Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Ch. 27: The Door Opens Again For The Gentleman

TL’ed by snowflake_obsidian

Edited by Xia

Translator comments;  I was using the official source, the jjwx site, for translating but for some reason cannot log into it now and so switched to another website.   This chapter is NC-17.

Ch 27 – The Door Opens Again For The Gentleman

Su Tang slept, floating in and out of consciousness. After waking up she began to feel unwell again.  It seemed like insects were unceasingly biting her body. She both itched and had tinglings of numbness. But she didn’t know the particular spot of the numbness and as a result she could only rashly rub her body, writhing, trying to make herself feel somewhat better. Her mouth was still groaning non-stop.

Song Shi An fundamentally was asleep though on the alert. He perceived the movement of the person beside him, promptly opened his eyes and sat up.

Su Tang knit her eyebrows with closed eyes, her expression exceedingly torturous. Because her body was feverish, the brocade quilt was already open revealing that she was just dressed in a sleeping gown. The originally roomy sleeping gown as well was excessively drawn (back) and unavoidably revealed skin and muscle. The fine twisted black hair was on her body and also disorderly scattered on the pillow. As a result this scene was in Song Shi An’s eyes, a speechless vague inseparable attachment.

He already was unable to disregard this. Seeing Su Tang this way, he merely felt his blood had frozen. He originally thought all would be well this evening, (but) unexpectedly the drug was excessively strong and flared up again!

Then go toss her into a tub of cold water now?

Seeing the twisting movement of Su Tang’s legs, Song Shi An’s distress reoccurred! He all along was a resolute person. (Though) now encountering this thing, he indeed didn’t  know what to do!

This woman is truly troublesome!

And in Song Shi An’s hesitation, Su Tang slowly woke up.  Looking at him, she bore a sobbing tone saying, “Boo hoo, feel really difficult to bear…”

At this moment, how could her usual high spirits be seen. She seemed just the same as a bullied child. Yet as this idea just came out, Song Shi An felt a weight on his body. Su Tang actually tackled him!

Su Tang’s face was red.  Straddling Song Shi An’s body, she said, “Help assist a close friend in difficulty.  Let me dig the earth with the snout too!” With this she was about to tear off his clothes.

This drug was very difficult to deal with.  She was even more ferocious this time compared to last.  The tingling numbness underneath was terrible, really wanted to die!

However Song Shi An seemed thunderstruck. He was stunned and didn’t respond for a long time. Wide eyed, he merely watched the woman on his body untie his clothes!

How did this happen?

Detecting the woman’s hand blindly groping his body, Song Shi An’s senses hastily came to.  He grabbed her hand stopping its movement.  A heavy voice asked, “What do you want to do?”

The words were out of the mouth, too late for regret….Why was it that these words sounded awkward!

Su Tang swatted away his hand. He raised his head to merely see her fine black hair falling down, disheveled clothes, and seductive eyes like silk. Yet still unyielding she said, “Borrow your plaything!”

Song Shi An nearly spit blood.

Continuing to endure the agony, Su Tang said, “Last time you were drugged and took advantage of me. This time I was drugged, (so) also want to take advantage this once. This way we’ll both be even!”

Speaking, she was about to pull down his obscene trousers.

She wanted to die and yet was unable to manage that much! Boo hoo.

Although these words were spoken, how could Song Shi An, this big man, own up to it! Again, the woman was recklessly stirring up trouble.  Earlier because of greediness, she wanted him to spoil her. Seeing Su Tang this impatient, Song Shi An’s brain was crazed. He rocked and just hugged her, pressing her underneath his body!

Su Tang didn’t do anything.  She said she’d was going to take advantage of him, (but) how could she press him down! Therefore, she exerted herself and shoved. She availed herself of him being off guard, and once again took the initiative turning over on his body and positioned herself.

Song Shi An saw she wouldn’t yield.  Again to avoid hurting her by using too much strength, he didn’t move.

Su Tang pulled at the belt to take off Song Shi An’s trousers. She was muddleheaded glancing at that greatly valued big thing which she had waited to see….this, this, this is too big!

Recalling that nights’ pain which was like being torn, Su Tang withdrew somewhat. It was really sore!

But quickly again the little insect in her body was gnawing continuously and didn’t stop, really made a person feel exceedingly unwell.

Su Tang still was intertwined, yet Song Shi An’s face was slightly red…. for a long time this woman stared, looking to see what to do!

Song Shi An again considered flipping his body to press her under him, but couldn’t manage. Su Tang was conscious of his intention. A trick restrained him.  She leaned over his prostrate chest, and after that just straightened her back to sit down on that large thing…..

Uh, wait a minute, forgot to take off the trousers!

“Hold on a moment!” Su Tang’s body rose to cast off the trousers. Her raised head saw Song Shi An gazing at her, his entire face like pitch-black water. Her own face was completely red.  She spoke, “Inexperience that’s all! That, close your eyes!”

She took off his pants in front of his face, too embarrassing!

Song Shi An indeed obeyed this woman. She sat on his body and handled his clothing completely taking them off.  Moreover, this matter is embarrassing! Besides, she dillydallied.  He couldn’t bear it!

After (dealing with) the breeches, Su Tang again proceeded to sit on top of him. Then she bit her lip and aimed that plaything to sit down on it, but, but….

“Why won’t it go in!” Su Tang didn’t understand why other than sliding around, things weren’t working. Therefore, she was somewhat anxious.  With the onslaught of raging desire, the pain was so bad that it was better to be dead!

Song Shi Ani had held back this long, and again was tossed from side to side. He quickly surrendered. He saw that she was awkward, unable to wait. Also not wanting her to have her way, once again the body was flipped over, and she again was pressed down!

Su Tang’s longing was stirred. Song Shi An extended a hand to help in her difficulties. Panting huskily, he said, “Allow me….”

Desire exerted a corrupting influence, his originally pleasant to the ear deep and low voice even more manifested a tempting charm. In addition to his tender words, Su Tang was temporarily befuddled and sure enough was motionless.

Song Shi An saw that she was obediently depending on him, his mind jolted. He glanced at her slightly opened lips, his brain completely on fire. He lowered his head and gave her a light kiss, and an exploring hand for a long time felt that moist clandestine spot. An extended finger was gently twining intending to get the wife to produce a hard to suppress moan. He raised and supported and her buttocks, gripped his own huge creature to align to slowly enter.

But although that place was already thoroughly wet, in the final analysis Su Tang had merely dabbled several times in dew and rain. That place was extremely ___ and anyway that thing of Song Shi An’s was too huge. For this reason, although touching the doorway, it nevertheless merely was a stretch to go in.

Su Tang again felt a rending pain, tears didn’t stop running down.  Afraid that he again would violently charge around like last time, she hurriedly extended her hand to push away his lower abdomen, and said “You, you be gentle.”

Song Shi An heard this sweet charming plea and didn’t dare employ his entire might to enter.  He beneficially restrained his longing which wanted to rush headlong, leisurely traveled back and forth.

She serenely found herself even more wet and slippery in the middle of a throb.  She also slowly adapted to Song Shi An’s immensity, consequently bit by bit, inch by inch, gradually was deeply penetrated, finally arriving. Song Shi An saw that Su Tang no longer impeded him, and soon afterwards a slight force, the entire base was completely submerged.

The summit was touched, Song Shi An gave a muffled moan, extremely refreshed and comfortable. On the other hand Su Tang’s body was still arched, her 4 limbs rigid.  She emitted a moan…at the split second Song Shi An completely entered, it seemed like a panacea poured in, dispelling the limpness and numbness of her entire body. In the twinkling of an eye, it allowed her to reach a place high in the clouds, feeling as if in paradise!

And so when the high tide gently leveled, Song Shi An made her continually upsurge and throb, an entirely pleasing lingering effect. Her body was arched, pasted to his lower abdomen, matching his rhythm.

At the beginning when Song Shi An refrained from using too much force, he detected Su Tang’s slow reaction, and gradually gradually increased strength.  As if ascending the throne of pleasure, the secret place was warm and wrapped him. He slightly narrowed his eyes, an upsurge of red flooded his face, the emotion in his eyes again became blurred, swaying only at the waist each time the giant creature was carried into the innermost part! And so every time that spot was reached, he always was unable to stop trembling!

And so Su Tang’s black hair was in disarray, her chest trembling in waves, body rocking. Although her body was tall and slender, it nevertheless couldn’t compare to Song Shi An, and as before she seemed slim and fragile. Pleased and contended, he was unable to stop the boundless onslaught on her. Her pearly white teeth gnawed, now and then fragmented cries.  She also was unaware of tears in the corners of her eyes where due to anguish as well as joy, was weeping at regular intervals.

Song Shi An saw her like this. Tender feelings suddenly arose in his heart. He lowered his head, kissed her mouth, nibbling. After that drove straight in, the lips and tongue were tenderly attached to the utmost.

Su Tang’s feelings were also stirred, her tongue entangled Song Shi An. And as well sensed it was the time for her body to reach the apex. She extended both hands to embrace his neck, intimately brought him and herself closer together, again the waist arched up, to move towards the charge of his swift and violent wave!

Song Shi An sensed the intention of the person under him, and transferred Su Tang’s two smooth slender thighs onto his waist, causing the two people’s secret spot to be even more harmoniously intimate. Therefore, the giant creature advanced even more, and even more felt pleased with the exploding floodwater.  The sky was blotted out, the earth covered!

He even more exerted himself, sliding in and out and gave thought to entering in even deeper. And yet Su Tang on his charge, continuously whimpered more. Finally because of difficult to control crazy pleasure, she again began to speak softly pleading for mercy, “Xianggong, gentler….ah….ah….”

One phrase, “Xianggong”, made the huge creature more high-spiritedly hard. Song Shi An’s complexion was bright red, his two eyes expressing his emotion.  He even more reckless vigorously erupted, and finally, heard only two sounds concurrently reaching the summit as well as emitted moans. Song Shi An had stifled his desire for a long time and finally totally burst.

A scalding spray entered into the body.  Su Tang’s entire body from head to toes shuddered, gratified and felt contentment as the tide crested. She felt a moment, a burst of giddiness and her mind was disjointed.

Song Shi An supported the body.  He saw Su Tang’s satisfied expression.  The time to close the eyes to sleep was over. The corners of the mouth couldn’t help but reveal a smile. She became conscious that her pair of legs still weakly hung on his body, and the huge animal was still inside her body, which again had indications of awakening.

Her legs were held, leisurely propelled to let this gratified pleasure extend. And as well again both hands felt the smooth exquisite area.

Song Shi An released her legs, and saw Su Tang’s body was still dressed with gaps in her sleeping gown. He merely felt those were a hindrance. Soon afterwards fingers picked at the cord (slash) untying it, inviting the clothes to disappear. Accordingly, afterwards Su Tang’s full soft chest emerged in front of his eye. Song Shi An saw these two delicate points, and again was somewhat unable to restrain himself. His head lowered, kissed and kissed her lips. After that his waist area again increased strength.

Su Tang awoke, light headedness and confused.  Then she felt again a surge of feeling pleased and gratified. This wave wasn’t swift nor fierce, but drawn out. Su Tang opened her eyes and helplessly watched the man on her body.  Face completely hot, she recalled a moment ago feeling transported by the clouds and rain, and again closed her eyes.

Yet Song Shi An quickly became aware, saw her feigning sleep with a suspicious blush still remained on her face.  He couldn’t help but teasingly exert himself.

“Uh, groan.” At this moment Su Tang’s body was extremely sensitive. How to endure this prodding, couldn’t help but moan.

Song Shi An saw that she opened her eyes, afterwards he revealed a smile.

In normal circumstances Song Shi An was always expressionless, or cold as ice. He always had an appearance of being uninterested in mundane affairs. This gentle alluring smile was rarely seen, therefore Su Tang unavoidably was panic stricken. Her heart again rapidly thump thumped, but very quickly she was calm and composed. A hand pushed away his under belly, and she said “You occupied me this long, now (you) ought to trade with me!”

After speaking, she pushed him down and afterwards flipped her body onto the horse!

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  1. Well… i feel like im peeking *looking through my fingers* but damnnn that seems like some good time they’re having. Hopefully this makes them closer as a couple, and not just like ‘friends with benefits’ lol
    Many thankss

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    1. I hope you don’t abridge the text, but I understand if you feel uncomfortable.

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      2. there are not any missing chapters, it’s just posted out of order . all you need to do is scroll down the blog ? and this is not Pornographic this is Erotic. huge difference and it’s tastefully described without being over the top. it’s an important chapter i suppose to see how physical i to act can bring these two donkey heads together when they are different like sky and earth..

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  2. Wowee…I always look forward to SuTang’s antics. I love her! Each update is always a nice surprise… This chapter floored me. I’ve read smut in American romance novels… this chapter is a class of its own 😜
    Thanks for the superb translation. Feeling embarrassed is fine but really the author is doing a good job. Sex is sex (mostly the act itself.. No biggie) but when they making love mindfully (the detailed descriptions) allows the reader to understand how the affection is being expressed between these two. Lovemaking is part of marriage…fulfilling sexual experiences contribute to a successful marriage! Trust me…😄😄 I’m in the business of helping couples 😍

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  3. Missed content/not missed content….chapters 1-25 were translated using the original site. Despite having a jjwxc account (the original site), I still can’t login to read chapters 26 ff and switched to another source. Ch26 in both sites have the same title.

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  5. My goodness! Here, months later after you translated this, I can only imagine your embarrassment but – this was translated very well. Thank you for your time and effort.


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