Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 4: Sold for $100,000

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Edited by: Xia

Once she got home, it was already almost 11.

Shangguan Ning lay in bed after taking a bath and drying her hair.

The Moonlight, mottled with shadows, filled the entire room through the clean floor-to-ceiling windows. Quiet and empty, just like Shangguan Ning’s heart.

This house was a graduation gift from her maternal uncle. Although the area was just 100 square meters, but it is facing the sea and the back is facing the city’s blue mountains. The decor is luxurious. The market value is nearly six million and still rising.

For this, she didn’t know how many times her aunt had a fight with uncle, said how many sour words. When she met with her cousin, she saw that her cousin did not have a good expression on her face.

Mother died early, Uncle has been raising her like his own daughter. If her cousin had something , she was given it too. What she has, her cousin doesn’t necessarily get. Her cousin doesn’t really like seeing her.

There was a period of time that uncle was afraid that stepmother would treat her poorly, so he brought her to his home. Although her aunt (her uncle’s wife) is polite to her on the outside, but on the inside actually really despises her, calling her a “messenger of death/person of bad luck”. Because of this uncle and aunt had a big fight and almost divorced.

Back then, she was young, but sensible. Not used to living like this, she moved back to her cold home.

Although her own home is very cold without a trace of warmth, it is still better than ruining her uncle’s home.

She also did not intend to own this house. It’s just that when she came back from abroad, she had nowhere else to go. She can stay here for the meantime.

While Shangguan Ning is thinking about the past, her phone suddenly rings, notifying that she received a message.

“Beautiful child, don’t forget! The meeting with my brother is at seven o’clock. Oh, I am so excited, I cannot sleep! What do I do?”

Shangguan Ning cannot help but laugh. She is the one who is meeting with Zhao An An’s brother, so why is Zhao An An so excited?

Her originally heavy mood suddenly became happy. Zhao An An always inadvertently brings her happiness; she is her lucky star.

She thought for a bit and replied: “I will go, but are you sure that your big brother will be able to go?” Hoping that her brother will can make Zhao An An give up.

“Don’t worry, I have a trick. Tomorrow he will definitely appear at the Victorian!”

Shangguan Ning can imagine Zhao An An’s proud look and cannot help but shake her head.

She pressed the closing button of the curtains, until the curtains slowly closed. Surrounded by the darkness, she closed her eyes, letting herself completely rest.

But the excited Zhao An An is dialing another number.

“Hello? Big Brother, this is An An. Tomorrow will introduce you to a beautiful lady. I will send you the address in a bit.”

“No free time.”

“Fine, then don’t come. But the two old ladies at home are not so easy to convince like me. Even if you run to the ends of the earth, you will still be caught and brought back!”

The phone is silent for a long time and it seems that he is making a tough decision.

Zhao An An was losing patience. When she finally decided to add more to the fire, one word came from the phone: “Okay”.

Zhao An An was not affected by her brother’s cold tone at all and was not worried that her brother would give her trouble. She excitedly decided to call her mother.

“Mom, I introduced my brother to a potential girlfriend…Relax, don’t worry. She is our school’s teacher, a top student who studied abroad. Her temperament and character are absolutely top-class. My brother already promised to meet her…can $100,000 be added to my allowance/pocket money?”

The next morning, Shangguan Ning wore NIKE sportswear from head to toe, as usual to go running, unaware that last night she was sold by her friend for $100,000.

The district she resides in is located in the west part of the city. The location is slightly remote, but it is green with many plants and the air is fresh. Very suitable for a morning run.

When she walked downstairs, she encountered a silver white Aston Martin parked downstairs. There are five trucks and two cranes in the back. Almost all community staff came out and busily working.

A man wearing a black suit was telling all the people where to move things.

Shangguan Ning never did any research on this car, but she was familiar with the Aston Martin, a luxury sports car that rarely appeared in public, because Xie Zhuo Jun had once wanted this kind of sports car.

Unfortunately, the value of an Aston Martin is at least ten million. Back then he was still in school and had not taken over the family business yet. His parents did not allow him to buy such a expensive car. And once he took over the family business,only to find that his home is not as rich as he imagined,the Aston Martin as result became a phantom of his.

Looks like someone’s moving in, and his family must be very respectable.

It’s just that five big trucks shipped so many things, it must not fit in the house, right? This neighborhood only has two high-rises and the biggest configurations is only 400 square meters.

Or do these things belong to several others?

Shanguan Ning had some doubts, but she is reluctant to involve herself in other people’s matters. It doesn’t matter who moved in,it is not related to her. After some time, she will move away anyway.

The man wearing a suit notices a person nearby and turns around to see Shangguan Ning. He glances at her once and reveals a smile. He nods his head to greet her. He looks young, at most appears to be 24-25 years old. His complexion is on the darker side. White teeth.Tall build.Hair is trimmed very short.His smile is simple and honest, giving off a very good impression.

This person is very polite. Shangguan Ning also nodded at him and then walked out of the area along the beach to run.

Once she came home,the downstairs is already empty. To her surprise,they finished moving in this quickly. Incredible.

In the morning, she made a trip to the supermarket. She bought some necessities and frozen dumpling, this kind of semi-finished food — she is not good at cooking and cooks very rarely. After the afternoon lessons preparation, it would be nearly evening.

She took a bath, then put on a milk white dress and wore a deep blue windbreaker. Her satin-like black hair casually spread over the shoulders. Because of yesterday’s situation of being late, today Shanguan Ning set out a half an hour early.

Just after setting out,she received a call from Zhao An An.

“Beautiful child, are you ready?”

“Yes, I already left.”

On the other side of the phone, Zhao An An obviously relaxed, and happily said: “Good, Good, Good!”

Soon after, there was some mumbling: “That…my brother is a very good person, he’s quite a rare catch that’s difficult to find, its just that… At first, he is cold to people he isn’t close to. Don’t be afraid use your passion to melt him!

Shangguan Ning automatically ignored the first and last sentence and focused on the middle sentence.

This is her first time hearing Zhao An An mention a shortcoming of her invincible brother, really rare.

Thus, her brother’s coldness must not be like that of a normal person.

It doesn’t matter, a little cold is better. That way it is he who would look down on her, rather than she showing her dissatisfaction with him. So later it will be easier to tell Zhao An An.

She cherished Zhao An An as her friend, wishing that their friendship can be long and lasting.

Shuangguan Ning quickly arrived at Victorian. With one glance, she noticed the white Aston Martin parked at the entrance of the restaurant.


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E/N: I can’t believe that Zhao An An sold out her cousin (she calls him brother in this chapter) and best friend for $100,000. I would say that it might be the embodiment of “Being sold by others, yet still helping them count the money.”

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