100% Sweet Love

Chapter 12: Were You Starved?

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

T/N: Sorry the release was delayed. I had to handle some things, so I didn’t have time to translate.

I will make announcements if there is a delay in releases or if things change, so check those out if you don’t see a release. Anyways enjoy the chapter!

“In addition, there is the  eastern lawn. Anyway, everything that can burn has been burned. It would be better to take advantage of the very fertile plant ash soil, plow it, and grow some big cabbages right?”


Xu Yi appeared to be stunned and Si Yehan’s expression was unreadable. Ye Wan Wan’s voice lowered a little, weakly and feebly asking “What happened?”

Si Yehan’s slender finger lightly touches the porcelain cup, while slightly raising his eyes, “At my place, usually, were you starved?”

Ye Wan Wan suddenly choked, “Oh……no, I wasn’t……”

Since little, she didn’t have to worry about clothes or food, and never had to endure or suffer from hunger or starvation. With Si Yehan, this was even more impossible. Every day, the chef of Jin Garden changed the style of dishes just for her to eat a few bites, because if she ate less than what Si Yehan stipulated, then the chef will be dismissed.

(T/N: Jin Yuan/Garden is the name of SYH’s estate where YWW is staying.)

But she herself was unaware of how it was. Like a hamster, she had a habit of hoarding food. The more food she had on hand, the more she felt a sense of security.

But in the past life, being imprisoned by Si Yehan, she became depressed and dispirited, gradually food didn’t matter **.

(T/N: The “**” is in the original text with no explanation so I left it.)

After being reborn with great difficulty, in addition to the food’s looks, naturally, it is essential for food to be delicious too. Otherwise, this rebirth was simply in vain.

After a long while, Si Yehan looked towards Xu Yi, glancing at him and commanding, “Do it.”

Xu Yi’s face looked extremely dejected. “Yes…”

He was really too naive, he believed that this woman’s character really changed.

Unexpectedly, she wants to convert the top private forest garden into a vegetable garden, simply ridiculous……

Once Ye Wan Wan heard Si Yehan agree, immediately her mood cleared. She excitedly said, “Great! So wait until autumn, then we may have a lot of delicious food!”

Wait until autumn……

Hearing these these three words, Si Yehan’s expression slightly changed, a strange light flitted across his eyes.

Previously, Ye Wan Wan only wished from the bottom of her heart to escape from his side. How is it possible for her to think about the future?

All day long, Ye Wan Wan discussed with Xu Yi where to plant things in detail, commanding the workers from beginning to end.

By the time evening fell, Jin Garden, that was previously destroyed by Ye Wan Wan, already changed beyond recognition.

Various cabbages are growing in the eastern part, while sunflowers are growing in the western part. To the side, there is a newly built grape trellis. The famous and precious flowers, plants, and trees have all been replaced with vegetables and fruit trees. Plump grass carps and live shrimps were cheerfully swimming inside the pond.

Previously, all the flowers and grass of Jin Garden are rare and valuable treasures. The servants had to continuously pay attention to the area beneath their feet, otherwise it was possible to step on and kill something worth 1 million. Even though it’s now a vegetable garden, if there is a slight mishap could incite a burst of fireworks.

(T/N: The part about fireworks was a bit difficult to translate, but it basically means there would be chaos. Probably b/c if something happens to YWW’s food, she’ll get SYH to set ’em straight. lol)

Unaware that the increase in exercise was the reason, Ye Wan Wan regained her appetite and ate a lot that evening.

After eating and drinking her fill and sufficiently replenishing her energy, she began to think about the issue from earlier in the day.

Not just about going to school, but the more important question is her and Si Yehan’s current relationship status.

If she wants it to completely change, then she must find Si Yehan and speak to him first.

Si Yehan’s room is on the top floor. In her past life, she would have never taken the initiative to step foot into this area.

Knock, knock, knock—-

Ye Wan Wan somewhat nervously stood at the door. After taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

As the door opened, it emitted a light squeaking sound. Entering her vision are a pair of deep, ice-cold eyes.

“That, I have something I want to discuss with you, is now a convenient time?”

The man, as if he had already anticipated her to come, didn’t have the slightest change of expression on his face. Without saying a word, he returned to inside the room, which could be regarded as a tacit approval.

Ye Wan Wan hastily stepped forward to keep up with him.

In any case, tonight, she must handle this man!


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16 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Were You Starved?

  1. This rebirth is really radical. Pleasant ,but, radical. She’s removed the ink and now she is transforming the garden.Will it help in getting permission to attend school?
    Thank you for the chapter


  2. “In any case, tonight, she must handle this man!”
    It might not. I might just jump to conclusions too fast. But XD it just makes me feel like she’s setting a trap for herself and interesting things are happenings TONIGHT

    also thank you for translation


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