Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 12: To Meet One’s Match

TL’ed by Aiki

Edited by Xia and Aiki

For a moment, Shangguan Ning could even imagine his handsome appearance on the court and reckons that Zhao Anan really didn’t exaggerate. In the past, there definitely must have been a lot of crazy girls who pursued him.

On one side, Zhao An An happily gave a big roar as if her life depended on it: “Older Brother, we are here. Come quickly!” She grew up with Jing Yichen during childhood, so she had developed extraordinarily strong immunity towards his handsome and good looks since early on.

At the opposite side, Jing Yichen wrinkled his good-looking eyebrows. Can his cousin be any more stupid!

The entire field only had the two of them and they were separated by a distance of only 200 meters. His eyes aren’t blind. What was she doing roaring so loudly, he feared that the group of people he drove off just now would notice and not leave him alone!

But the thoughts in his mind didn’t show up on his face even the slightest bit. He still had that cold appearance.

Jing Yichen approached step-by-step and two slender figures, one white, one black, gradually became more distinct in his line of sight.

The black figure’s clothes were completely disordered, clothes had many ball marks, a large section of her trouser leg was rolled up and her sleeves were also hastily rolled up to the shoulders, brow beaded with sweat, the tip of her short hair was even dripping wet with sweat and she was battered and exhausted.

The white figure’s head of long hair was simply tied at the back of her head with hardly any traces of disorder. Her white workout clothes were untainted by even a speck of dust and neither her trouser legs nor sleeves were rolled up. Cheeks slightly flushed, her face had a little bit of sweat, but she was not battered and exhausted. Instead, there was an extraordinary sense of beauty that followed her movements.

She was just as delicately thin and tall as before, yet Jing Yichen felt the visual impact was slightly bigger.

Maybe because Zhao An An is here, this cousin who grew up with him during childhood, but he seems to not speak as coldly as before. His tone light, but somewhat gentle, he says: “Hello, Miss Shangguan.”

“Hello, Zhao……”

Shangguan Ning didn’t finish greeting him yet when she hears Zhao An An loudly shout from the side: “Aiya, the both of you, your clothes are like couple clothing!”

Shangguan Ning was surprised for a moment and looks down at herself and then looks again at the similarly clad in white, Jing Yichen, and finds that the two of them, their clothes, are indeed somewhat similar, but sportswear are all virtually the same. It would be common for two people with the same clothes to run into each other.

She smiled slightly, but did not say anything. Saying something at this moment would be inappropriate.

And Jing Yichen looks even more calm, not even the slightest change in his expression, as if what he heard was ordinary.

Zhao An An didn’t see the two people’s look of embarrassment that she had anticipated. These two people even coordinated with each other to pay no heed to her. She suddenly felt that she had been abandoned by the world.

There were even two people who had a tacit understanding of her and paid no heed to her, she suddenly felt that she had been abandoned by the world.

“An An, you’re not going to play?” Jing Yichen’s voice is low and full of magnetism, too good sounding. It easily makes people unable to help themselves from ignoring his tone of indifference.

“Oh, oh, that’s right, that’s right! Zhao Anan suddenly jumped up, like a lackey, immediately hands over the tennis racket in her hands.

This is currently Zhao An An’s top priority. She let Shangguan Ning bully her cruelly, impatiently wishes for someone to come and put her in her place.

Jing Yichen looked at her sweaty and filthy racket, his good-looking brows begin to obviously wrinkle. After a long time, he pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and wraps it around the racket handle, carefully wiped it twice before holding the racket.

Zhao An An didn’t feel the slightest bit of dislike towards her cousin at this time, she moves closer towards him and whispers: “Older Brother, you can’t throw the game later when you play. This girl looks beautiful and gentle, but actually, she can be ruthless.” Seeing Jing Yichen look indifferent, she hurriedly explained: “That…… I don’t doubt your level, I am afraid you will suffer.”

She did not need to remind Jing Yichen, earlier he saw Zhao An An’s body has a lot of ball marks, and her white exercising clothes was untainted by even a speck of dust, indicating that not one ball fell upon her body. No average level player can do this.

He warmed up slightly, and signaled for Shangguan Ning to start.

An expert knows where a shot is headed once it’s hit, Jing Yichen holding a racket while standing there, immediately makes people sense the difference.

Whether one looks at the posture in which he stands or how he holds the racket, they are both extremely professional.

Shangguan Ning can’t help but also become serious.

Serve, receive, return. A few rallies later, the two people quickly but roughly come to a mutual understanding of each other, and then they each start to exercise power, seriously starting to play.

The first ball, because of a small mistake, Jing Yichen lost.

The second ball, because his movements were slow by half a beat, Jing Yichen lost.

The third ball, because Zhao An An had been shouting, Jing Yichen lost.

Although Zhao An An is not playing, her ability to see the ball is still there. It is very obvious, that her older brother’s strength is slightly inferior.

“Aiya, Brother, this side, quickly come and receive it!” ”

“Brother, move forward a little bit, quick quick quick!” ”

“Brother, this ball you have to jump up to be able to receive it!” ”


Zhao An An wishes she can take the racket and beat Jing Yichen into the ground.

His swift and fierce glance flies over, frightening Zhao An An and making her shrink away, but soon after, she doesn’t know life or death and in a loud voice says: “Your skills are not as good as people say! Your past skills weren’t like this, is it because your letting the other side win since she is a beauty?”

Shangguan Ning can’t help but laugh and purses her lips together to stop herself from laughing.

Zhao An An is indeed her good friend, successfully became her brother’s pig teammate.

“Shut up, or I’ll have people throw you out,” Jing Yichen still looks indifferent and says this not because of losing and being embarrassed, but rather, because Zhao An An’s words made blue veins briefly appear on his forehead.

Zhao An An shrinks once again. She knew that Jing Yichen would absolutely do as he says.

She looked around and found A Hu nearby. She was quietly relieved.

A Hu, that stupid blockhead, Jing Yichen let him do whatever he wants to do. She doesn’t want to let that stupid blockhead see her be thrown out, it would be too embarrassing.

Although Jing Yichen has been losing continuously, his mood is very good.

Ten years ago, he could no doubt beat Shangguan Ning, but he obviously cannot now. It has been too long since he played tennis.

Only, men and women differ in physical strength. The difference in body structure is very big, so even if he did not play for a long time, he should not lose this miserably. The only explanation for his current situation is that Shangguan Ning’s level is far beyond the average person’s.

She hits the ball really powerfully, very quickly, and full of explosive power, it is very inconsistent with her delicate appearance, and she has standard posture, agile footsteps, always uses just the right amount of force, correctly uses the racket with ease, and her body is well-balanced and has excellent flexibility.

Obviously, she had not only received strict professional training, but has also been continuously and persistently playing the game, so she was able to maintain her condition very well.

It is not shameful to lose to such a woman.

Their match was interrupted by Zhao An An for a little while, but Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning quickly continued playing because they both looked forward to their opponent.

The two people became better at playing, and eventually, Shangguan Ning also had times when she lost, but for the most part, it was her who won.

After playing for nearly two hours, Shangguan Ning was finally exhausted.

“No more playing, rest for a little while.” She panted. She wiped the sweat on her forehead and was just about to take out a napkin from her bag when a white handkerchief was suddenly handed over.


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  1. Thanks for this novel, loving it. I really like SGN as a MC, beautiful, intelligent, outwardly cold but inwardly soft…I hope she will reveal even more of her awesomeness soon.
    The sis and the ex is nauseating, even more nausea inducing than SY and NXL…why are little sisters always bad chars in CNs. And the BFF! Hope she gets her own love story, I also love her character…

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    1. This best friend is awesome. I think A Hu may be her unexpected partner …Just sayin’
      True this couple seem to be interested in the challenge. . Maybe not romantically yet.
      Thank you for this update

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  2. W-wow. I think this is the first time I’ve read a c-novel where the girl beats the guy lol. Yaas you go Shangguan Ning!
    Thanks for the chapter! ♡^▽^♡


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