Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 13: In the Future, Let’s Play Together

TL’ed and Edited by Aiki

Shangguan Ning was slightly surprised. This person seems to have a habit of carrying handkerchiefs. This sort of habit is seen very rarely these days.

She cheerfully took the handkerchief and gives him a smile: “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” Said Jing Yichen. Taking a seat on a bench on the sidelines, he twists open a water bottle to take a drink.

Shangguan Ning wipes her face and her hands and sees that the handkerchief became somewhat dirty. Returning it to him wouldn’t be too good, but keeping it would be inappropriate, and throwing it away would be even more inappropriate.

Thinking about this, she decides to put the handkerchief in her bag. She will give it back to him after washing it.

Shangguan Ning looked around. She hasn’t seen any traces of Zhao An An since earlier.

She sat down on the bench and drank some water, and then takes out her cell phone to call Zhao An An.

“An An, where did you go? Let’s leave.”

“Oh, my…… stomach hurts, I left first. You play slowly ah.” Zhao An An lies, her eyes don’t blink even once.

Shangguan Ning instantly listened to her speak, but doesn’t know what mischief she’s up to that she had to hang up on the phone. As a matter of fact, she wrongfully accused her good friend. Zhao An An just wanted to create more opportunities for the two, that’s all.

“En…… Mr. Zhao, An An already left first.”

“En, I know.” Jing Yichen still has a look of indifference. To Zhao An An’s matter of leaving first, he doesn’t have any reaction whatsoever.

The two people are not far, yet not close. Jing Yichen can smell the faint scent coming from her body. Her beautiful face, because of the exercise, reveals an adorable shade of pink that makes a person who looks at it want to pounce on her and take a bite.

He quickly withdrew his gaze, no longer looking at her.

“You play ball pretty well.”

Jing Yichen’s expression is still indifferent, but if Zhao An An was allowed to hear these words, one fears that she would be greatly surprised because Jing Yichen praises people very rarely. To allow him to think well of one, that person must certainly be exceedingly remarkable.

“En, yes, I also think I’m pretty good.” When it comes to this, which she is very proud of, Shangguan Ning reveals a cheerful smile.

Jing Yichen blanks for a moment. He originally thought that Shangguan Ning would be modest at his words. He didn’t think she would actually unceremoniously praise herself.

His lips raised slightly: “You are surprisingly immodest.”

“On other matters, I am still very modest. But with this matter, I don’t want to be modest.” Said Shangguan Ning and she looked at Jing Yichen, “In fact, you also play very well, but you likely didn’t play for a very long time so you are out of practice. Otherwise, I could not beat you.”

His posture was standard, it’s just that his movements were stiff, jerky. It was very obvious he didn’t play for a long time.

Jing Yichen’s side profile is perfect. From Shangguan Ning’s angle, she can see his long eyelashes. He was unreasonably good-looking.

It had become silent for a moment. Shangguan Ning thought the words she spoke were incorrect when she unexpectedly hears Jing Yichen jokingly say: “Your eyes haven’t blinked once. Am I that good-looking?”

Shangguan Ning had been readily drinking water. She hadn’t yet swallowed and sprayed it all out, choking and coughing.

Her face became more and more red and she didn’t know whether she was like this because of choking or because of shame.

Heavens, what person is this straightforward!

She wiped her mouth, thought for a bit, and told the truth: “You really are very good-looking.”

Jing Yichen’s face is still indifferent but he laughs in his heart. She is the first person to speak with him so straightforwardly.

But it doesn’t feel bad, to speak without needing to beat around the bush.

His life had always been exhausting, so such a person with a straightforward temperament allows him to feel very relaxed. Whatever they say, doesn’t conceal, doesn’t hide, no opportunistic intentions, very good.

Shangguan Ning can detect that Jing Yichen’s mood seems pretty good, as a result, she tries to invite him: “Mr. Zhao, you can see that I play tennis pretty well. You, I feel that you were certainly a master in the past, but only now has regressed. It would be better if we start playing together in the future!” It wasn’t easy for her to encounter this past master, she doesn’t want to let him go. Whether he is willing or not, she absolutely wanted to try him out to know.

Strangely, Jing Yichen behaves coldly and speaks coldly, but Shangguan Ning isn’t repelled from him at all. Instead, she feels that being together with a person like him is very pleasant.

She used to not really like this type of cold person. She always felt that such a person will be cold no matter what. Later, after experiencing the matter with Zhuo Jun, she slowly realized that people who appear warm like spring don’t necessarily have kindhearted and warm hearts, while people with grim faces don’t necessarily also have cold hearts.

A person must not only look at the outside, but also at the heart.

Jing Yichen listens to “Mr. Zhao.” This term doesn’t seem awkward. So he was wrong. In the past, he would claim to have his mother’s surname, Zhao, in order to do things conveniently.

Jing, this surname, is too ostentatious, too ruthless. He is not very fond of it.

Actually, it was the first time someone used this word “regress” with him and it seemed to be used in the right and with self-confidence.

Loyal advice jars on the ear. He has indeed regressed.

It’s just that in the past, every time he went to play tennis, he will recall the matters with that person. He completely did not have any mood to enjoy tennis, but he didn’t expect that playing today, his mind would instead feel very relaxed, very comfortable.

Jing Yichen didn’t think too much and very quickly gives his promise: “Alright.”

Shangguan Ning sees him agree and is very happy in her heart. She smiles at him and extends her hand: “Hope we will have a good time working together!”

Jing Yichen glanced at that slender white hand, and soon afterwards, he shook it: “Hope we will have a good time working together!”

The two people’s hands immediately part after touching, but at last, they both feel the other’s temperature on their hand. It was somewhat burning, somewhat beautiful.

Shangguan Ning immediately ignores that strange feeling and packs her things, ready to leave.

Jing Yichen doesn’t speak and quietly waits for her on the side.

Since she doesn’t have much things, Shangguan Ning packs up very quickly and she slowly leaves together with Jing Yichen.

“You play tennis very professionally. Did you train professionally?”

To the side of her ear sounds a low and sexy voice, causing Shangguan Ning’s heart to jump slightly.

“Yes, I used to follow a coach to train day and night. My hands were entirely worn away into blisters.” She begins to recall the time when she used to practice tennis. The corner of her eyes, the tip of her brows, they were all brimming with a smiling expression.

Jing Yichen knows that to reach her level of tennis, one is bound to suffer a lot of pain. He didn’t expect that while she appears somewhat delicate, in her bones, she was actually unwilling to admit defeat.

Stubborn woman, she makes people feel somewhat distressed for her.

“Why train so desperately? Looking at you, you don’t seem like you want to be a famous tennis player.” Jing Yichen is slightly puzzled over Shangguan Ning’s circumstances. She could absolutely live a content and easy life. She doesn’t need to bear hardships and try so desperately.

Her temperament and manners, an appearance of having being brought up in a big family. Every move, every act, is elegant. This cannot be acquired by practice and random imitation.

If his guess is not mistaken, Shangguan Ning should be a person of the Shangguan family.

“Shangguan,” this surname, is very rarely seen. The surname, Shangguan, is also very reputed. Not to mention City A, the entire province only has one family with this surname.

Listening to Jing Yichen’s words, Shangguan Ning becomes slightly dispirited.

That’s right, why did she try so desperately? When she first started learning tennis, she really didn’t want to become an athlete.

But this was a meaningless fight she had to undertake because she wanted to win.

In the 26 years of her gloomy life, there were only two things that she was superior at compared to Shangguan Ruoxue. One is her language learning ability, and the other is precisely tennis.


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  1. This couple may have a good chance for forming a relationship. Yichen is interested in her and her family. And all she can think of is distancing herself from her family.
    Thank you


  2. “Later, after experiencing the matter with Zhuo Jun, she slowly realized that people who appear warm like spring don’t necessarily have kindhearted and warm hearts, while people with grim faces don’t necessarily also have cold hearts.”
    Man, thats some life lessons right there.


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