that, she needed to hide her identity for the sake of this matter.

Excluding the people from the side of the Si family, so far, no one else has seen her real appearance. She could make use of this when the time comes, thus, saving her the trouble of sneaking around while trying to hide her real appearance.

Basically, it’s better to have less people be exposed to her original appearance.

Ye Wan Wan thought about it, apart from removing her tattoos, it’s better to restore her former spicy eye makeup, thinking of this, she conveniently put back on her green wig.

When Ye Wan Wan went downstairs, she didn’t see Si Yehan, but instead, the commodity goods Lin Que was here again.

Right when he unintentionally looked up and saw her, he immediately sprayed out all of the coffee from his mouth–

“艹! My dog eyes!!!”

Ye Wan Wan glanced at him while showing an innocent surprised look.

When she glanced downstairs, she found that today, not only did Lin Que show up, but so did Si Yehan’s two other friends, Chen Xiu and Xie ZheZhi.

At this moment, Chen Xiu’s clear cold eyes paused on her body for a second, while his golden thread glasses flashed a white light, he looked toward Lin Que, with his tone containing warning, “Second Lin, is this the surprise you wanted me to see at Jin Garden after waking me up at 5 early in the morning?”

On the side, Xie ZheZhi was trembling with laughter, his pair of peach blossom eyes could attract one’s soul, “Haha~ Xiu, don’t say that! It’s quite a pleasant surprise, isn’t it? I truly envy ninth senior brother, his everyday life seems so amusing!”

“No, yesterday she was… Yesterday, didn’t put on any makeup, like a really super beautiful Immortal Fairy, I was stunned…” Lin Que Incoherently explained.

Xie ZheZhi couldn’t stop laughing, “Yes yes yes, super beautiful immortal fairy, you can also be like ninth senior brother, liking this style~”

Lin Que had no way to explain, he could only stare at Ye Wan Wan while facing downwards with his sullen face.

Ye Wan Wan raised one eyebrow, “What are you looking at me for? Makeup is a girl’s most fundamental courtesy to others, don’t you know?”

The corners of his mouth twitched, “You are so polite…”

At this time, the sounds of footsteps were heard, Si Yehan was awake.

With having no change of expression on his face, the man faintly glanced around downstairs.

How can this be described, is it due to having the strongest of some abnormal psychological quality, that he was able to look at her in this appearance without blinking an eye?

At present, Ye Wan Wan didn’t forget to do the most important thing which was to brush a certain degree of goodwill and loyalty towards Si Yehan. To let him be convinced of herself while thoroughly being at ease with her, she rushed in front of Si Yehan, “Ninth master, ninth master, do you think I look good today?”

Si Yehan’s mood was gloomy for the entire night because the girl was actually leaving, but seeing her sparkling eyes seeking for a compliment while looking extremely lively made his gloomy mood inexplicably dissipated a few: “En.”

Lin Que’s face was a tragic sight, ninth senior brother, your conscience really isn’t broken, right?

Chen Xiu calmly sat at the side, his expression showed that he completely predicted this, opposite to Xie ZheZhi, who had the look of interest across his face.


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