Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 14.1: The Old Lady Urges Tang Seng to Take a Wife

TL’ed by Aiki

Edited by Xia

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In fact, Shangguan Ruoxue also plays tennis pretty well, but Shangguan Ning plays better than her. This is not entirely the result of Shangguan Ning’s great efforts. A very large part of the reason is her natural talent.

When Shangguan Ning discovered that she was superior at tennis compared to Shangguan Ruoxue, she went crazy in practicing tennis. Her natural talent plus devoting her 100 percent effort allowed her tennis level to advance by leaps and bounds. Her tennis coach even wanted to recommend her to enter the national team.

But she refused at that time, because she was already engaged to Xie Zhuojun. Father Xie and Mother Xie didn’t wish for their daughter-in-law to become a famous athlete.

Not being able to be a tennis player didn’t mean that she couldn’t play tennis. Therefore, before going abroad, Shangguan Ning had already accomplished very good results within the National College Tennis League.

That year, the time she left to participate in the tennis competition was exactly the summer vacation when Xie Zhuojun was together with Shangguan Ruoxue.

She was broken-hearted when she had to go away to New Zealand. On one side, she continued her studies. On the other side, she healed from her wounds.

After going abroad, her tennis had been abandoned for a long period of time. Nevertheless, she hated that she had put it down and later, she slowly she picked it up once again.

Therefore, Zhao An An, who has no solid foundation, was extremely oppressed by Shangguan Ning. Because even if Shangguan Ning was starting out again, the two people’s levels had too big of a difference. Zhao An An has too many holes when she plays. Shangguan Ning can wave her hand without paying attention and still win against her.

Jing Yichen saw Shangguan Ning’s very happy expression just now and is in a daze. He also had yet to look away from that pair of beautiful and quick-witted eyes. He then shifts the topic: “Your level is truly high. Why did you start playing together with Zhao An An? Playing against a Top Ten, God didn’t give her the least bit of talent in playing tennis.”

Shangguan Ning came back to her senses and realizes that Jing Yichen, this older brother, does damage to his own younger sister, and suddenly feels it is somewhat funny.

“How can you do damage to your younger sister like this,” she thinks of the time that Zhao Anan had introduced Jing Yichen to her, a proud and worshipping appearance. The corner of her lip curves as she says: “But An An praised you so excitedly.”

Jing Yichen’s face is expressionless, he says: “Just now, it can be considered that I already praised her.”

The two people walked along one section of the road. It is soon time to separate as they reached the parking lot, because Shangguan Ning’s car is parked in the parking lot, while Jing Yichen’s car is parked elsewhere.

Shangguan Ning got into the car, securely fastened her seat belt, waved towards Jing Yichen, and quickly drove away.

After a while, A Hu also drove the car over, carrying Jing Yichen away.

In the car, Jing Yichen looked at his phone that was ringing nonstop. With wrinkled eyebrows, he connected the call.

“Ah Chen ah, where are you? How can you not come home for half a month? Did you forget me, this old lady, who raised you, this white-eyed wolf!”
(T/N: white-eyed wolf = thankless wretch)​

“When I have time, I will come back.” Jing Yichen’s voice is somewhat tired, his tone is indifferent.

“I don’t know who you are. If I don’t urge you, you won’t come back. Enough, if you don’t come back in several days, then I will go to your new home to find you!”

“Aiya, that’s right, you must hurry and marry a wife so you can give me a granddaughter-in-law! Your grandfather and I can live for how many years now? If you don’t hurry and marry now, could it be that you’re waiting for us to die before taking a wife? You carry the responsibility of our old Jing family, to continue the heavy responsibility of burning incense. Our family, if you break the root off here, when we die, we won’t have any face to meet the Jing family’s ancestors ah!”
(T/N: Burning incense = to worship, to pay respects to one’s ancestors)


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