Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Ch. 28: 10,000 Years Changed To 5,000

TL’ed by snowflake_obsidian

Edited by Xia


Ch 28 – 10,000 Years Changed To 5,000

Waking up the next day, Su Tang merely felt that her waist and back ached. Additionally, underneath she was in pain and very bloated. From the bronze mirror, she again saw her neck was a sheet of purple-red.  She briefly glared at Song Shi An while combing out her hair. Her eyes were filled with resentment ….why is it that he always wants to suck her!  She felt that the 2 points on her chest were a little sore, and again ferociously stared at him.

Song Shi An caught sight of her but however didn’t mind at all.   Calm and cool while coiling hair, thinking about the scene after last night’s matter, the corners of the mouth again pursed a bit. It was difficult to detect a smiling expression…pleased to take the initiative.  Finally at the end, despite being tired to the point of dropping, climbed onto one’s body, sigh….

Anyway, recalling her limitless amorous feelings last night, Song Shi An saw that her eye expression was again somewhat passionate.

As for after the event, “The subject of being even-steven abruptly came up. Each one takes what they need.”  Naturally he didn’t take it to heart.

The gaze of the Su household, young and old, sent them off.  Su Tang was supported by Xi Que entering the carriage.  She originally thought to let Song Shi An help Su Tang, but under the myriad staring eyes, he was again completely wooden faced as a coffin board, truly annoying.

Everyone fell into position and begin the journey.  Xuan Zi lay prone by the window, facing forwards Su Tang whose small hand was waving.  His face showed that he was completely reluctant to leave.

As they were about to turn the corner where the others would no longer be seen, Xuan Zi turned his head and asked, “Mother, when will we come back again?”

“When Xuan Zi wants to come back, then Mother will come with. Okay?” Su Tang smiled at the reply and very quickly realized something. “What did you call me just now?”

Xuan Zi was temporarily at a loss then became aware of his unwitting slip a moment ago, that term “mother”.  He couldn’t help but be somewhat embarrassed. Unwilling to answer, he hung his head low.

Su Tang pulled him closer to her side and said, “Uhm, I heard that! Cold noodles, didn’t you hear that!”

Hearing this form of address, Song Shi An discontentedly knit his eyebrows but didn’t want to spoil this moment. He considered the happy and promising atmosphere and said, “Uh huh.”

Su Tang invited chit-chat with a smile. She poked Xuan Zi’s head and said, “Come, say it again.”

However, Xuan Zi wasn’t willing to say it again.

At this time Su Tang’s vision fell on several people outside the window. Song Shi An’s gaze followed her line of sight.  In the surroundings not far away, he merely saw several young men and had no idea what was up.

“Who are they?” Song Shi An asked, calm and collected.

Su Tang cast a glance, her lips curled with contempt.  “Those are the degenerates I mentioned before!”

Song Shi An’s eyes lowered without saying anything.

After quite a while, they had traveled quite a distance.  He suddenly recalled something and afterwards summoned a military bodyguard.  Song Shi An whispered a few words in the bodyguard’s ear.

As a consequence, that very night without rhyme or reason, a few good-for-nothings in Ping city were suddenly ambushed and then beaten.  It was a tragedy. Their faces swelled, noses bloodied … badly battered, they cried for father and called out for their mother.  And afterwards, this naturally was written and talked about.

They returned to the general’s manor again at noon.  Song Shi An had just entered the door when he was called to enter the palace to see the emperor. Su Tang and Xuan Zi ate a regular meal. Soon afterwards they went to Fu Rui courtyard to pay respects to lao taitai, offer thanks, and convey excessive regards from the Su family.

Lao taitai saw that Xuan Zi’s tender face was powdered and that he once again very cutely sat at Su Tang’s side.  Lao taitai also couldn’t identify the feeling in her heart, uninterestedly asked a few things, and soon afterwards let them go.

Song Shi An was urgently summoned to enter the palace and didn’t know what had happened.  In the interior of the hall, he saw several civil and military cabinet ministers who all had completely grave faces. His mind began to be uneasy.

Seeing that Song Shi An had come, the young emperor with shining eyes waved, beckoning. “Xiao Song you’ve come back! Eh? Xiao Song why does it seem like the soles of your feet are weak. Your walk is unsteady, unlike before.  Is that possible?”

The spoiled emperor gazed up and down at Song Shi An for a while and finally exposed a knowing smile. “Oh, ha ha. Xiao Song you don’t need to explain, a pair of newly married swallows. Zhen understands a bit!”

Song Shi An watched each and every cabinet minister, on the side, cast meaningful smiles. He frankly wanted to palm-face…. at what time did he wish to explain anything! Uh no, at what time did the soles of his feet felt weak!

Prime Minister Li shot a vigorous glance at Song Shi An, whom he always found disagreeable before, and said to the child emperor, “Your Majesty, since General Song has come, a resolution should be made.  This elderly subject desires Your Majesty to take the complete circumstances into account.  For the sake of my great Song, appoint a queen soon and give birth to a son, a dragon seedling!”

As soon as Prime Minister Li opened his mouth, the rest of the cabinet ministers seconded the motion.

Although Song Shi An and Prime Minister Li were at odds in their political views, in regards to the matter of a queen, contrary to what one might expect, they actually had the identical opinion. Soon afterwards Song Shi An also respectfully seconded the motion.

But the young emperor was very shocked. Moreover, he looked at Song Shi An and said with a completely wounded expression, “Xiao Song, how can you follow their bad example and wallow in the mud with them!”

Follow a bad example and wallow in the mud with them … follow a bad example and wallow in the mud with them ….the cabinet ministers all hung their heads low, expressions as if they felt like weeping but didn’t have the tears.

Trouble had come. Prime Minister Li had been the emperor’s school master for a while and very seriously said, “Emperor, this statement is improper.  Following a bad example and wallowing together in the mud is from Mencius’s literary work, “With all One’s Heart”. The saying refers to vile common behavior practices which are among the sordid ways of the world, that is evil doers doing ruinous things. Emperor, how can this phrase be used here?

This servant and the cabinet ministers are all of one mind in being concerned with the welfare of our great Song. Emperor, how can you refer to us as villains? In what way is General Song a bad example who is wallowing together with villains in the mud?”

Previously the little emperor had heard Prime Minister Li long-winded chides with dread. His mouth completely deflated, he resentfully said, “How are you not villains! Forcing Zhen to take a queen in the-same manner as villains! Zhen is young. A stick is clearly beating this person who is still offering incense for the passing of the (previous) emperor.  You all are urgently pressing me!”

As soon as everyone heard this, they hastily kneeled down. “Good health to your Majesty the dragon, 10,000 years of good fortune!”

Afterwards the young emperor said, “Snort, Zhen was originally going to live 10,000 years, but you insult me back and forth so I now will only live 5,000 years! Hereafter you need not cry out 10,000 years, switch to saying 5,000 years!”  Huffing with rage, he sat down. “In the future when you kowtow, don’t say 10,000 years, 10,000 years, long live the emperor.  Just say 5,000 years 5,000 years, long live the emperor!”

The crowd of cabinet ministers looked at each other in dismay. They were utterly helpless regarding this young emperor whose mind was totally filled with strange wishes and odd ideas.

Song Shi An watched the discussion for a while without saying anything. Soon afterwards he switched and asked, “What is the matter for which I was summoned to enter the palace?”

The emperor sat erectly with a fully occupied serious expression. “Oh right, almost forgot there’s still the main matter….”

The cabinet ministers collectively blushed with shame….the matter a moment ago of appointing a queen truly was merely kidding around !

The young emperor said, “Xiao Song, that Xiao Pei wrote a letter to Zhen. When the times arrives, you must go meet him 10 miles outside the city gate to greet….”

Xiao Pei? Song Shi An thought for a bit and realized that the prince from Yan country was being referred to, Prince Pei Rui He who was coming for peace talks. But he went so far as to require Song Shi An meet and welcome him! In an instant, Song Shi An’s face became black like water.

What did Pei Rui He mean by this, could it be that he didn’t know Song Shi An had vowed to diametrically oppose Yan country! Could it be that he didn’t know Song Shi An’s hand had taken many lives of the opposing country!

Song Shi An’s eyes narrowed, his rage forceful.  This was Pei Rui He’s deliberate way to made things difficult for Song Shi An. He knew there would be no way out!

Truly extremely humiliating!

The young emperor saw Song Shi An’s murderous look and trembled with fear. “That, that Xiao Song, don’t be like this.  Discussion can settle all things.”

“Tsk, tsk.” Prime Minister Li hastily coughed and interrupted. “Emperor, this official believes further discussion is unnecessary. Now-a-days the two countries are reconciled. In the event that such a trifling matter like this sways the agreement, then I’m afraid the good faith will be gone.  Presumably General Song is a person who also puts the common interest first and therefore is unlikely to decline.”

Song Shi An clenched his fists and fiercely glared at Prime Minister Li….this old ignorant man, this is abusing the power of your office to retaliate against a personal enemy!

Prime Minister Li’s skin was thick and rough. He merely calmly stood up, indifferent, which to a large degree warded off Song Shi An’s flames of fury. However, scrutiny would plainly reveal a shiny scheming gleam in those sly treacherous eyes.

The knuckles of Song Shi An’s fists made a cracking sound. His deep voice said, “I venture to ask the emperor, if this official refuses to comply with the decree, then what!”

“Not complying is not complying.  At any rate we’re merely talking now, that’s all.” The young emperor looked at Song Shi An as if wanting to devour him.  Pulling the skin on his face, the emperor hastily said, “Zhen also feels that sending you, a senior general, to meet and welcome that pretty boy is a little like using a sledge-hammer on a gnat.”

“Emperor!” Prime Minister Li once again looked at the young emperor and changed his remarks. He anxiously said, “Emperor these words are deficient.  Pei Rui He is the prince of Yan country. It can even be said that he is one person with 10,000 people beneath him, supporting him.  Now he has personally come and has shown ample sincerity.  Yet my great Song, is also bound to appoint a honorable person of equivalent ability.

We cannot lose dignity!  However, surveying my imperial court, we now only have General Song who is suitable! And even more, Prince Pei Rui He himself requested this! Your Majesty, for the sake of the countless people of my great Song, for the sake of the common people in the realm, I request that you consider this again!”

Speaking, he again looked towards Song Shi An. The resounding words had power. “Benevolent Emperor, how can we who act as officials rely on favor and pride!  To defy an imperial decree is disrespectful and in this way it is disgraceful. To one’s surprise, General Song is able to speak unconcernedly which truly makes this old man blush with shame!”

The young emperor saw the 2 people’s mutual hostility. It was a little awkward. After quite a while he propped his chin and earnestly said, “You’re talking back and forth.  Zhen completely has a headache, otherwise….” Speaking, he suddenly stood up. “Zhen has a superb method!”

Everyone stood up, a polite request for the emperor to speak.

The young emperor gave a sweeping look to everyone around. Blinking, twinkling eyes said, “Otherwise you use Rock Paper Scissors to decide!”

Everyone felt thwarted, confused….it was agonizing!

Song Shi An couldn’t tolerate the spoiled emperor willfully making a scene. Yet his heart knew that he being insistent and declining the task was inappropriate.  Accordingly, he restrained the flames of fury in his chest and said, “That’s not needed now. This official will obey the emperor’s command!”

“Really!” The young emperor’s eyes shined. “Still being slightly considerate of Zhen!”

“However, this official has one requirement!”

“Come, come, come.  Don’t worry, speak boldly. Zhen will give you a complete answer!”

“This official requests that the emperor promptly take a queen!”

The sides of the young emperor’s smile was stiff. Quite a while later, his mouth was completely deflated. “Xiao Song, you are too ruthless! You sacrifice yourself, and yet you are also pulling Zhen to sacrifice with you!” Speaking, his face completely changed. He looked towards Prime Minister Li and with flashing eyes said, “Xiao Li, Zhen feels that Xiao Song being newly married and keeping his wife company at home is good! The matter of meeting and welcoming the diplomatic mission still needs be considered at length!”

Seeing that the ministers’ expression were not good at all, the young emperor once again lowered his head.  Feeling wronged he said, “Alright, Zhen only casually spoke…..however!  The important thing is after the diplomatic corp leaves Song country, Zhen wants to take action and appoint a queen!”

Everyone was puzzled.

The young emperor said with a serious expression, “Zhen knows, nowadays the country of Yan is very poor like us.  Zhen by no means will allow the diplomatic mission to have a pretext to stay and sponge off a meal.”


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