100% Sweet Love

Chapter 18: Studying Hard

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Mei: Finally~ Here comes the opening of the school arc. The bittersweet, twist and turns of the school life of our girl, Wan Wan……

Qing He High School.

Royal park’s best educational school, it has the highest enrollment rate since the past hundred years of prestigious schools.

Before she was 16 years old, Ye Wan Wan was studying abroad, at 16 years old, she had to return to the country. Since she didn’t participate in the mid-term exams, it was supposedly said that she couldn’t get into Qing He.

The only reason why she was admitted was because her father, the chairmen of the Ye group, helped her find a way through the back door.

From the ages of 16 to 20, despite studying for four years, she has yet to graduate from high school.

For starters, her poor grades were due to her puppy love, the young girl’s heart solely focused on her tall and handsome fiancé, Gu Yueze. She spent all day changing the way she did things in order to please him, written hundreds of love letters, and even folded thousands of paper cranes.

Later, it resulted in her poor grade performance, this was naturally due to this certain degree of perverted nature.

As the morning sunlight shines onto her dazzling green hair, Ye Wan Wan stood by the gates of Qing He High School, while looking above her head at the four characters “Qing He High School”, she secretly became determined—

No matter what, this time, no one can stop this young lady from studying hard!

While she was walking through the familiar yet unfamiliar campus, two rows of ancient old trees was seen by the road, the fresh scent of vegetation filled the air, in the distance was a row of vintage red tiles academic buildings, as melodious music was being played through the radio, three to four groups of students was carrying their schoolbags while chattering continuously as they rushed to the classroom…

After so many days has passed since her rebirth, Ye Wan Wan felt like this was honestly the first time she has ever felt alive again.

Looking at the blue sky above her head, she nearly couldn’t control the urge to cry.

She didn’t pay the slightest care to the peculiar gazes and whispers around her.

The gossips and slanders at school are nothing compared to what she had to suffer in her previous life.

“Holy shit! Who the hell is that? She scared me so much, I nearly ran into a tree!” A boy dangerously avoided a big tree, his entire face looked horrified.

The girl next to him shrewdly sounded, “You don’t even know her? That’s Ye Wan Wan from Class F!”

“Fuck! She’s Ye Wan Wan? Seeing is believing!” The boy gasped in amazement.

Another girl’s face was filled with disgust, “She wears make up all day long while wearing bizarre clothes, her grade performance is as good as dead, in the last 4 years, she still hasn’t graduated, hearsay her private life is cautious, she’s always absent and no one even knows what she does outside of school. Shouldn’t this kind of person be expelled? She really makes our Qing He high school lose face!”

One of the students added, “I suppose there’s nothing that could be done about getting her expelled! Though it’s said that her family is quite rich, couldn’t she have originally gone through the back door?”

A girl immediately sneers, “Give me a break! I heard from Shen Mengqi that Ye Wan Wan’s father embezzled public funds, has already been driven out of the company, and still owes a butt ton of high-interest loans! Also, I don’t know what she’s trying to pull, but every day she ignores the school rules while still behaving unscrupulously!

But her good days are almost over, I heard that the school is intending to put her off. After all, after a certain period of time, the upper leadership will do an inspection. If the leaders knew that our school has such a student, then Qing He’s hundred years of reputation would someday be defamed!”

The crowd of onlookers all rejoiced, “Finally, we don’t need to continue going to the same school with this kind of person!”


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  1. These students act like they themselves are saints. *Ptui* You aren’t that honorable either, hypocrites!

    And thanks for the chapter~ I immediately clicked after an update. Uehehe😳

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  2. wan wan make up too amazing because it make every eye look at her, even boys almost run into a tree!!! hahahaha~
    even with all of negatives comments around her, wan wan still had a strong heart!! fight wan wan!!
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