Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 8: Cannot Bear to Recall the Past

TL’ed by Aiki

Edited by Aiki & CrimsonJade

Seven years ago, Shangguan Ning and Xie Zhuojun encountered a traffic accident at the same time. Her luck was good, and only suffered from a minor skin injury, but Xie Zhuojun fell into a coma for a long time and became a human vegetable. The doctors asserted that he may never wake up for life.

The Xie family saw that the most advanced medical care could not save him, so they went all around to beg and worship God. Later, they got a Great Master to give guidance, who said that as long as he is set up with a woman with good fate and brings prosperity to her husband, by receiving this woman’s blessing, Xie Zhuojun can wake up.

And Shangguan Ning was exactly in line with the Great Master’s said conditions: good characters, good fate, and brings prosperity to her husband.

TL:(The characters mentioned here refer to the birth date characters used in fortune telling)

Shangguan Ning did not believe in these words, however, to have this bright glimmer of light, Father Xie and Mother Xie were easily convinced without any doubt.

At that time, her father, Shangguan Zheng, was using every means possible to climb from City A’s Secretary General to the position of the city’s Deputy Mayor.

By lucky coincidence, he was able to lend a hand to the Xie Family in the dark, and the two families then performed a transaction that was completely advantageous for both parties involved: Xie Family assists Shangguan Zheng in sitting in the seat of the Deputy Mayor and Shangguan Ning marries Xie Zhuojun.

Shangguan Family and Xie family’s relations have always been pretty good. Although Shangguan Ning and Xie Zhuojun were acquainted earlier on, having both studied in the same school for high school and university, Xie Zhuojun is two years her senior. At the side, she had many blossoming butterflies, yet she usually had little contact with him. She simply didn’t know how to become familiar with him and only admired him from afar. Needless to say, now that Xie Zhuojun became a human vegetable, she was unwilling to give her whole life to a human vegetable, so she went on a hunger strike to make a stand and fight.

Her uncle knew of this matter and naturally disagreed as well. He sought out Shangguan Zheng to question him. The result was that he nearly started beating him up, but ultimately, he was unable to change Shangguan Zheng’s decision.

And at this time, Uncle’s company had fallen into an enormous debt crisis. Shangguan Zheng directly told Shangguan Ning that the problem with her uncle’s company was created by the Xie Family. If she refused, in that case, Uncle will only be able to walk the road of bankruptcy.

She no longer rebelled and did what Father said to do, shockingly well-behaved.

Two months later, Shangguan Zheng’s wish to serve as the Deputy Mayor was fulfilled and the nineteen-year-old Shangguan Ning was engaged to the comatose Xie Zhuojun.

Do not know how the news suddenly leaked out. In school, rumors rose from all directions, saying that she had everything.

She did not pay any attention to them at all, but began to devote all of her attention to caring for the bedridden Xie Zhuojun.

If it was impossible to change her relationship with Xie Zhuojun, then she could at least help Xie Zhuojun become better.

Many human vegetables can still wake up after falling into a coma. She firmly believes that Xie Zhuojun can also wake up.

Hence, day after day, she began to accompany and look after him. Although many personal and special things also have the nurses and care workers to take care of. Every day, Shangguan Ning would go to the hospital to talk with Xie Zhuojun. Often, when the care workers massaged his hands and feet, she would tell him about the strange things she encountered that day.

After more than two years of companionship, more than 700 days and nights where she persisted with great efforts, a miracle occurred.

Xie Zhuojun woke up.

Xie Zhuojun’s mother, Wang Lu, was deeply grateful to her, holding onto her while laughing and crying, and saying that her son is nobility. If her son doesn’t treat her well in the future, she will definitely break his leg.

After waking up, Xie Zhuojun recovered very quickly. He learned that Shangguan Ning has been taking care of him, and the two people decided to kiss, him vowing to certainly treat her very well.

The happiest person was Shangguan Ning herself. She felt she had days to look forward to in the future, certain that she will be happy continuing forward.

Xie Zhuojun originally looks handsome, had a tall figure, and is also tender and attentive to her. His parents also treat her extremely well. They already regarded her as their daughter-in-law a long time ago. The affection that Shangguan Ning had was all given to Xie Zhuojun, his every action was inscribed in her heart.

Although the two people originally did not have any especially intimate acts, he already regarded Shangguan Ning as his fiance as early as two years ago. After he woke up, everything involving her was important to him.

But, after one summer vacation, everything changed.

Things happened too suddenly, catching Shangguan Ning by surprise.

Her good step-sister, Shangguan Ruoxue, was caught in bed with her future brother-in-law!

The moment she learned about the affair, it would not be an exaggeration to describe it as the heavens collapsing.

However, what was even more outrageous, was the barely concealed affection of the two people, hand in hand, kneeling before her, requesting her blessing!

Thinking up to here, Shangguan Ning’s heart is as if it was cut by a knife.

A once made promise was no more than joke. Only she, herself, had truly placed it in her heart.

In a trance, she hears Xie Zhuojun still chattering on and on: “…… Xiao Xue, she has always treated you as her dearest older sister. Everything she does is for you first, for fear that you are even slightly unhappy. In the case that you have even a little bit of conscience, you would not treat her like this.”

“She was just concerned about you, how can you raise your hands! It is I who owe you, that year, it was me who was in the wrong, but not loving you is something I can’t do anything about. Matters of affection can’t be forced, but I will always treat you like my younger sister. You must not cling to me again, forget about me. Wish us well, won’t you?”

If Shangguan Ning had a knife in her hand now, she thinks she might exhaust her whole body’s strength to stab the knife into the body of the man before her eyes.

Shangguan Ruoxue, if she had just the tiniest bit of shame in her heart, she would not have seduced her brother-in-law onto the bed!

She never regarded herself as her older sister. She is the same as her mother, that woman who destroys other people’s families, completely not a good people.

Wish them well?

Sorry, but that is impossible for this person to do! The fact she did not tear them apart is already very merciful.

“Bring your sweetheart out of this building immediately. My mother gave birth to me, myself. I don’t have this kind of despicable little sister who doesn’t know any shame.” Shangguan Ning suppresses her own pain and calmly opens her mouth, but her husky and dry voice revealed her emotions.

“Older Sister, I was wrong, forgive me, alright? Please, I beg you. I truly love you, for real. I didn’t mean to……” Shangguan Ruoxue anxiously opens her mouth. Tears streaming down, just like a water lotus, provoking people’s pity for her.

Shangguan Ning was already used to this expression and was not the least bit moved.

At the side, Xie Zhuojun feels sorry for being incapable. He holds Shangguan Ruoxue in his arms, his forehead bursting with blue veins, “Xiao Xue, no need to beg her. She is a person who has a heart of stone. I will never like such a person! Shangguan Ning, don’t bully Xiao Xue again. Don’t pester me again. You better look out for yourself!”

Shangguan Ning’s expression is ice cold as she opens with a sneer: “After I returned home, was there a single time I took the initiative to call you on the phone or took the initiative to come and find you? Where did you see that I am pestering you? Did you not yourself not come here today? My home address was found so soon, the ability of the private detective is truly great. I was even blocked at the door to see people acting out public display of affection. The fact that I haven’t alarmed the police is already very polite.”

Xie Zhuojun was surprised at what she said for a moment and looked at Shangguan Ruoxue in his arms. The address was found by Ruoxue, but Xiao Xue is simply not that kind of person. She was the most kindhearted woman under the sky.

Shangguan Ruoxue’s tears fall more rapidly. Feeling wronged, she bites her lip: “Older Sister, I missed you so much and presumably wanted to see you. I found you after looking for a long time. Mom and Dad are worried about you. Come back home, okay?”


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  1. how insecure SRX feels that she must constantly bring XZJ in front of SN to display the pitiful concerning little sister act
    but nice one SN, used words to slap their shameless faces than with tears

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  2. Both person are disgusting human being the other one for coveting her step sisters bf and the ex bf is an ungrateful sod who gave in to temptation etc. In a way whatever happened was bad, but it is a blessing that it happened before she ended up being married to the man and manages to escape from it. Birds of a feather flocks together so both baddies truly deserves each other. Thanks for this chapter.


  3. ¿Ella acosando a su hermanastra?, a ver… buscar descaradamente a la persona que lastimo para presentarle su comida barata para perros ¿no es intimidación?, vaya, vaya…


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