Ch. 38: Luo Xuan’s Provocation

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Facing a threat, Luo Xuan smiled even more provocatively.

“He treats you well now, but it’s because he pushed you down the stairs…which caused you to lose your child. Of course he feels guilty, that child had his blood. It’s not love at all.”

“Do you think I’d believe you,” Qiao Yu asked rhetorically, “Weren’t you the one who instigated in the beginning? He admitted to me that he didn’t want to kill the child at all, but you did…one plan that included hiring someone to kill me in a hit and run.”

As Qiao Yu exposed Luo Xuan’s actions, the latter was just astonished–without any panic or guilty conscience. 

A moment later, Luo Xuan smiled a smile that was full of hatred and revenge, “Me? I merely wanted to help him, because he continued to look hesitant. Ask yourself, before you got pregnant, what was his attitude like? Then, suddenly, his attitude changes after the child?”

Qiao Yu pressed her lips and didn’t say a word. Although she didn’t want to admit it, Gu Feihan’s attitude did in fact change after the child had died. He was suddenly kind to her and she wasn’t sure whether it was because of his love for her or if it was to make up for the lost child. However, she refused to show weakness in front of the woman who was constantly conniving against her. 

“No matter because this is between me and him. What does this have to do with you? I’m surprised you have time to be nostalgic, shouldn’t you be looking after your man? What do you think the general manager would say if I told him you called Gu Feihan two days ago…begging him to meet you?”

“You…how did you know,” Luo Xuan asked, a small crack on her facade. 

“You don’t have to worry about that. All you have to remember is to not eat what’s in the bowl and look at what’s in the pot. It’s better to behave and guard yourself,” Qiao Yu noted before beginning to walk away again. 

Luo Xuan, however, grabbed her once again, “Ha. I’m here to remind you that guilt and liking are different things. Even if it isn’t me, there will be others. Someone will take your place and it’ll be just like before.”

Qiao Yu clenched her fingers and looked at Luo Xuan arrogantly, before continuing to walk away before her face turned pale. It’s true, she couldn’t tell whether Gu Feihan truly liked her or if it was because of guilt. For that matter, what if what Luo Xuan said was true. She took two sips of champagne to calm herself down. 

Gu Feihan went to see his grandfather and didn’t return for a long time. Qiao Yu couldn’t wait anymore and finally went to look for him after all the pent up anger. But she didn’t know where to go. After a while, she realized she was lost. She wanted to ask someone for directions, but there was no one around. 

A few more steps later, she noticed two familiar figures near a stone sculpture–it was Gu Feihan and Luo Xuan. She stared and froze in place. There was an impulse to run over and confront them, but she couldn’t find the courage to take a step. She admitted to herself that she was afraid of the truth. 

From her current perspective, it looks as if Luo Xuan was a little anxious and she could hear pieces about a child and the like. Then she watched Gu Feihan turn his back to her, but she couldn’t tell whether it was out of anger or joy. 

[T/N]: There’s no way Luo Xuan is pregnant!! Maybe, she’s blackmailing him? JUST UGH. Although Gu Feihan is still not my favorite, like Luo Xuan please go disappear.

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