Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 5: The Perfect Man

TL’ed by: PigeonChubby

Edited by: Xia

Isn’t this the car that parked downstairs this morning?

It is an Aston Martin; there are very few in the city. She probably did not recognize it wrong. In the morning, her attention was distracted by some trucks and cranes. She did not notice the license plate number, so she just found out that the license plate number is 12345.

This person probably also came to eat. Don’t know if this person is Zhao An An’s friend.

Shangguan Ning wore her coat, grabed her purse and walked into Victorian.

The restaurant already has a lot of people. She walked around, but did not find the people she met with this morning.

Zhao An An has been waiting for Shangguan Ning. Once she entered, Zhao An An stood up to welcome her so warmly that Shangguan Ning did not feel comfortable. At the same time, she also made it seem that it was unlikely that the “sale” she mentioned yesterday was just a slip of her tongue.

“My older brother is at the Romantic private room upstairs. Hurry, go up! Oh, right, he doesn’t know that this restaurant is mine. Don’t spill the beans. How about it, the name of the private room is pretty good, right?”

She changed the topic so quickly that Shangguan Ning can not help but laugh. She jokingly said: “It’s a common and childish name.”

Zhao An An put both hands on her hips, glaring at her, her eyes shooting out flames. Scaring Shangguan Ning so that she takes three steps quickly to the second floor.

Once Shangguan Ning reaches the second floor, Zhao An An relaxes, but in her mind she was feeling somewhat apologetic.

Ah, there is nothing else that can be done. Who told her to invest the little money she had into this restaurant? Every month, mother only gives a hundred thousand dollars for pocket money. A teacher’s wage is pitifully little, so she has no other choice but to do this. Because mother has said, if she can introduce her brother to a reliable girlfriend, she will double her pocket money!

The temptation is too great, so she has to sacrifice her good sister.

But, if this big beauty can really accept big brother, our house will line up to express our thanks. Brorther is already 32, but hasn’t shows any signs of wanting to date. Our family has been very anxious.

Besides big brother is extraordinarily handsome, it is really worth it for a beautiful lady!

Look, its a win-win situation! She was amazed by her own stunning intelligence!

After Shangguan Ning reached the second floor, she walked into the Romantic room.

A man wearing a gray suit sat on a classical European dining chair, talking on the phone. Hearing the door open, he lifted his head and looked.

He has a very cold expression and a sharp and penetrating gaze. From head to toe, he exudes a cold aura that would cause a stranger to not approach. But, all this cannot conceal his radiance. Dark brown eyes, Tall straight nose, perfect lips, a very sharp face. Shockingly handsome. If the male stars on TV ever encountered him, they would be afraid of being overshadowed!

His suit was obviously tailored. It suits him well, perfectly outlining his good build.

Moreover, it is of good quality and top workmanship. Producing a noble, elegant, and aristocratic atmosphere.

His temperament is cold and mysterious, causing people to be unable resist being captivated.

Shanguan Ning was slightly stunned.

So Zhao An An really did not exaggerate. Her brother is really like how she described, ” It would take seconds to kill all the female population from 8 to 80 years old!”

But, Shangguan Ning quickly recovered.

After all, she is still mostly immune towards handsome guys.

Xie Zhuo Jun is just a handsome man to the core. Before at school, he was the most handsome boy in school. Or else Shangguan Rou Xue would not use every method to get him.

She is looking at him. He is looking at her.

Jing Yi Chen was threatened by his sister, forced to go on a blind date.

The person who showed up must be the one his little sister called “Big Beauty”, Shangguan Ning.

She was wearing a white dress. Long black hair. Not wearing makeup. Refined and elegant. Her eyes are very expressive. She gives off a very comfortable feeling. One glance and one could tell right away that she is very refined and cultured.

More importantly, there is no strong or heavy perfume smell coming from her body. Only a very light and pleasant smell.

Jing Yi Chen’s eyes were slightly shining. Good thing it looks like today won’t be so bad.

He hangs up his call and stood up. He politely greeted her: “ Hello, Miss.”

Although he sounds indifferent, his voice is melodious, comparable to the most touching music in the world that is able to tug at the heartstrings.

Shangguan Ning doesn’t know why, but her heart suddenly moved. But that feeling quickly faded.

She didn’t dwell on it. She courteously showed a faint smile: “Hello, Mr. Zhao.”

Jing Yi Chen was slightly dazed, but immediately recovered. She probably doesn’t know that he is actually Zhao An An’s cousin, and thought he was Zhao An An’s older brother.

He decided not to clear up this misunderstanding and indifferently said: “Please sit.”

Although Jing Yi Chen gives off a cold and ailenated feeling, Shangguan Ning did not feel awkward, but actually felt more comfortable.

She hung her coat and bag on the hanger, and took a seat on the luxurious dining chair.

She picked up a warm lemonade and drank it.

An email pops up on Jing Yi Chen’s cellphone. He glances at it. It’s about things that need to be done tommorow. He simply opens it one by one to check.

Knocking on the door, the waiter walked in. The two ordered the meal and the waiter quickly withdrew.

The candles that Zhao An An purposely placed in the private room were still lit, giving off a natural fragrance.

For a period of time, the two did not say a word.

Shangguan Ning looked out the window, her thoughts drifiting.

Her past was a terrible mess. Now everything is going in the right direction. In the future, she must lead a better life, away from those people who made her life miserable and painful!

“Be careful!”

Hearing the deep and pleasant voice, she pulled herself from her thoughts. She felt a sharp pain in her hand.

She had accidentally knocked down a candlestick. Hot wax had dripped on the back of her tender white hand. The back of her hand immediately started to swell up.

She could not help but exclaim, and quickly wanted to withdraw her hand.

But one hand was faster than hers and quickly held her hand. A piece of white silk covered her hand, and he gently wiped away drops of molten wax.
His hand is wide, warm, and articulate. The fingers are slender and very beautiful with the unique strength of a male beauty.

This is the first time a man held her hands intimately like this. Something that Shangguan Ning is not used to.

She wants to take back her hand, but heard Jing Yi Chen whisper: “Don’t move. It’s all red. You need to ice it.”

He uses ice from the wine bucket, covered by a hankerchief, gently put it on her hand, professionally and focused.

Shanguan Ning looked at his face. It still had a touch of indifference and alienation, but made her feel warm.

She pushed the peculiar feeling to the bottom of her heart, trying hard to calm herself. Fortunately, the feeling of pain and coldness in my hand distracted her greatly.

Ten minutes later, Jing Yichen took the ice out.

Although the part of the hand that was burnt is still very red, the pain has been greatly reduced.

Shangguan Ning sincerely thanks him: “Thank you.”

Jing Yichen faintly nods: “You’re welcome. Be careful next time.”

Although it is a simple statement, Shangguan Ning can sense a difference. It seems that …

He became colder than he was just now.


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