Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 7: Some People’s Public Display of Affection

TL’ed and Edited by Aiki

It snowed heavily for the entire night and the whole neighbourhood turned white.

Shangguan Ning pulls open the curtains and is amazed by the beautiful scene in front of her. She quickly washes up, changes into green sportswear, and leaves to go running.

Two feet tread upon the tick snow, issuing a creaky sound.

The always calm, Shangguan Ning, is just like a child, enjoying the snow and never tiring of it, watching herself leave a string of footsteps in the snow, and laughing merrily.

A small tree is covered entirely with thin icicles. She selects one and places it in the palm of her hand to see it melt, slowly walking away from the neighbourhood.

Standing in the scenery, Shangguan Ning doesn’t know that she has become the scenery in other people’s eyes.

From the top floor of a high-rise in the Shanhai Lijing neighborhood, Jing Yichen’s entire body is casually dressed. Carrying a steaming cup of coffee, he quietly watches the green figure walk forward in boundless joy.

She was wearing sportswear. She had obviously gone out on a morning run, but such weather is not suitable for running.

He did not understand why she was so fond of snow, icy cold, without a trace of temperature.

However, he also does not understand, why his mood inexplicably became cheerful.

Ahu brought back breakfast and sees his young master’s slightly raised lips. Although the curvature is almost imperceptible, having accompanied his master’s side for years on end, it was his first time discovering all his subtle changes.

He did not know why the master was in a good mood, but anyhow, it is a good thing because he wasn’t picky about the breakfast he had bought from outside.

It is vital to know that the young master is usually particular about the food he eats. In the past, all of his breakfast was specially made by his chef. Due to moving over only yesterday, the chef did not have time to follow, so can only buy first from outside.

Ahu originally thought that he would most definitely be buying today’s breakfast in vain. Hid not expect the young master to actually eat it.

Which group of immortals saved his life just now? He hopes that this immortal can appear day by day, so that his days can be much better.

Jing Yichen finished eating breakfast and took Ahu to go out. As far as he’s concerned, the weekend is not a day off at all.

Thus, he did not see the moment that Shangguan Ning returned as a mess, even her well-tied ponytail is entirely loose. She obviously fell down many times.

She rubbed her sore knee and entered the elevator.

She lives on the sixth floor and usually walks up and down the staircase, treating it as exercise for her body. Today, she tripped and fell, with both knees fiercely in pain, she can only take the elevator.

“Ding” sound. Reached the sixth floor. The elevator doors open and both figures of the people she wanted to see the least rush into her line of sight, stinging her eyes.

“Older Sister!” Sounds a tender and pleasantly surprised voice, as if she had missed her, had wanted to see her.

While the other figure who once lived in her heart for a long time, now stands at another woman’s side, with a face of fond love and care.

Shangguan Ning’s whole body stiffens, the bottom of her foot seemed to carry a thousand jin, cannot say when the bottom of her heart began to spread with pain. The ache of her knee compared to the ache of her heart, has already become unworthy of mentioning.

“Xiao Ning, how did you become like this? Did you trip and fall?” Xie Zhuojun sees Shangguan Ning’s sorry figure and could not help but inquire. His brow wrinkled, revealing a hard to detect trace of concern.

Seeing Shangguan Ning at this moment with hair scattered, clothes with mud and snow, Shangguan Ruoxie exclaims in a whisper: “Older Sister, how did you make yourself into this appearance? Where are you uncomfortable?”

Shangguan Ning’s complexion pale and almost transparent, she looks as if she had a great illness.

Her stiff body walks out from the elevator. The bottom of her heart feels ice-cold and sneers: Seeing them, is where she is uncomfortable.

Her considerate, lovely younger sister clearly knows this, but still wanted to ask.

Shangguan Ruoxue’s body is clad in soft yellow, newly-arrived winter clothing from Burberry and clutched in her hand is a Hermes handbag that can be bought with her Audi A4. Carefully managed wavy curls hang down from the back of her head, elegant and refined makeup, her whole body emits the sweet smell of Gucci perfume.

Whole body in a hideous mess, Shangguan Ning in contrast, bears resemblance to a wandering and ordinary beggar.

But Shangguan Ruoxue appears to not be disgusted with her. Her face full of concern and worry, soon after, she then stretches out her hand to explore the temperature of her forehead.

Shangguan Ning sees this and also unexpectedly raises her hand, with “Pa” sound, she knocks away that delicate hand. She had been injured by this beautiful hand too many times that she has already formed a conditioned reflex.

Shangguan Ruoxue didn’t seem to think she would be beaten. She gives a painful cry and covers her hand. Both of her eyes immediately fill with teardrops, forbearing and feeling wronged, she says: “Older Sister, do you still blame me? You…… If you feel sad, just hit me once real well. If hitting me once can make you happy, you can hit, ok? I won’t avoid it.”

As she finished, she pursed her lips and her whole body shrinks, as if bracing herself for a beating.

Xie Zhuojun anxiously holds Shangguan Ruoxue’s hand. Seeing her originally delicate and white hands already reddening, he cannot help but angrily say: “Shangguan Ning, enough! To have such an older sister like you! Xiao Xue, how are you? Does it hurt or not?”

“Zhuo Jun, I’m alright. Not a bit of pain, really. Older Sister, she…… accidentally bumped into me, that’s all.”

“Xiao Xue, you do not have to speak for her. I saw, the sound was so loud. How could it be by accident, how could it not hurt!”

Shangguan Ning’s pale face does not utter a single word and watches the two people who have hurt her the most deeply, performing the most romantic drama in history, while she makes a venomous expression.

In the past, each time such a scene arises, she will be anxious to explain, then the more she explains the worse it becomes, and then the two people leave hand in hand, leaving her by herself with heartache and flowing tears.

Now, although her heart seems to have a mountain of pressure, gasping for air, she had already reached the point of not shedding tears.

Her gaze did not linger on them. As if she had not seen them, she walks past the two people.

“Shangguan Ning!” Seeing her simply ignore them, Xie Zhuojun shouted angrily at her, “Shouldn’t you apologize for blaming Xiao Xue?!”


Shangguan Ning finally turned her face and looked at him.

Her eyes were too empty, her face too pale. Xie Zhuojun’s heart sinks. He somewhat did not dare to look at her pair of crystal clear eyes.

However, Shangguan Ruoxue tightly embraces his arm, like a fragile flower in a storm, delicate and on the verge of collapse, she makes him take pity on her.

His heart becomes somewhat steadier. He opens his mouth again with confidence: “Xiao Ning, even if Xiao Xue did not do the right thing at that time, she has paid you back enough these four years. She has been living in remorse and guilt. Her pain is no less than your’s. Stop before you go too far! Besides, the person who owes you is me. With Xiao Xue, there is no connection. It was me who chased her. You must not hurt Xiao Xue, she is innocent. You acting like this, only makes me…… even more disgusted.”

Shangguan Ning’s heart is desolate inside. She once invested her entire painstaking effort for him, wholeheartedly looking after him, in the end, only to be exchanged with this one phrase, “even more disgusted.”


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8 thoughts on “Ch. 7: Some People’s Public Display of Affection

  1. I wonder which one is more disgusting the villain Ning Xuelo or this one XX? Saying that I like this better already as the chapter are longer and it does not dragged/milked one scenario one chapter another. Thanks for this update.

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    1. TL’ers for the novel have similar views, especially after the ending of Hidden Marriage. I’m quite enjoying the MC, but I want another little bun lol.


  2. Ugh, a second coming of Su Yan and Ning Xueluo. These white lotus couples disgust me. And not only will they never f*ck off, they keep coming back to harass the MC because they really have nothing better to do.

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