Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 10: I Want to Go Home to Find My Mother

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Edited by Xia

“Hey! Guo toad! What is that expression on your face? Are you trying to eat someone?!”

Zhao An An saw a flash of viciousness in Guo Shuai’s eyes, so she immediately started talking rudely to him.

She already lived so many years and with her shrewish like mom and her high IQ cousin that is way better than her, she was never really afraid of anyone. Anyways, even if she provoked someone, her brother will help her settle it. This Guo Shuai! He is nothing to be afraid of!

Last time, she saw him eating at the restaurant with Shangguan Ning and heard him say those things to her. She could tell he isn’t anything good. If she knew earlier, then Shangguan Ning would have had nothing to do with him. He should be kicked out!

When Guo Shuai heard Zhao An An call him “Guo Toad”, he seethed with anger and pointed a finger at Zhao An An. “You…you…you…” Even after a long time, he still couldn’t say anything.

When Shangguan Ning heard this nickname, she thought it was funny and wanted to laugh. But decided that now isn’t the time and can only restrain herself.

“Yo. What? Seeing a beauty caused you to become a stammering fool? Then how about peeing on the floor and take a good look at yourself? With your monkey appearance, to go as far as wanting to eat swan meat! Don’t even dream of it. Our beautiful Shangguan is already taken. If a part of your body gets burnt, don’t blame me for not warning you!

Shangguan Ning wanted to restrain Zhao An An but it was too late. Zhao An An already said too much. Guo Shuai’s face had already turned into a pig liver color.

But the fact that he wanted to pursue Shangguan Ning is definitely something that no one would know. Unless Shangguan Ning told Zhao An An…

Guo Shuai shook from head to toe.

This cheap woman! Thinks she is so amazing just for having a beautiful face. On the surface, she has a clear and clean look. But to his surprise, she ruined his reputation. One day, he will surely make her crawl at his feet, crying and begging!

Moreover, she already has a man, and yet still seduced him. Such a hypocritical and nausea-inducing woman!

However, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. That Zhao An An becoming more and more arrogant each day. Today, wearing black leather clothing from head to toe, and hair dyed a gaudy bright color. Just you wait! Once Shangguan Ning falls, he will have a way to fix her. Revenge is best served cold.

Shangguan Ning saw Guo Shuai’s expression and immediately knew. He hates himself even more. In his heart, he must have scolded himself countless times.

Of course, she isn’t afraid of him. It’s just that she doesn’t want Zhao An An to get involved too. She tugged on Zhao An An’s sleeves and whispered: “We should go. We are going to be late in class.”

Zhao An An also saw through Guo Shuai and his crooked ideas. She really wanted go and beat him up, but was abruptly pulled away by Shangguan Ning.

“A Ning, you don’t need to be afraid of that toad. He doesn’t dare to do anything. Later, I’ll tell my brother to hire people to get rid of him.”

Orignially, when she heard Zhao An An’s words, Shangguan Ning was really grateful. Zhao An An will only call her “A Ning” when she is being serious. Normally, she (ZAA) just calls her (SN) “Beautiful”.

But it was Zhao An An’s next sentence nearly made her fall.

“His wife is in a criminal’s thoughts! How can he stay indifferent?!”

“Hey, hey, hey. Zhao An An, you can eat however you want, but don’t talk in a careless manner. Ah, you don’t consider my reputation. You should at least consider your brother’s reputation. Oh, you are really unqualified to be a younger sister!”

“Who says? All I did was find a good girl and gave my brother a candidate. Moreover, there is only one month until the new year. Do you know what this means? Next year means you get one year older. You will only turn 27 years old. But my brother will be 33! Ah, time really does not spare people. Take this chance and don’t delay. Get married while you are 26 and he is 32!

Why is that the more Zhao An An speaks, the more her words sound outrageous. This is an impossibility.

Shangguan Ning flashed to that handsome and indifferent figure in her mind. Her heart cannot help but marvel at his perfection. But that’s it. She only met him once, so her feelings aren’t that deep.

Marriage. For her, that is something that is really far and unlikely. Unfortunantely, it is more likely that she will live a long life alone.

Shangguan Ning shook her head and smiled: “Don’t only talk about me! What about you?”

Zhao An An was immersed in her beautiful fantasy and did not react: “Me? What about me?”

“When are you getting married?”

“I won’t get married. Didn’t I already tell you?” Zhao An An is taking things for granted。
Shangguan Ning already heard her say “I won’t get married” many times before, but she thinks they are just talking about it. Nothing serious. Although she has been hurt quite deeply by Xie Zhuo Jun and Shangguan Rou Xue, she has never thought of never getting married. It’s just, at the present, this will probably not happen. Zhao An An’s personality is so carefree, it looks like she never suffered from a painful heartbreak before. So its even more unlikely that she won’t get married.

“How about we don’t get married? The two of us are the same age. Next year, you will be 27. Ouch! Time really doesn’t spare people!”

Zhao An An, after hearing Shangguan Ning’s words, immediately took her (SN) words and put them to use. She cannot help but laugh loudly: “I ate Tang Seng (a monk) meat. I am now a invicible youthful and beautiful maiden. Time has nothing to do with me!”.
(T/N: There is a story where people eat Tang Seng’s meat and then they become immortal.)

Shangguan Ning laughed with her. Zhao An An smiled and walked in the direction of the classroom.

After morning classes were over, they ate hotpot together in the afternoon at the newly-opened hot pot restaurant. Afterwards, they drove together to a gym in a high-tech area to play tennis. This sport has become almost a tradition for them, something they will go ahead regardless of what happens. Even if Zhao An An was feeling lazy that day, Shangguan Ning will still drag her there.

The gym in this high-tech area is called Big World. It is certainly worthy of the name. Not only does it cover a huge area, it has a variety of things and everything that should be there would be there. The tennis courts inside are open and indoor. On this cold day, they can only play indoors. But the majority of gyms in A city do not have indoor tennis courts.

Shangguan Ning is a tennis enthusiast. She already tried out all the tennis courts in A city before finally discovering this gem.

The two changed into sportswear and sports shoes. After 10 minutes of warm-up, they started the game.

After merely playing for half an hour, Zhao An An began to endlessly whine: “Beautiful, playing tennis with you is like purposely looking for abuse, self-mutilation! At the beginning, I was tricked by you. You are basically the expert of experts!”

“Isn’t my capability to resist being beaten down (psychologically) possibly good enough to apply for a Guinness world record? This past half year, I keep suffering defeat in every battle, yet continued to fight despite setbacks. My body’s health and my spirit have suffered grave devastation. But the result? I am still alive.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t listen to endless chatter. She stopped to drink half a bottle of mineral water and waved her hand: “Continue!”

“No, no. This won’t do. I’m tired. Not playing anymore. I want to go home and find my mom!”

“Okay, in the past I would be fooled. Your taekwondo and swimming are so powerful, you have the strength. ” Shangguan Ning handed her the water, smiling while talking.

“Fine, I will play! You must go easy on me. I want to break through your bottom line. Go easy on me. We are on different levels. You are deliberately trying to destroy me!” Zhao An An knows it’s impossible to avoid playing. Most importantly, she wants to play. But she can’t let Beautiful be too proud. They started actively negotiating.


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