Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 14.2: The Old Lady Urges Tang Seng to Take a Wife

TL’ed and Edited by Aiki

“A few days ago, I saw your (maternal) grandmother and she also looks forward to when you will marry a wife. Take pity on us, two old ladies. Half of our bodies have already entered the soil, yet we still worry about your marriage. How can you be any less sensible……”

The old lady Mo Lan chattered incessantly and grumbled for a long time, pretended to be pitiful, threatened, coaxed, and used everything, but the person on the phone didn’t have the slightest reaction.

“Ah Chen, in the end, did you not listen to your grandma speak ah?!” The old lady pressed, her voice somewhat loud.

Jing Yichen held the phone further away from his ear. Only after a good while, did he respond with one cold sentence “I know,” after which he hung up on the phone.

After not even a moment had passed, the phone rang again.

He answered the call somewhat irritability: “What’s the matter this time?”

The old lady didn’t take even the slightest offense at her grandson’s cold tone nor was she impatient with him. Rather, she quite cheerfully opened her mouth: “You child, Grandma didn’t finish speaking yet. Hanging up, you’re too insensible! But, Grandma heard, An An introduced you to a university professor?”

Jing Yichen frowned. Zhao An An, this big mouth!

“I heard her education is pretty good. How about it, did you look into it yet? I called to say, her profession is good enough. Our family isn’t bad on money. The young lady’s family background completely doesn’t matter. So long as she treats you well, then OK!”

“If this doesn’t work out, Grandma will also introduce you to someone, a model, who is beautiful and has a good temperament. I also know her parents. The people are pretty good. If it doesn’t work out, then meet her on another day!”

“Oh, that’s right. Your grandma will also give you another look. I heard about this foreign company’s senior white-collar……”

Jing Yichen was once again at the end of his patience and hung up on the phone. The old lady called again. He refused to answer.

“A Hu, go to the apartment.”

“Yes, Young Master.” A Hu responded as he drove in the direction of the apartment.

He had just entered Shanhai Lijing District’s underground parking lot when Jing Yichen heard a sharp female’s voice echo in the parking lot.

“…… How can there be no place to live? There’s no place for you to live back at your company’s building, so you rely on our family’s house, what to do! Oh, Deputy Major Shangguan is truly an honest and uncorrupted official. His home doesn’t have any place to sleep so he let’s his own, precious young lady sleep on the streets!”

At first, Jing Yichen had wanted to ignore them, but when he heard the words, “Deputy Mayor,” he turned his head over to look at the speaker.

The parking lot frequently has cars passing in and out, so Jing Yichen’s car driving in didn’t arouse the attention of Shangguan Ning and the two women at her side.

Shangguan Ning’s expression is cold. Originally, she didn’t intend to speak in order to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Listening to her aunt Lin Yi and her cousin Huang Xinyi now, the more they speak, the more unpleasant it is to hear. Moreover, it involves her father. Finally, she coldly opens her mouth: “Aunt doesn’t need to be anxious. I will definitely move out before next year. At that time, the house will be given back to you, exactly like how it used to be. As for the matter with Deputy Mayor Shangguan, it isn’t your business. So be clever and keep your mouth shut, otherwise you’re asking for trouble.”

When she first chose this building, a very big reason was that this building is far away from her uncle’s house. She could avoid getting into disputes with her aunt to the greatest extent possible.

As a result, Aunt still found her, and this already isn’t the first time. Since she returned, she practically came over once every month, forcing her to hand over the house.

In fact, two months have passed since Shangguan Ning began looking for a house. In her hands, she holds the inheritance that her mother gave her. Buying a house isn’t an issue, but her mother’s money won’t last forever. She didn’t want to spend recklessly. She just wanted to buy something affordable, so she looked around for a really long time.

Moreover, Uncle Huang Li is a famous real estate developer in City A. He developed and constructed many houses. Whichever house that Shangguan Ning buys, he will definitely know not even two days later.

At that time, if he knew Aunt had gone to the house he had given her as a present, the two people would surely be in a big fight now and even be in a cold war for several months.

Translator Note:

Mo Lan is JYC’s paternal grandmother
Huang Li is SN’s maternal uncle, the same one who tried to help overturn the engagement
Lin Yi is SN’s maternal uncle’s wife
Huang Xinyi is SN’s younger female cousin from her maternal side


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      1. Though it’s a sad news, Thanks for the reply. I wonder why people start translating giving the readers hope when they are not determined to complete it. It’s better not to take up a project which can’t be finished.

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      2. Please remember that the translators here (and many out there) don’t do this for money and translating can take a lot of time.
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