Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 6: It’s Snowing

TL’ed by: PigeonChubby

Edited by: Xia

Jing Yi Chen really is colder than just now.

Because he realized that he was a little different than usual.

This is not a good sign.

He can not help but carefully look at Shangguan Ning.

Tall and slim, skin white and bright, facial features all very beautiful, elegant manner, but that’s all, nothing more.

He has encountered too many beauties, too many to count. Those celebrities and stars are not only beautiful, but they also maintained their appearance well. Their makeup was refined and fitting to the occasion. They wear bright and costly clothes. A darling of the heavens. Shangguan Ning is only surpassingly beautiful, nothing more.

She is nothing special. He isn’t a young and  inexperience youth anymore.

Jing Yi Chen tells himself this.

He doesn’t speak, keep sending and receiving mail, answer the phone, replying to messages.

In fact, although Jing Yi Chen just returned, he is not as idle as Zhao An An said. Recently, due to taking over the company, it is awfully busy. At this moment, his busy workload is not fake.

Jing Yi Chen has a busy schedule and came to this blind date only ue to Zhao An An’s threats.

If he doesn’t come, the two ladies at his house, that is, his paternal and maternal grandmothers. Moreover, they will endlessly collect all sorts of women and partner him with them.

Jing Yi Chen is sick of this, so everytime he looks to Zhao An An to block this for him. As long as she appears, the two old ladies and those fierce, invading women will be prevented from achieving their goals.

So as long as Zhao An An doesn’t have an outrageous requests, he will grant it. Who told him it would use other people?

Shangguan Ning is the type of person who, if others are nice to her, she will be nice twice as much. However, if they show her a cold face, she won’t return a smiling face.

So seeing Jing Yi Chen’s change in attitude, she also pretended that the previous incident didn’t happen. Besides, she already thanked him, so this matter is already in the past.

Although the atmosphere here is cold, the food still has to be eaten. So when the handsome little waiter brought in the six ingredient cooked steak and its aroma, Shangguan Ning politely started eating.

Across from her, Jing Yi Chen saw her eating happily, cannot help but frown his eyebrows.

He knows he is very cold and those who encounter the cold atmosphere usually end up with no appetite. Because meeting a stranger for the first time is very uncomfortable.
But Shangguan Ning appears to have no such feeling, she eats very quickly. She has a calm and elegant manner, and only sees the delicious food in front of her eyes.

Jing Yi Chen has some doubts. The steak is that tasty?

He picks up the knife and fork quietly to try the steak. It is imported beef. Tender and well cooked.

But it’s still far from the top steak.

Zhao An An thought she can hide from him the fact that this restaurant is hers, but how can this be hidden from him?

This cousin of his, he knows better than anyone else, doing things on a whim. And with her careless character, he did not have high expectations. Seeing that the steak was cooked like this, it’s already good enough. However, that is all thanks to the chef and is not really related to Zhao An An.

He ordered a top-notch sirloin, and a mexican shrimp. Coincidentally, Shangguan Ning surprisingly order exactly the same dishes as him.

When they ordered, they each had a menu in their hands and did not tell to each other what they wanted.

Perhaps it’s because the restaurant just opened, so there is not a lot of options of the menu. Thats why they ordered the same dishes.

Shangguan Ning was eating so heartily, that not only caused him to regain his appetite, but also surprisingly had things to say once he finished.

It is unimaginable for him, a picky person about food.

Perhaps it is because he ate delicious food and his stomach is no longer empty, Jing Yichen’s mood became better by a lot.

Once Shangguan Ning finished her cocktail, he politely, but coldly said: “Where do you live Miss Shangguan? I’ll send you home.”

This is only because she is his cousin’s colleague. He can’t let her go home alone or else he will have to listen to her cousin’s complaints.

Shangguan Ning glanced at her watch. It is only eight o’clock. She is satisfied with that this meal ended early.

“Thanks, but no need. I drove here myself. I only drank a small cup of cocktail. It’s not much.” Her voice, although gentle, was equally cold.

The two people stepped out of the elegant room, only to find that Zhao An An has disappeared.

This is better, or else this would so awkward.

When the two are together, they don’t feel awkward, but seeing Zhao An An would actually make this situation feel awkward.

It is a little strange, but the two didn’t think too much about it.

Stepping out of the restaurant, a cold wind swept past them, mixed with sparkling snow.

Shangguan Ning tightly held on to her coat, and reached out. Her voice was full of surprise: “Yeah, it’s snowing!”

Jing Yichen turned around and looked at her.

Her exquisite little snow white face was slightly red from the cold wind blowing, but with joy from the bottom of her heart, Her hand was red from the wax. Full of scalded red marks from the wax, and yet she does not seem to care.

His heart moved faintly, opening his mouth slightly: ” Do you like snow?”

Shangguan Ning turned to see handsome Jing Yi Chen standing in the snow, his long eyelashes casted a small shadow in his face, creating somewhat of an illusion like a prince from a fairytale.

She couldn’t help but mumble: “A man this handsome, but for what?”

Snowflakes flying by, causing her voice to be fragmented.

Jing Yichen did not hear her words clearly, so he could not help but ask: “What?”
Shangguan Ning felt a little guilty, but quickly bloomed a smile to cover it up: “Never mind, I like snow!”

Jing Yi Chen closed his eyes, so that he just showed a slight smile, and let out a faint “Oh”.
Shangguan Ning thinks that the person in front of her really has a fickle character. It is enough that he weather is cold today. The “oh” that he said is like ice poured on someone’s heart.

Really… what a waste of such a nice face.

Nevertheless, Shangguan Ning considered her good friend Zhao An An’s face, and politely waved goodbye. She walked to her car and slowly left.

Jing Yichen looked at the white Audi as it gradually faded out of sight, but he still did not move his feet.

He had a layer of snow on his shoulders, and the lights in the restaurant shone on his back, casting a long shadow on the ground, creating an inexplicable a feeling of loneliness and desolation.

On heaven and earth, it feels like he is the only person left.
After a long time, a simple and honest voice sounded behind him: “Master, it’s time to go back, be careful.”

Jing Yichen let out sigh, carefully turn around, taking big steps to the silver-white Aston Martin.

A Hu immediately followed, helped him open the door and closed it once he was seated.

He went to driver’s door and quickly started the car.

The car went into the Shanhai Lijing district and parked in the district’s underground parking lot.

Jing Yi Chen got off and went to the elevator. A Hu followed closely.

Suddenly, a nearby Audi A4 caught his attention. He took note of the license plate. He paused for a moment and then strode away.


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  1. The ML is apparently more “experienced” according to the text. Does that mean he had sexual relations before? Kinda curious because he doesn’t seem to be the type that mingles with women but if he did had sexual relations before that would be an interesting history.


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