Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 11: How is Everything He Wears Good Looking?

TL’ed by Aiki

Edited by CrimsonJade

“I have always been going easy on you, otherwise you would have lose even more miserably. I can’t do anything about it, your skills are only at this level.”

Shangguan Ning helplessly reveals this fact. Who knew that this sentence would arouse Zhao An An’s competitive spirit, she immediately picks up the racket: “Humph, let’s see who is afraid of who, I will definitely win this time!”

But after playing for another half-hour, Zhao An An still did not score a single shot.

As they were still playing, Zhao An An suddenly threw the racket down, and with no regard for her image, she sat her butt on the ground, laughing: “Haha, beauty Shangguan Ning, I have finally found someone who can be better than you!”

Shangguan Ning stopped, putted down her racket, drank a mouthful of water, then revealed a confident smile: “Oh, is that so? You can let her try another day, but today, you can’t run away.”

Zhao An An shook her head like a rattle, and her eyes were shining as bright as a star. She reaches out her hands and pointed at the entrance of the tennis court, excitedly saying, “No need for another day, he’s coming!”

Shangguan Ning followed the direction of her finger and saw, a tall and straight, outstandingly handsome, perfect figure in her line of sight.

He was surrounded by a large group of people, consisted of both men and women, but all of them was unable to conceal his soul-stealing radiance. He just stood there coldly, with his strong aura, you can easily spot him in the crowd.

Although Shangguan Ning’s personality is indifferent and eccentric, she also had to admit at this moment that he was really good-looking.

Jing Yichen seemed to sense something, and sent a cold gaze over towards Shangguan Ning’s direction, but it was quickly shifted away.
The quick speed nearly made Shangguan Ning thought that it was her own illusion.

Seeing Jing Yichen look over at them, Zhao An An immediately waves her hand at him.

But Jing Yichen acted like he did not see her and continues to speak with the people at his side, nodding his head from time to time.

Soon, a large crowd of people surrounded him at the entrance of the tennis court.

Zhao An An is disappointed and unwilling, she felt like she lost face in front of her good friend. In fact, Jing Yichen has always been like this, he always behaves indifferently and doesn’t like to respond to others.

But who is Zhao An An? She is thick skinned and flexible, immediately called Jing Yichen’s phone regardless of whether he was busy or not.

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. Zhao An An knew that he should be busy with the crew to inspect the entire “Big World” project, which is one of the properties under their family’s name, and be soon handed over to his hands.

Shangguan Ning noticed that the managers responsible for the tennis court’s income stood respectfully at the edge of the large crowd. Although she suspects that Jing Yichen may be the real boss of “Big World” stadium in her heart, she did not ask Zhao An An. Because is it was something that she could speak of, she would have already told her, herself.

“Brother, when are you going to be finish? Hurry up and finish so you can play tennis with me. Your little sister is nearly being bullied to death, quickly come help me get revenge! If you don’t come, I’ll go to the two old ladies at home and sue you! ”

“Can you only use this one move?” Jing Yichen’s coldly responded, but he did not refuse.

“Do I need to have a lot moves if this one move is useful. Only women and villains pull of this move with difficulty. I am a woman and a villain combined! In the end, are you coming or not?” Zhao An An says as if she is not that concerned. But at this moment, she desperately wants Jing Yichen to help with her revenge. She has already been wrongfully suppressed for half an year.

Jing Yichen looked at the large group of peoples waiting outside the glass door of the conference room’s, slightly hesitated for a moment, then said one word: “Alright.”

He hung up the phone and walked out of the conference room. He simply said a couple of sentences to the “Big World” stadium’s current General Manager, and then cast a glance at the large mass of people and left.

Having always been by Jing Yichen’s side, A Hu did not think his young master would finish up the inspection so quickly, but he never speaks out of turn, only following the young master wholeheartedly. This time it was also the same, when he saw Jing Yichen leaves, he hurriedly followed after him.

Jing Yichen quickly arrives at his luxurious Aston Martin, opens the trunk, and pulls out a suit of sportswear and a pair of sneakers from a suitcase full of clothes. Fortunately, he had the habit of carrying his clothes on him.

“A Hu, casually stroll around by yourself. I am going to play tennis for a while. When it’s time to leave, I will call you.” Jing Yichen indifferently says these three sentences and then went off to change his clothes.

A Hu was somewhat at a loss. Young Master’s changed so fast that he could not keep up with his pace.

Could the Young Master have finished today’s inspection early, just to go play tennis?

No, this is not Young Master’s style ah!

He always finishes his work once he starts, never leaving anything unfinished. Very few people and matters can influence his decisions.

Moreover, haven’t the Young Master already stopped playing tennis? Then what is going on today?

When A Hu just entered the tennis court, he did not notice Shangguan Ning and Zhao An An. There were a lot of people at that time, and he completely concentrated on protecting the young master. Unforeseen accidents have happened many time before, therefore he must not react heedlessly.

While on the other side of the tennis court, Zhao An An was happily dancing in joy.

As a matter of fact, she was still somewhat worried in her heart that her older brother would refuse her request because she knew very well that he was occupied with dealing with the family property, in order to smoothly and successfully inherit it in the future.

Moreover, he doesn’t like being with unfamiliar people. Although he had seen Shangguan Ning before, they are no where near familiar with each other.
She did not actually expect her older brother to actually agree to her request. She felt it was weird, but because of her carefree character, she quickly got over it and castes off these thoughts to the back of her mind.

“Haha, my brother promised to come over! Little Beauty, just wait for yourself to lose!” Zhao An An said proudly, as if she had already beaten Shangguan Ning.
Shangguan Ning’s eyes flash with a glimmer of light, and with some unexpected anticipation, she asks: “Is your older brother very good at tennis?”

“Naturally. Since I was born till now, I haven’t seen anyone beaten him! He used to be a famous tennis prince, who knew how many girls at school crazily pursued him. He later refused to play tennis, and a large part of the reason was because he was afraid of the gang of shameless persuaders! Zhao An An’s tone is was so exaggerated, as if she wanted to praise her older brother up to the skies.

However, the last time Zhao An An introduced her to her brother, it was even more exaggerated, but ultimately her description had been proven to be completely true, and there was no exaggeration to her praises.

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but begin to anticipate.

She had not played with a tennis expert for a very long time, therefore for a long time she have not played a game to her heart’s content.

10 minutes later, in which Shangguan Ning was more or less rested, Jing Yichen slowly walks towards them from the entrance dressed from head to toe in white sportswear.

A portion of Jing Yichen’s cold and stiff aura disappeared while he was in his sportswear, the entire person gained a kind of vitality that cannot be described by words. Coupled by his handsome appearance and upright posture, the whole person seems to have emerged from a painting.

Shangguan Ning was stunned, why is it that everything he wears look so good!


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