Ch. 21: Get Out of Her Eyes

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

The sudden laughter from behind Qiao Yu made her hand shake. She couldn’t find the courage to turn around. She didn’t expect that Gu Feihan would come.

“Who are you,” the landlord’s wife asked as she turned around and twisted her eyebrows.

“I’m the man in this family.”

Gu Feihan walked over to Qiao Yu and handed her the handbag, “What you left that day.”

Briefly stunned, she raised her hand to take it but turned back around and refused to look at him. He wasn’t surprised by her indifference, but didn’t laugh. 

The atmosphere was stiff and it was only broken when the little boy came out of the house and muttered, “Brother-in-law…”

Gu Feihan smiled with satisfaction, raised his hand around Qiao Yu’s shoulder, and turned to the landlord’s wife, “It’s a good thing to be able to choose three and for.”

The landlord’s wife was at a loss after seeing the Rolls Royce parked on the roadside. Knowing that the car was expensive while not knowing where it came from, she turned around to walk away so as not to offend anyone. 

“No wonder it’s so arrogant, it turned out to be big money. But if it was already a rich lady, why would one feel wronged and hide in a small country place? The lady should not be a shameless child. 

As the landlord walked out the door, disappointed at how things turned, she spit hard at the root of the wall. Qiao Yu watched her figure disappear out of sight, then brushed Gu Feihan’s arms off her shoulder.

“You’ve delivered my bag, the show is over, you can go,” she bluntly stated before turning around and walking into the house. 

“Won’t you even invite me for tea?”

“There is no tea. We can’t accommodate you, so you should go back. Xiaochen, let’s go inside.”

She pulled her little brother into the house and closed the door, leaving Gu Feihan outside. He stayed outside the door for a minute before driving to a nearby flower shop where he bought  a bunch of roses. He waited outside the whole day waiting, but Qiao Yu refused to come out and meet him. 

In the evening, Qiao Xingchen looked outside the window and said, “Sister, brother-in-law is still outside. Won’t you invite him to come in and sit down?”

“Don’t worry about him. You come and eat first. He can wait if he wants to wait,” Qiao Yu responded, shaking her head as she held out a bowl of rice towards Xingchen. 

“Buy my brother-in-law has been standing there the whole day and he has your favorite flower. Should we really not care about him?”

Qiao Yu was silent. 

She didn’t know what she wanted to do. He was the one who drove her away in every way possible. Now, he wants her to come back. She couldn’t decipher what she needed to do to satisfy him.

“Children shouldn’t include themselves in older people’s affairs. They should do their homework as soon as they finish eating. You will see, he’ll naturally leave. He’s impatient.”

Later in the evening, it began to rain heavily, thunder roared, and lightning showered the sky. 

Gu Feihan stood his ground under the rain, holding the flowers. A kind aunt walked outside and handed him an umbrella, “Boy, you should leave even if you want to see someone so desperately. This rain is heavy, be careful not to get sick.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I want to make things clear with her before I go,” Gu Feihan responded, shaking his head. 

[T/N]: I swear if it’s Gu Feihan…that’s not okay and I’m going to call him irredeemable. I’ll still finish translating though, so, no worries. ❤

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