100% Sweet Love

Chapter 15: Sleeping Disorder

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei & Vsukio

Edited by Vsukio

Hello! Both Miaka_Mei and vsukio are joining the team for translating 100% Sweet Love, so do expect updates to come soon!

Vsukio: As of now, we’re planning on uploading at least 5 chapters a week, so please and thank you for waiting!

Mei: Yeah well, I wanna share a bit of our story. The two of us were casually sharing raw info on novelupdates forum, and bam! We hit it off, and there you have it.

“Thanks a lot.”

Before hanging up her phone, Ye WanWan softly chuckles after Shen Mengqi congratulated her.

In this life, on account of her relationship with Shen Mengqi, naturally she will carefully calculate. To not act against an evil so as to prevent harming the innocents. That immature brother of hers is now infatuated with Shen Mengqi, so she can’t make a move against Shen Mengqi since it’ll worsen her relationship with her brother.

She could only wait for the right opportunity.

Inside the master bedroom on the top floor.

After Ye Wan Wan left, the hypnotist returns to Si Yehan’s room to prepare the hypnosis.

“Ninth master, can we start?”

Si Yehan seems to be thinking about other matters, not sure if heard his words, Mo Xuan just casually raised his voice to get his attention.

Then, the hypnotist plays music, ignited the incense, and begins to induce the mind…

Half an hour later…

One hour later…

Two hours later…

Hypnosis failed.

As someone who solved countless incurable diseases, was worldly ranked No. 1 in the Mercenary Corps “Twilight”, and was hired as a senior psychologist for first-rate psychological experts, Mo Xuan began to doubt himself for the Nth time.

Every time he treats Si Yehan, he felt like a quack doctor…

“Did anything happen today?” Mo Xuan tempted to ask.

Since two years ago, Si Yehan and the girl named Ye Wan Wan were hooked together. Every time that girl tried to escape or went against him, it would cause his insomnia symptoms to worsen.

But Xu Yi said that the girl seems to have gotten more docile recently after thinking over some things?

Today, he was surprised to see that not only did she not wear makeup, her countenance became a lot more gentle and agreeable. It was completely different from the past, which was filled with evil tendencies.

Since that girl didn’t stimulate Si Yehan again, how did the hypnosis failed again?

But while Si Yehan was lying in bed, the green black shadow under his eyelids gradually emerged, the veins on his forehead was bulging, seeing that his facial expression looked quite ferocious, he was clearly suffering from a great pain.

It was as if there was a horrible beast living in his body, out of control, maniacal, destructive, and at times, eroding his vitality.

Seeing Si Yehan’s condition getting more and more worse, Mo Xuan’s complexion became more grave, he hastily asked, “Ninth master, did something happen to you today? Just now, what did Miss Ye come to talk to you about?”

Si Yehan’s closed eyes instantaneously opened, a cold light in his eyes suddenly emerged

The strong pressure instantly made Mo Xuan reluctantly give up on continuing to ask.

If Si Yehan was willing to communicate with others, his condition wouldn’t have been so serious…

His mental defenses are too heavy, he won’t allow anyone to enter his territory.

Even if the psychiatrist is excellent, if the patient won’t cooperate, then it’s useless.

Thinking of Ye Wan Wan, Mo Xuan’s mood is somewhat complex.

Si Yehan’s body had no issues, his sleeping disorder could basically be determined as a psychological reason, and this girl was very likely related to Si Yehan’s state of mind.

Otherwise, it’s very difficult to explain why the Si Yehan who would always reject all women, would suddenly capture a common girl to stay by his side, and according to his observations, Ye Wan Wan was someone who could easily affect Si Yehan’s mood.

However, he has no way of getting any answers from Si Yehan, nor could he get any useful information from Ye Wan Wan.

The Ye family business is in the entertainment industry. Ye Wan Wan’s second uncle is the emperor of entertainment, he controls half of the entertainment circle. However, compared to real aristocratic families, Ye Wan Wan’s family would only be considered as ordinary giants.

Neither Ye Wan Wan nor her family could contend to the ancient and huge Si family. With the Si family being considered much more superior than all of the other families of Z country, plus with Si Yehan being related to the heir of the Si family, seeing Si Yehan’s special treatment towards Ye Wan Wan was really quite puzzling.

Now, if we can’t find a way to cure his sleeping disorder, his body will probably be unable to support itself in a few more years…


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Translation done starting from chapter 15 is translated by myself, with the aid of several MTL and dictionaries to check on any mistake. So, it’s not wholly machine translated. (I’m a Mandarin language learner.)

Oh! But Vsukio will also have her turn in doing TL, and I’ll be the editor instead (lol). We’ll do our best to reach the meanings that the author wished to express. Thank you.
** Sincerely, Miaka_Mei.

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  1. So Ye Han is not sleeping again. What is it about Wan Wan that causes him to respond this way? He agreed to let her go back to the dorm if she will come to tend the garden and allow their relationship to grow as well. Now he’s depressed again. Wow! Thank you for this chapter

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