Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 3 Introducing Him

TL’ed by CrimsonJade

Edited by Xia

Zhao An An is also a big teacher at X University.  To be precise, she is an associate professor at X University.  She also belongs to the Foreign Language Department like Shangguan Ning. Shangguan Ning teaches the spoken languages, while Zhao An An teaches British and American literature.

Both people join X University on the same day in a big way. Their birthdays differ by a day and they have congenial  temperaments. Sometimes, when one of them has an urgent matter, right away, the other person will help be the substitute teacher. On the weekend, in their spare time they would shop or work out together. Gradually, the became friends.

However, both individuals already had a tacit understanding to never inquire about the other’s personal affairs. In times of difficulty, they would help each other, but  even then, they must give each other space.

Shangguan Ning can say that Zhao An An is her best friend of four years.

For Zhao Anan, Shangguan Ning is also her best friend

It’s just that Zhao An An’s characteristics is somewhat like a boy’s, she is very careless on the weekdays, and she would always decide on things without considering too deeply. Surprisingly she even opened her own restaurant!

Although Shangguan Ning was surprised, she was very happy for her best friend. She shallowly smiled at Zhao An An: “So this Victorian restaurant is your restaurant! This is amazing, it seems that I can cut down on my meal expenses.

Speckles of light shined on her flawless face, supple black hair casually spread over her shoulder, skin pale as white jade, with beautiful facial features. When she smiled, Zhao An An couldn’t help but be stunned by her looks.

“What’s the matter?” Shangguan Ning noticed Zhao An An staring at her, and thought there was some rice stuck to her face. She quickly took a napkin and wiped her mouth.

Zhao An An laughed: “Beautiful Shangguan, your smile was so bright that I was blinded! Afterward you have to remember not to casually laugh in front of others, or you will accidentally take someone’s life!”

Shangguan Ning know that she was not ugly, but she never felt she was beautiful.

From childhood till now, she had always been compared to Shangguan Xue. She is always the ugly duckling, while her sister is the beautiful swan.

“Oh, this is little Xue right? Really, the more you grow, the more beautiful you become! Soon, you will become a great beauty! Uh … … this tall one is a little Ning right, you are quite … … tall ha ha… …”

Little Xue got first place again, her scholarship should not be a small amount! Little Ning, you moved two places upward, not bad! Learn a little more from your little sister, if the elder can’t beat the younger, wouldn’t that be humiliating! “.

Hey, have you heard that Shangguan Xue is in a relationship with our school’s prefect Song Zixuan. She is so lucky, Song Zixuan is handsome, smart, and experienced. She is really enviable ah … …

“Big news! Shangguan Xue’s sister Shangguan Ning got into a relationship with a vegetative person! It seems like she is fancying other people’s money, and willing to keep living as a widow! Shangguan Xue having such a sister, really loses the family’s face, really worthless of her … … ”

“Shangguan Ning, I, Xie Zhuojun loves Shangguan Xue, not you. She is the woman most worthy of my protection in this world , stop involving yourself in this! Can’t you at least be like a sister!”

She doesn’t know how she thought of these memories, the cruel word are still imprinted clearly in her mind.

Zhao An An noticed that Shangguan Ning’s expression is not quite right, quickly asking: “Did I say something wrong?

Shangguan Ning snapped back to reality, gently shaking her head, erasing those bad memories.

She looked at Zhao An An’s sunny face, lips softly curved, and in a soft voice she said: “Of course not, your taste is very good, Zhao boss. Ah! You can also praise me everyday, I am always welcome of praises.

Seeing her serious face, Zhao An An laughed loudly: “Haha, so originally you are this thick skinned!”

Shangguan Ning was affected by Zhao An An emotional influence, and could not help but chuckle along.

After the two of them laughed for a while, Zhao An An suddenly whispered near her ear, and mysteriously said: “Really, it would be a pity to give good things to others. We are already as close as real sisters, why don’t you become my sister-in-law!”

Shangguan Ning was shocked, thinking that she just saw Guo Shuai, hurriedly waved: “You only know how to talk about nonsense everyday with no support for you words. I’m ingnoring your nonsense!

“I am not talking nonsense, I would only talk to you about this. I wouldn’t even think about introducing someone else!

“An An, I know that you’re being thoughtful towards me, but …”

Zhao An An stubborn committed to her task of persuading, did not even listen to Shangguan Ning, and directly interrupted her, saying: “No buts, you haven’t even seen my brother. It’s not because I’m his sister that I’m boasting about him, my brother temperament is outstanding that no one can match him, he is off the charts! His IQ can break the Guinness Book of World Records, he also have a great body that is able to spike from eight years old to eighty year old female lust. And he is not contaminated with any bad habits!

Shangguan Ning listened to Zhao An An’s unbridled praise of his brother, obviously an exaggeration with sisterly worship, but she could not interrupt, and had to listen quietly.

“… … he was also like by a lot of girls at a very young age, boys also liked him. But he is always indifferent, he doesn’t talk to anyone and is always buried in his studies. Also, he is a genius! ”

Is that called indifferent? That is clearly lonely!

“He also pay attention to what he eats, he doesn’t eat if it’s undercooked, too hard, or does not look good … …”

This isn’t paying attention, this is called picky!

“He also raised a dog that bites other people. He would never blame it, but instead take better care of it. Worried that if it goes out again, it won’t be able to chase its victim down. My brother is really kind … …”

The word “kind” does not seem to be used this way….

She has known Zhao An An for about half a year, this is the first time seeing the tomboyish her worshiping a male.

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but shake her head, but Zhao An An grabbed her arm: “OK, it’s set, my brother just returned home from overseas last month, and is still idle at home. Perfectly, tomorrow is Saturday, there are no classes, you guys can meet!”

“There’s really no need….., your brother is so … … excellent, I’m afraid there are a lot of people competing, I don’t want to join the fray.

“Stop hesitating already, you are terrible at judging people, believe me, I will not harm you.

What Zhao An An said was right, she really can’t judge people. She thought Xie Zhuojun would be her beloved, the results was wrong. She thought Guo Shuai was outstanding, the results are outrageous off… …

However, Zhao An An’s eyes … … showed that she was deeply skeptical.

When she was about to refute, Zhao An An immediately revealed a vicious expression: “What, great beauty, you dare look down on me? You won’t even meet with my brother. If you won’t give me this little bit of face, by my words, this evening, don’t even think of leaving my shop!

Her final sentence was said feather loudly, attracting onlookers.

She was being so loud at her own restaurant, not even afraid of scaring away the guests.

Shangguan Ning was afraid of things getting
messy, quickly nod and promise: “OK OK OK, It it’s just meeting your brother right, just don’t scare away the guests.”

Zhao An An was finally satisfied, looking quite excited: “You promised! Tomorrow at seven o’clock, come here to my Victorian restaurant to meet each other!”

Watching Zhao Anan being so excited, Shangguan Ning suddenly had an ominous premonition: why does it feel like she was being sold off?


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  1. seems like the parents also favor the little sister, no wonder SN stays a bit distance from them
    SN got sold!

    I would like to vote for the second option, if possible

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  2. I wonder if the younger sister actually accomplished those things herself like getting the scholarship….or was the effort stolen

    Curious to know, what MTL do you use?

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