Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Ch. 24: The Bride’s Family Fundamentally Has a Rotten Canopy

TL’ed by snowflake_obsidian

Edited by Xia

[1] The contrast is 1/3 of a meter to 3 1/3 meters.  So give her 1/3 of a meter and she’ll give you 3 1/3 meters.

[2] 喝西北风了; drink the northwest wind.  The idea is to live on air, that is to suffer from cold and hunger.

Ch 24 – The Bride’s Family Fundamentally Has a Rotten Canopy

Su Tang’s feelings about Aunt Sun were somewhat complicated. Before 2nd sister Su Chu eloped Aunt Sun was fierce, different than Aunt Zhou but not inferior. As they say, 2 tigers cannot co-exist on one mountain. Back then the 2 eldest aunts fought countless times, both covertly and openly. A scene of carnage would be set off and then in reaction, again another reign of terror.  Brother and the other sisters still had the shelter of their mothers’ protection, but the fact was that Su Tang was alone, without anyone to rely on. Therefore, in their struggle (Su Tang) met with disaster and countless undeserved calamities.  Truly people in the household were unreliable, drained, pressed by a knife.

Aunt Zhou had misgivings about Father Su and maltreated Su Tang, yet it was always behind closed doors. Aunt Sun relied on the advantage of having given birth to the family’s only son, and completely did not see Su Tang as a person.  When Aunt Zhou beat and scolded Su Tang there was always proof, (so) Father Su would say a few words to shield her. Aunt Sun restrained herself this time, but the next time was even more severe. Consequently, Su Tang loathed Aunt Sun even more compared to Aunt Zhou.

While Aunt Sun was detestable in this way, she however gave birth to a pair of fine children, Su Chu and Su Ming, ranked 2nd and 5th. Su Chu was an outward yielding but inwardly firm person, 2 years older than Su Tang, and very good towards her, willing to play with her. Also when Su Tang was mistreated, frequently Su Chu stepped forward to bravely speak on her behalf. Even more when Su Tang was being penalized, Su Chu often secretly supplied food and drink…could say, of the entire family only that 2nd sister could be considered a little better toward Su Tang.  For this reason, Su Tang was particularly keen about this 2nd sister.

Only it was never thought that after Aunt Sun arranged a marriage for her, that this apparently tender and weak 2nd sister would elope with the school teacher!  Aunt Sun was competitive her entire life, (so) how could she stand this humiliation. Father Su had a fit of anger, and treated her more coldly from that time on.  Discouraged, Aunt Sun moved to a small courtyard to live and didn’t concern herself again with the matters of the manor.  Thereupon, this family soon afterwards let Aunt Zhou go (do as she pleased).  Aunt Zhou was not a magnanimous person and gave Aunt Sun not a small amount of grief. When Su Tang assumed control of the pastry shop, Aunt Sun’s life became somewhat better.

Su Tang is a person who if you offer her a little bit then she’ll give you even more [1].  Because of 2nd sister’s loving-kindness in those years, Su Tang was willing to let bygones be bygones in regards to Aunt Sun. Su Tang warmly treated this elder member of the family in these ways, secretly slipped silver to Su Ming, and looked everywhere for a doctor for Aunt Sun …what Su Tang should do and didn’t have to do, she did.  All in all, Aunt Sun was pitiable after suffering a stroke. And what’s more, she still had clever well-mannered 5th brother Su Ming at her side.

Su Tang didn’t know why Aunt Sun was looking for her.  She quickened her stride and arrived at that rather noticeably desolate small courtyard.

Aunt Su was sitting in a chair, her face thin and pallid.  Upon seeing Su Tang enter, her expression was somewhat awkward. She opened and closed her lips for a long time and then said to Du Juan, “Pour tea for the generals’ wife!”

Su Tang spoke, her eyebrows wrinkling. “Aunt can still call me little 3.”

Yet Aunt Sun had no energy as this question tangled her up.  She watched Su Tang sit down, then said, “I asked you to come to talk about a matter regarding Su Ji.”

Su Tang’s brows wrinkled, “How? Su Ji has a problem now?”

Aunt Sun sighed, said, “Originally I didn’t contend very well and also didn’t want to. But after all’s said and done, I still have little five and cannot bear to see him totally unable to eat in his later years !”

Su Tang initially heard “Su Ji” and then “Little 5” and became somewhat aware that something happened.  “Did Aunt Zhou play some tricks with Su Ji?”

Aunt Sun nodded her head. “Yes, after you left, your eldest sisters husband again took over Su Ji.  Afterwards the account book was incorrect, it all happened very quickly. You really understand Su Ji’s profit picture and I also know what’s going on. It’s not even a month, how can business drop like this! Zhou Shi watched you get married and lao ye get much closer to death’s doorstep, so soon afterwards wanted to grab a little bit!  They will early on completely empty the familys’ portion of the money so when the time comes that lao ye is gone, only uncollectable debts will be left.  They’ll just watch me and little 5 drink the northwest wind [2]! I don’t matter, only have a little longer to live, but little 5 is still young! This Zhou Shi is too callous! Lao ye is confused.  (He’s) muddled which permits this broad to deceive (him) and also not look after the shop….little 3, nowadays I don’t have anyone to count on inside this household and can only look towards you to get justice for the two of us!”

Su Tang maintained her composure while listening to Aunt Sun’s accusing wail. Regarding her words, Su Tang was only able to believe half. Although she really couldn’t make out even a little bit of falseness in Aunt Sun’s expression, Su Tang long ago realized that Aunt Sun had the gift of gab and was able to invert right and wrong.

However, she was well aware of the matter of Aunt Zhou stuffing her pockets and also had no hope that the day would come where Aunt Zhou would pull back.  She just didn’t think Aunt Zhou was that impatient …. That day she was married, Aunt Zhou still repeatedly urged her!

Su Tang was somewhat irritable.  It went without saying that she was a bowl of spilt water, yet still was supposed to be that circumspect for her parents’ family?  Even though she was from the official wife, she wasn’t the oldest.  And furthermore, there were lao ye’s concubines!

Su Tang considered for a long time, and thought she should be more consoling.

“Aunt don’t worry any more.  Since (you) let me know about this matter, I can’t look on and be unconcerned. However now-a-days another family provides for me so it’s inappropriate to handle my parents matters again. Let me come up with a good strategy. Anyway, rest at ease, no matter what, I’m still here. I won’t sit on the side and let little 5 be wronged.” Su Tang also thought about saying more, but again thinking it would be improper, she soon afterwards swallowed down the topic.

Granted, even if Aunt Zhou really took the family property and put it all into her own purse, if in the final analysis little 5 wasn’t given even a pittance, Su Tang still had the means to give him a portion of the family assets!

Aunt Sun was extremely satisfied with this reply. Su Tang said she wouldn’t let little 5 be wronged yet it made Aunt Sun harbor some questions in her heart. But the general’s wife said she would not let younger brother suffer grievances, that part was sufficient!

She rubbed away the tear at the corner of her old eyes and said, “Little 3, I just knew that you are the best in this family. That year I was that way towards you, you completely disregard old grudges….little 3, I was unfair to you!” Getting to this point in the conversation, in due course, the tears in her eyes again spilled over.

Su Tang’s heart felt somewhat disgusted seeing Aunt Sun’s pretentious attitude.  Although Su Tang had compassion, she didn’t possess excess magnanimity. She also didn’t want to stay long and soon afterwards said, “Aunt if there’s nothing (else), I’ll take my leave. The child ought to get up now.”

Aunt Sun shouted to stop her, saying, “About this child. Aunt wants to tell you, it’s said that he’s dearly loved by the husband of 3rd miss. When the time comes that you have your own child, what’s to be done?”

Su Tang suddenly stopped in her tracks, a deep and far away expression in her eyes.  Quite a while later she said, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s unimportant whether (he’s) my own flesh and blood.”

Without turning her head around, she finished speaking and walked out

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