Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 9: You Have a Crush on My Brother?

TL’ed by PigeonChubby

Edited by Xia and PigeonChubby

This is Shangguan Rou Xue’s acting talent and speech skill that no one can compete with.

Such a pity that she isn’t an actress!

She always manages to divert attention to others and push the problem onto them.

Shangguan Ning felt chilly and weak in her heart. It’s been 4 years already. She was already planning to let them off. Why are they still holding onto this matter?

She doesn’t even feel like saying half a word. Anyways, Xie Zhuo Jun will think she is speaking out of jealousy or trying to frame Shangguan Rou Xue.

She turned around, exhausted, and slowly walked to the front door. She stiffly grabbed her keys to unlock the door. Those two people, along with her past, she shut them both out.

When Xie Zhuo Jun saw the back of Shangguan Ning disappearing, he did not know why, but he felt like he was losing something.

Just then, Shangguan Rou Xue said, with a sense of lost in her tone: “Zhuo Jun, I irritated (elder) sister and made her sad again. Am I really unlikable?”

“Of course not!” Xie Zhuo Jun recovered his senses. He kissed her forehead and revealed a smile. “You are the best girl in the world!”

He held with one arm Shangguan Rou Xue and walked into the elevator. He used his free hand to rub the space between his eyebrows.

From walking out the elevator to arriving at the underground parking lot, not once did he relax his eyebrows.

He had a headache and was irritated. Why is that every time he sees Shangguan Ning, they part on bad terms?

Although he is in a deadlock fight with her, Xie Zhuo Jun feels very guilty towards her, like his mom said. Perhaps, without her, he really may not be able to wake up. That’s why he always resolve any grudges between them and make it up to her. He wants her to live happily.

But Shangguan Ning somehow always causes him to lose control, which makes him say unpleasant and hurtful words.

Shangguan Rou Xue noticed that Xie Zhuo Jun has been frowning and looked unhappy.

She snuggled closer to him in his embrace. She pouted and tenderly said:“Zhuo Jun, I still didn’t get sister’s blessing yet. What should I do? Sister, her… her temper seems to be getting worse and worse.”

As she said this, she touched the back of the hand that Shangguan Ning had slapped earlier.

Xie Zhuo Jun was slightly surprised for a moment. Really? Is it because of Shangguan Ning’s temper getting worse?

He looked at Shangguan Rou Xue’s innocent and kindhearted face and shook his head.

Perhaps…it must be! Or else why is that every time they see each other, their relationship becomes nastier each time. For four years it’s been like this. Even four years later, it’s still like this. Today was too much! To go so far as to hit Xiao Xue’s hand!

The next day was a sunny Monday. Yesterday’s snow had slowly melted, revealing the solid earth underneath.

Shangguan Ning had to teach classes in the morning. She brought the materials she needed for her courses and drove to school.

Once she parked her car, she heard a tap on her window.

She looked up to see someone wearing a black leather jacket and black leather pants, Zhao An An.

She wore her coat and got off the car, when she heard Zhao An An whistle.

“Beautiful, are you free after class? Let’s hang out.”

Shangguan Ning twisted her head, showing her smooth face and laughed: “Not hanging out!”

Zhao An An pretended to be angry: “Boring!”

Shangguan Ning grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the school building: “Are you performing in the The Matrix today? Why are you wearing such inappropriate clothing to class?”

“What’s so inappropriate about this? It’s so handsome! This outfit caused my old mother a pretty penny! Good thing, the price will only increase.”

“Hey, didn’t you wail about your poverty and debts last week? Just this leather jacket must have cost $50,000-60,000, right?” Shangguan Ning was somewhat suspicious.

Zhao An An beat her thigh. Oh gosh, this is bad. She was so happy she almost blurted out her secret. This outfit is indeed expensive, bought using the money she received for “selling” Shangguan Ning. She cannot let her know! Otherwise, she will feel guilty later.

She guilty laughed, and raised her voice intentionally: “Yes…yes, ah, last week I was indeed in debt. This week I payed all my debts. That’s right, my…my Western-styled restaurant makes a decent profit.”

Shangguan Ning thinks that it makes sense. But also thinks that since she also knows about Zhao An An’s side job, she should also tell (Zhao An An) her side job. Besides, it isn’t some remarkable secret.

“An An, how about later I treat you to a cup of coffee?”


“Does treating you to a cup of coffee need a reason?”

“Of course, are you hiding something from me? Come on, what’s the matter?”

Shangguan Ning felt somewhat helpless and sincerely said: “I really don’t have a particular reason. You are my good friend. Treating you to a cup of coffee is really a normal thing to do.”

Zhao An An suddenly realized it and excitedly said: “Don’t tell me you took a fancy to my brother? Do you want me to pull strings again?”

What does this have to do with her brother?

Shangguan Ning felt completely defeated by Zhao An An, she can only surrender now. If she doesn’t tell the truth today, it result in Zhao An An coming up with even more unbelievably weird thoughts.

“Ok, Ok. I will tell you the truth. I opened my own coffee shop. I wanted you to try it out.”

“It’s really not for my brother?”

“It’s really not! Nothing to do with your brother!”Shangguan Ning vows to the heavens.

“You didn’t like my brother?” Zhao An An showed faint signs of wanting to flip out.

“It’s not that. Not like that. Your brother is very good… …”

“So you did like my brother!” Zhao An An’s eyes began to shine.

“Uh, I …”

“Oh, right, on the day you two met, how did you feel? My brother is pretty good, right? How was it? Was your heart aroused?”

Shangguan Ning thinks that her decision to share her secret about opening a coffee shop was a wrong one.

She summoned her courage and responded: “Well… …well, I guess it was okay, but we…”

“Oh, right, that day I left early, but that was not on purpose. I was just afraid that I would ruin your romantic atmosphere. You won’t blame me for this, right?” Zhao An An had hurriedly left in a panic because, the truth is, she had threatened her brother and was terrified of being killed by his glare.

“It’s alright. Why would I blame you? … …”

While the two were talking, a familiar figure appeared in front of them.

The person is wearing gold rimmed glasses. He looks like an intellectual person. It is the person that Shangguan Ning ran away from: Guo Shuai.

Both Shangguan Ning and Zhao An An did not have a good impression of him.

Shangguan Ning does not want to deal with him and Zhao An An doesn’t want to let him off.

She knows Guo Shuai wants to pursue Shangguan Ning, but this is practically a toad wanting to eat a swan’s meat. He is short and fat. Shangguan Ning has only worked here for half a year, but has became the dream lover of many male teachers and male students. This year the choosing of the school beauty queen did not occur. The main reason for this was because a lot of the boys thought the girls at the school weren’t as pretty as Teacher Shangguan Ning.

Without of doubt, she knows that Shangguan Ning doesn’t realize how beautiful she is and thinks she looks very ordinary.

However, being unaware of her beauty has actually made people admire her more.
Shangguan Ning is qualified to become her sister-in-law! How can someone like Guo Shuai wish for this?


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  1. Actually, I don’t really understand why the lead is hanging on to the hurt. Her sister is obviously not someone she was close to–this situation is old so I understand she doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. But the best way is to ignore them and really let it go. The guy is not someone she really shared anything with except when he was comatose. She should have known that whether he loved her or not when he woke up was not a sure bet. She is hanging on to the expectation what with the mother in law liking her and everything. She had an expectation to be loved for saving him. But it wasn’t even her idea to do that. She did her job after an exchange which helped out the uncle she cares for so she should have cut her losses and seen it as mission accomplished. If she truly didn’t care about those two, her stepsister wouldn’t try to provoke her. Really nothing was lost but her first kiss given to someone who was just trying. There is nothing worse for many people than spending their life with someone because they owe them. The marriage was off to a rocky start with or without the sister. I can’t really get into the extreme hurt she feels about this man she really didn’t even know. Move forward to the New!

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