100% Sweet Love

Chapter 10: Take the Ugly Makeup Back

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

So, she repeatedly did such a thing (played ugly) for so many years, it really was all in vain?

Ye Wan Wan simply wishes she could die!

Fortunately, this time she found out in time, or else she will, once again, be ugly for a lifetime.

Starting today, she must dress herself elegantly and beautifully, to be able to be beautiful then just be beautiful, take the past life’s ugly makeup back!

“What? Is something wrong?”

“No!” Ye Wan Wan replied aggrievedly.

“Oh……” a man’s light laughter entered the ears.

Ye Wan Wan suddenly became somewhat frightened when looking at this man.

Compared to a normal day, this man’s face is even more dazzling. It’s not sinister nor ruthless, and there is no indifference… Si Yehan is unexpectedly smiling…

She had only just found that today, this man’s mood is particularly good?

Is it because he slept well last night?

Actually, Si Yehan’s irritable and violent temper also has a lot to do with his insomnia. No one is able to endure being unable to sleep for this long.

Thinking up to here, Ye Wan Wan’s mind starts to turn.

Shouldn’t she take advantage of Si Yehan’s good mood today and talk to him about that matter?

Just before going downstairs, she received a text message from the class monitor informing her that she must come to take the end-of-term exam. It’s important to participate, otherwise she will be unable to become a third-year student.

She remembered that in her past life, she was often absent. Fortunately, she did quite excellent in her specialized courses, which barely allowed her to become a second-year student. However, as a second-year student, she did not take the exam, therefore, she repeated a year.

Later, because Si Yehan limited her freedom for a long time, no matter where she went, people followed and there was no way for her to go to school. This caused her studies to completely decline……

In that life, because she escaped three days ago, she was confined to the house. However, this life is different. She didn’t go with Gu Yueze, so currently, her relationship with Si Yehan still hasn’t reached an irreconcilable situation. This matter still has some leeway.

This time, she has to take the exam. It can’t be like when she gave up and stopped bothering like in the past life……

Ye Wan Wan took a deep breath, opening her mouth to ask, “That…tomorrow…can I go to school?”

Almost in the moment she stops speaking, the atmosphere in the room drops instantly. The man’s face returned to it’s usual ice-cold state.

Ye Wan Wan’s heart immediately races. As expected, it’s still out of the question?

However, it is said that one must try. Ye Wan Wan braced herself and continued speaking, “Soon, there is the end-of-term exam. If I don’t take it, I can’t be promoted to a third-year student.”

“I can promote you.”

Ye Wan Wan suddenly was speechless.

Using Si Yehan’s abilities, don’t mention the fact that she can be promoted without taking the exam, it’s possible that she could immediately graduate.

But what meaning does this have for her?

Although she already expected that it wasn’t going to be easy, but Ye Wan Wan was still somewhat disappointed. While seemingly somewhat gloomy, she saw her favorite steamed buns, and lost her appetite, murmuring “No need……”

Si Yehan’s complexion didn’t improve, instead, seems to become more gloomy.

Ye Wan Wan naturally didn’t want to provoke their relationship, which was eased with great difficulty, and unexpectedly anger him once again. Thus, she hastily spoke, “I casually said those words, I don’t really want to go to school.”

Si Yehan didn’t speak, only looked at the girl’s expression which was a mix of panic and compromise, his mood suddenly had a burst of uncontrollable irritability…

He hates for her to show such an expression!

Ye Wan Wan felt helpless. This man is really hard to please, she already said she didn’t want to go, so why does he still look like he wants to murder someone?


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P.S- I might be able to get chapter 11 and 12 out today. Fingers crossed…. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Take the Ugly Makeup Back

  1. thanks for the chapter really appreciate yr hard work he is so obsessed, but good thing is YWW is taking initiative to change her past (brave girl)

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  2. iono man the ML no matter how good he treats her later i probably never like him, because one you have no right to confine someone and not to mention obstruct their education, feeling annoyed at him she asked nicely and even informed him for real kid just cause you rich =_=

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  3. Now listen carefully kids, communication is key to all loving relationships .

    Thanks for the translation!!


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