Ch. 16: President Mo is Very Angry

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

“It’s about Qin Yuan, I just think that this is an opportunity to understand the company’s artists and managers in all aspects. It will kill two birds with one stone.” Mo Jingtian explained with the sound of rushing water.

Jiang Mo felt very comfortable in his heart. There was an urge to tell him to repeat what he had just said. She will record it and take it to Xu Lili to let her listen carefully and see if she would dare to be crazy in the company in the future!

“Don’t you know, Qin Yuan found out that the person who was going was not the big boss, but rather me, and her expression was ugly.” Dong Lei said with emotion.

“What about Xu Lili? The big boss didn’t make it. What’s her attitude?” Jiang Mo came over and asked with interest.

“There must be disappointment, and her face is not good, but after all, she is an experienced manager who does a good job on the surface.” Dong Lei said.

Jiang Mo sat down on the sofa again, holding the little yellow duck in his arms, very happy, with a sense of relaxation.

“It seems that my injury has not been in vain.” She smiled and looked at the burn that had just been smeared by Mo Jingtian, and sighed softly.

“You didn’t want me to go to the celebration banquet, so you personally cooked and let me come back for dinner?” Mo Jingtian came out of the kitchen, holding a towel, wiping his hands elegantly, but the deep phoenix eyes flickered clearly. The waves are raging.

On one side, Dong Lei stepped back secretly. The two had known each other for a long time. He knew too much about this person’s attitude at this time. He only felt an undercurrent, frantically surging.

Jiang Mo was embarrassed and was careful of being seen through. She lowered her head and said with a bit of a guilty conscience, “You always have to eat some food. Besides, you cooked last night, I should respond in kind.”

Mo Jingtian’s face gradually darkened, “Your answer is that you almost burned the kitchen?”

Jiang Mo is embarrassed. Can’t he forget this black spot?

“Go to the study and pick up the important and urgent matters for approval first.” Mo Jingtian turned around, not continuing the topic.

Dong Lei hurriedly followed, the big boss was angry, and the consequences were serious!

Jiang Mo didn’t understand. Why is Mo Jingtian angry?

Did he mind the reason for calling him back for dinner?

Did he mind that she is not thoughtful, not simply wanting to cook for him, so he’s angry?

So, he thought she simply just wanted to cook, make meals for him, without any other motives?

Thinking of this, Jiang Mo couldn’t help her heart trembling. She put one hand over her heart, feeling a more active heartbeat than usual. It was an ordinary dinner. Was it necessary for him to look forward to it?

Mo Jingtian, who knew the cruel truth, was very aggrieved. Fortunately, he was so happy after receiving the information, thinking that his little wife had already begun to open her heart to him, and the wonderful married life was coming to him.  Who knew that it would actually be like this.

Mo Jingtian’s file processing speed was fast, and his work efficiency has been improved by more than one level. Dong Lei who saw this was amazed.

If the big boss suffers from time to time in the future, then he won’t have to work so hard.

“I will go on a business trip tomorrow, and you will take care of the company’s affairs.” Mo Jingtian said suddenly at the end of work.

Dong Lei’s eyes lit up, “It should have been like this long ago. I’m just a special helper. I don’t have enough weight. You still have to show up in person. You can’t just forget your old love when you have a new one. Sky Entertainment is such a small company and it’s worth spending some of your time!”

Mo Jingtian pressed his lips tightly and stopped speaking.

The next day, Jiang Mo was woken up by the alarm clock and stepped on the slippers to the living room. Only then did she find that something was wrong. She looked like she was the only person in the whole house, and the hot breakfast yesterday morning was nowhere to be seen.

Standing in the empty living room, Jiang Mo felt dumbfounded for a moment, and her expression became sluggish.

After a while, she finally accepted that her newlywed husband was not at home, and then she went to the bathroom to wash.

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  1. I love the gender role reversal hahaha – I’ve read so many stories where it’s the wives who get upset and then stop doing everything for the husbands, so I like this flip of the trope as well (:


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