Hi there!

I just wanted to thank all of those who are visiting the site, leaving comments, or giving me words of encouragement. It’s been lots of fun reading your comments and seeing your reaction to the story. I will try to keep up with the raws, since this is a newly published novel, but no promises. I’ve also added links to the previous and next chapters for easier navigation in case of announcements or other project chapters.

As you can probably tell, all the TLs on the site are done using machine translators and dictionaries. Therefore, the TLs may not precisely convey the original text. Also, some of the TLs here will be done by others (especially when I’m too busy or too lazy haha) and I will be giving them the appropriate credit. That being said, I don’t monetize the site nor will I ask for any donations/do sponsored chapters.

So please enjoy the chapters and feel free to reach out if there are any errors.


P.S.- Chapters 9 and 10 (the latest chaps from the author) still need to be translated, but I might be able to have them out tonight/tomorrow…fingers crossed 🙂

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