100% Sweet Love

Chapter 13: Are You Sure You Don’t Like Melons?

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

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This is the first time Ye Wan Wan entered Si Yehan’s room.

Just by stepping into the room, a strong sense of oppression could be felt.

The whole room had an exceptionally dull tone. In the room, a conspicuous set of very seemingly high grade sound equipment was set up and soothing hypnotic music was flowing. The curtains were tightly closed, without leaving a single gap, the whole space was completely sealed.

Inside the room are the greatest liquors. Sitting in the opposite direction was such a big liquor cabinet  with the top row full of all kinds of foreign liquor.

Apart from Si Yehan, there is another person in the room.

Si Yehan’s expert hypnotist.

It seems that Si Yehan was preparing to fall asleep just now.

Well, getting some sleep is troublesome enough……

Seeing him sleep soundly last night, presumably the reason was because he didn’t sleep for three days?

After Ye Wan Wan came in, that hypnotist exited at once.

Under the ambiguous dim yellow lighting, Si Yehan walked to the bar to sit down, pouring a glass of red wine, “Speak.”

Ye Wan Wan had already been considering a good way to express her thoughts. At this moment, without hesitating, she opens her mouth and directly speaks, “I want to talk about our relationship!”

“Our relationship?” The man’s brows slightly rise, apparently quite interested in this subject.

Ye Wan Wan nodded and spoke with a serious tone “Yes, that’s right. Si Yehan, what do you regard our relationship as?”

Si Yehan: “You are mine.”

Ye Wan Wan: “……”

Ye Wan Wan just barely began to talk and already she was almost unable to continue speaking.

Just like when she asked him why that person was her, he replied by saying “Because, only you”.

She is completely unable to understand the answer.

Ye Wan Wan forced herself to ignore the man’s answer and continued to speak:

“Si Yehan, for a long time now, I don’t understand why you like me. Using your identity and status, whatever kind of woman you want, even if you like them plump or like the heavy taste, there are countless people willing to cater to your preferences.

Regardless of what the reason is, since this is already unable to be changed, is it possible to try to change our relationship?

You always get angry when I constantly try to run away. Naturally that’s because who can tolerate being monitored all the time, intolerably controlling their life, depriving them of freedom. The more you want to control me and force me, will only make me want to leave even more. As the saying goes, ‘the forcibly picked melon is not sweet’. I believe you also understand the meaning!”

(T/N: “The forcibly picked melon is not sweet” is a proverb that means “forced love does not last”, or, generally, “nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable”. It’s equivalent to the English saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”)

The man calmly and quietly listened to her as she finished saying such big remarks, lazily supporting his titled head with one hand, while the other gently swirled the glass, faintly saying: “Who said I like melons?”

Ye Wan Wan: “……”

There’s no way to chat pleasantly!

She finally understood, Si Yehan’s meaning is that so long as she is his “possession”, then as for that “possession”, her wish was unimportant.

The subject arrived to this point, practically unable to continue.

Time moved slowly……

Unaware of how long the silence persisted, Ye Wan Wan suddenly stood up, and walked step by step in the direction of the man.

Si Yehan did not speak, just looked on indifferently as she approached.

Finally, Ye Wan Wan arrived in front of the man and stood firmly. In the next second, she suddenly leaned over, her soft lips fell upon the man’s thin, cool lips–


The girl’s soft, waxy voice close to his lips, bearing an innocent charm, “Are you sure……that you don’t like to eat melons?”


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  1. Well her appearance and he demeanor has changed. Now she is asking him to think of changing his perspective too. If he wants to be really happy will he change his approach to her.
    Thank you for the update . this is quite entertaining.


  2. Finally an acknowledgement by the MC that the ML has been doing some creepy pasta shit.
    YWW used rational converstion; it was not very effective
    SY counters with pokeball
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    1. No problem! Generally, I edit as I translate. If you are interested in editing for BBPDW, I can check with the team to see if they need an editor.


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