100% Sweet Love

Chapter 9: You Unjust Ruler!

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Que’s facial expression was simply like he wanted to curse, all of a sudden he stands up, brushing against the back of the chair, knocking it over–

“What the fuck! Ye…Ye Wan Wan!!!”

How is this possible?

“You got plastic surgery!?” Lin Que was dumbfounded.

However, that’s not right ah. How can  plastic surgery be this quick? He saw her a few days ago with that demonic look.

Ye Wan Wan already exploded with anger, “You just had plastic surgery! This great aunt already  looked like this originally! Also, where am I fat, you clearly explain this to me!”

Si Yehan, who always had a lazy and empty facial expression, appeared to have become absent-minded for a moment.

Right now,  it was as if there were two burning flames inside the girl’s eyes, which haven’t been lively and enthusiastic for a long time.

In her anger, Ye Wan Wan felt a slightly cool palm slowly cover the top of her head, as if trying to placate a small beast that had a fit, gently rubbing her hair.

At the same time, a sweet-sounding voice slowly pours into her ear: “Not fat.”

Ye Wan Wan was immediately startled and looked towards Si Yehan in surprise.

Is she crazy? Unexpectedly, at this moment she feels that Si Yehan is…gentle…

Ye Wan Wan recovered from her daze, afterwards, realizing that she was too moved and somewhat embarrassingly murmured, “Of course, I’m not fat now…”

Si Yehan: “Not fat before.”

To the side, Lin Que’s expression immediately turns solemn “Ninth elder brother, please feel your conscience and say it one more time!”

Ye Wan Wan clenches her teeth in anger.

Si Yehan’s relaxed gaze unhurriedly turned towards Lin Que, glancing at him, “The land in the city in the East, I have already given it to Chen Xiu.”

Lin Que was immediately stunned, “What? Do not play like this ah, Ninth elder brother! Didn’t you promise to give it to me? You, in the end, did you already give it to Chen Xiu or did you just decide in that second to give it to Chen Xiu?”

Si Yehan: “Just a moment ago.”

Lin Que: “……!!!”

Come on! Just because he said that Ye Wan Wan was fat?

“You…you unjust ruler!” Lin Que took one last breath.

However, he only sees Si Yehan not only not refuting, but it seems as if he enjoys this title, his face was expressionless while he opened his mouth, “You should leave, you are in the way.”

Not only is he unjust, he also chooses his lover over his friends, unexpectedly blaming him for being a hindrance.

Lin Que becomes extremely heartbroken, tearfully running away.

After Lin Que left, in the living room, only Ye Wan Wan and Si Yehan, these two people, remain.

Having Lin Que there for a short time wasn’t bad. Once Lin Que left, Ye Wan Wan’s originally relaxed nerves immediately tensed up. At the side, that man’s sense of presence immediately and infinitely magnifies.

“Eat more.”

Inside the tray are many pieces of limited edition xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings) from her favorite breakfast shop.

Ye Wan Wan’s mood is very complicated.

In regards to her appearance, Si Yehan, from the beginning to the end, did not have any special reaction to her change.

Lin Que’s kind of reaction just now is normal, right?

Ye Wan Wan couldn’t stop herself from asking a question, “Si Yehan, don’t you think I’m somewhat different today?”

Si Yehan gave her a shrimp dumpling, “What?”

Ye Wan Wan: “My appearance, ah!”

Si Yehan raised an eyebrow, “Different?”

Ye Wan Wan suddenly choked: “…….”

Is this man blind?

The man looked at the girl with an indescribable expression, gave a low laugh, firmly pinched the girl’s delicate chin, lightly caressing her tender lips, whispering in a love voice like a lover, “Still just as tasty.”

Ye Wan Wan: “…….”

Just as delicious?!

She previously  had such an appalling appearance, in spite of everything, he also thought that was tasty? Even more, he thinks that now, she is no different!

Ye Wan Wan was stunned by a certain pervert’s abnormal tastes……


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