Poll about Releases and Schedules

Hi guys! (This post may be a bit lengthy)

As you know for many TL’ers and editors, school is/has been starting back up. As that happens, releases get slowed down or postponed. So to keep the readers happy (and not dropping the projects completely) I want to see what you guys would prefer in terms of releases and the schedule. Check out the poll or leave a comment if you have a different suggestion (like drop the novel and pick up something else).

For both novels, the other TL’ers and I are debating on taking a “break” to stock pile the chapters and then do scheduled releases. Nothing has been decided thus far, though.

100% Sweet Love

For this novel, I (Xia) am the main/only TL’er and editor currently working on the releases. I have a full time job (40hrs/wk) plus classes for me will start up within a month. So my goal of keeping up with the author/RAWs is kinda impossible.

So my options are (with possible extra releases):

  • Release 1 chapter a week on a set day- super feasible
  • Reduce releases to 2-4 times/wk (on set days)-my personal goal and it’s feasible 
  • Break chapters up into parts and release half a chapter 4-7 times a week- my least favorite, but almost daily/daily releases


Black Bellied president Dotes on Wife

This novel is mainly being worked on by Aiki, PigeonChubby and CrimsonJade (and me occasionally), but classes are starting up.

So the options are:

  • 2-2.5 chapters per week (release half a chapter M-F)- Team’s favorite
  • 2-3 chapters per week (released as full chapters M/W/F)-feasible, but amount may vary
  • 1 full chapter per week (with potential for extra releases)- The 1 release is guaranteed, and extra releases are at the whim of the TL’er


Click here for the poll and feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or feedback you want us to know.



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