Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Ch. 26: Raging Destroying Fire Flares Up

TL’ed by snowflake_obsidian

Edited by Xia

[1] 魔障; Mozhang, known in English as Mara. In Buddhism, he is a demon who tempted Prince Siddhartha to prevent him from attaining enlightenment. Prince Siddhartha is known as the person who became Gautama Buddha.  There are different stories as to how the temptation was done but they all involve beautiful women.

[2] 吃错药 is literally took the wrong medicine.  It also means to be crazy or abnormal.

Ch 26 – Raging Destroying Fire Flares Up

Song Shi An already finished washing up and was properly dressed in a plain robe, sitting reading a book. The bookshelf in the room had not a few books, but he had never read any of them before. For instance, “Little 2nd Wang’s Fantastic Dreams”, “The Chronicles of 3rd Zhang’s Year in Yan Country”, “4th Li’s Amusing Annuls of Gods and Ghosts”….in short, many and varied, all different selections. But all of them were published for unrefined tastes, and could only be circulated in a marketplace. Laborers would find the novelty amusing.

When Song Shi An immediately saw these titles, he just had a large frown.  However he very quickly cheered up….he honestly didn’t expect Su Tang to be able to endure reading things such as the 4 books and 5 classics of Confucianism.

Usually, he’d be reading super messy documents, however this moment wasn’t typical. At the general’s manor he was only able to manage official business and dismissed leisure activities. Though coming to father-in-law’s home, in addition to sitting drinking tea, there’s sitting drinking tea. Therefore, he was overcome with boredom and without a better option browsed these “uncouth” novels.

And so he was reading with interest at the time Su Tang pushed open the door to enter the room. When Song Shi An initially saw her appearance, he was somewhat startled, surprised to see her crimson face and blurred gaze.

Drank liquor? Song Shi An was thinking this. But by the time Su Tang drew near to him, it was overruled as there wasn’t the slightest scent of alcohol on her person.

“What’s the matter with you?” Song Shi An asked and put the book down.

“I’m also unsure, unexpectedly my body from head to toe feels burning hot, parched tongue, dry mouth.” Su Tang stated.  She wrinkled her eyebrows while untying a dragon clasp (button). (Then) again she poured herself a cup of cold tea and drank it down.

A suspicion arose in Song Shi An’s heart.  This kind of symptom seemed quite familiar.

Su Tang already ran into the inner room and took off her clothes to take a bath.  Catching sight of a bright red mark on her originally fair skin, Xi Que turned pale with fright. “Miss, what’s the matter with you!”

Su Tang’s head was already somewhat giddy and unable to say that her body didn’t feel well. She lowered her head looking at the even cottony red clouds on her chest. Muttering she said, “I don’t know.”

“Ai ya, it seems like a fever.  Your body is terribly burning up all over. What to do. Miss, should a doctor be called?!” Xi Que anxiously said.

Su Tang hadn’t forgotten that she previously was vigorous and lively, and couldn’t have caught a fever this quickly. She therefore shook her head and said, “Shouldn’t (need to).  Let me take a bath first. Add extra cold water.”

Xi Que complied and fetched the water.  Su Tang sunk (her body in the tub) and now felt a burst of comfort. Xi Que sprinkled water on Su Tang using a ladle.  The water dashed downward and smashed into the 2 soft peaks. Feeling comfortable, Su Tang was unable to resist softly moaning.  Fortunately her reason was not completely lost, and she hurriedly pursed her lips.  “Xi Que you can go out now.  I can manage by myself.”

Su Tang usually didn’t have even one person to assist her while bathing, therefore dense Xi Que also didn’t suspect anything.  She merely tidied things up for Su Tang and left.

After waiting for Xi Que to leave, Su Tang lowered her head to look at her own chest. Right now 2 soft points had risen already, 2 fair and tender cherries also were fully grown. The surface of the water lightly gushed, one ….played on this surface, an indescribable unsteady numbness. The limp deadened feeling on the chest spread quite fast to her entire body.  Su Tang merely felt her whole body  weaken.

This sort of feeling was very familiar. When was that?

That night’s scene when they made love suddenly burst into her mind. She wanted to reach for cold noodles’ warm hand to caress her face to and fro.  The fire was thoroughly ignited.  Su Tang’s face was feverish, flushed.

No, no, why is she like this? Don’t tell me it’s yearnings of love again?

She decided it was Mara, the demon of temptation [1], entering her mind. Block it. Otherwise how could she exercise self-control with this pan of cold noodles? Must be self-controlled! Certainly must be self-controlled!

Su Tang bit her lip, climbed out of the bathtub, carelessly dried herself, put on a dressing gown and soon afterwards walked out ….bring over Xuan Zi to sleep together, hold him, avoid the matter of a man and woman together in a bedroom.

Song Shi An was still outside waiting. He recalled these symptoms ….that day after being drugged by the emperor, his whole body was indeed burning hot from head to foot, his tongue parched!

But how was this woman slipped a drug? Could it be that the emperor knew they merely shared a bed as 2 single people and therefore again thought of a method to redo it?

This possibility was turning over in his mind. Su Tang regarded herself as a great scourge and it was unlikely she’d take that drug herself. Also this Su family would absolutely not have someone drug her. What method did the emperor use? Was it a person at her side who sold her out? Or was it a Su family person who was bought off?

Song Shi An was somewhat speechless.  It was really hard to guard against the emperor!

Song Shi An waited for Su Tang to come out and took a quick glimpse, which afterwards affirmed it even more. Both eyes were blurred, entire face crimson, weakened feet, completely light headed while walking as if floating, was not drunk. This situation was……

Song Shi An saw that she wasn’t going to come to him, rather she was going to leave.  His eyes flashed a doubt.  He heavily asked, “Where are you going?”

In control of her body, Su Tang turned her head and said with a smile, “I’m getting Xuan Zi so we can sleep together. Otherwise this evening I won’t sleep well at all.”

This smile, seductive eyes like silk, extremely moving; this voice, supple soft intoxicating, extremely sexy. Song Shi An merely felt a burst of absent-mindedness. Ordinarily this woman in front of his eyes was that presumptuous Su Tang?  Yet why did it feel like she had become a totally different person?

Su Tang had already opened the door. Taken aback for a moment, Song Shi An hastily stepped forward and stretched out his hand barring the way. “You’re going out like this?”

Su Tang looked at her attire, as a matter of fact she was wearing sleeping apparel. Embarrassed, she laughed and smiled. “I’m somewhat dizzy, totally confused.” Speaking, she turned around to throw on more clothes.

Song Shi An closed the door. Probing, he asked, “Where do you feel out of sorts?”

Su Tang raised her head and glanced at him. What did her pretty slightly open red lips want to say. But her head had a burst of dizziness, the soles of her feet completely weakened, about to perilously fall down. Song Shi An advanced a step to support her.  A tug, a pull, Su Tang’s entire body fell into his embrace.

The two were hit by an electric current, unable to move.

Su Tang already didn’t have any awareness. Her body was touching a man’s robust chest. Thump, thump, thump.  Her heart continuously jumped, (almost) jumped (out of her chest). She raised her head and looked at the man’s superior fine-featured appearance. In the space of a flash, she thought about 10 years ago. That moment he stood at the bow of the boat, very handsome, forceful bearing, wearing a complete body of blackish-green clothes. Steady and composed, extraordinary air, underneath he was infinitely talented.  After releasing the festival lanterns on the river, she inwardly wished that if she was able to marry an ideal husband….just like, just like that person in front of her.

Su Tang watched this person who was well within reach, watched his elegant appearance which was within reach.  She smiled, perfectly content. Now-a-days, didn’t she have her wish fulfilled?

Su Tang extended her hand, very carefully caressed his dashing eyebrows, his heavenly eyes, his outstanding nose, afterwards his 2 lips. After that she charmingly smiled, stood on tip-toe and kissed him.

Song Shi An was startled by the woman’s bold behavior. Naturally, he was also totally captivated (and lost) in Su Tang’s affectionate manner, until she kissed his lips. This awakened him from the dream.  He pushed her away. His jolting voice said, “Wake up, wake up!”

Su Tang was energetically pushed.  Unsteady on her feet, she tumbled and sat on the bed.

In a flash her senses were again clear-headed and recalled her behavior a moment ago. She was embarrassed, unable to show her face, and that the same time extremely perplexed. “What’s the matter with me?”

Song Shi An restrained his surge and burning desire. “You’re crazy, took the wrong medicine [2].”

“You’re the one who’s crazy [2].” Su Tang fundamentally wanted to glare at him, but in the end her eyes changed into ripples of unstable spring waves. That cursing voice as well also changed into a flirty grumble.

Song Shi An stepped back. He knew her real intention and couldn’t help but blush with shame.  This woman in this plight, reached this state and completely did not forget to oppose him using harshness equal to her usual self, really is…

“You probably were drugged by someone.” Song Shi An pondered and additionally said, “An aphrodisiac.”

“Huh?” Su Tang was dumbfounded. “How could I have been drugged? Could it be the emperor again?”

Far far away, looking at erotic pictures, the young emperor abruptly sneezed twice. “Eh, this long tough night. Who misses Zhen?”

Su Tang suddenly remembered drinking that odd tasting tea in eldest sisters’ room, as well as the strange expression of the 2 people who watched her drink. A flash, after that despair. “Done for, the cause certainly is that tea!”

“What tea?”

Su Tang wanted to answer, but dizziness again engulfed her. She could only endure.  Finally a sobbing tone vaguely said, “I drank the wrong cup of tea in eldest sister’s room.  Boo hoo. What’s to be done. It’s really hard!”

Song Shi An also didn’t know what to do.  The most straight forward thing was naturally to solve it by harmonious yin and yang. But he couldn’t say that since he promised to not touch her.  And even if he didn’t pledge, it also was logical to not do it in this circumstance where it was convenient for people to notice. His eyes saw Su Tang’s face color get more and more red, her body more and more uncomfortable. His brows wrinkled.  After that, she unrestrainedly hugged herself and entered the inner room. She threw herself into the already cold water of the bath tub, and moreover ladled cold water onto the top her head allowing it to sprinkle down.

Fire and water are incompatible.  Her body all over was burning hot, just give her cold water to get rid of the fire!

It was September right now.  The summer heat had long ago faded, even more the nights had an autumn chill. Tossed into the tub of cold water, Su Tang immediately shivered.  It was too late to struggle.  Again a ladle of cold water splashed downward.

Suddenly hot, suddenly cold, Su Tang was shivering hard, her senses recovered once more. She struggled and cursed at the same time. “Disgusting cold noodles, what are you doing!”

“Dispelling the fire!” Song Shi An spit out the words and afterwards continued to relentlessly scoop water, spill down, scoop water, spill down.

Su Tang couldn’t bear this stimulation and knocked the gourd out of his hand.  She stood up, rising from the water. Water immediately overflowed, flooding the entire floor, while she stood in front of Song Shi An, like a drowned rat.

The plain white dressing gown was soaked and was somewhat transparent. Even more, it was pasted closely onto her body, and as a result the immeasurable sights and sounds of spring were revealed.  2 faintly visible protrusions, plumb, soft and tender, a graceful waist, and also perfectly round slender thighs….

Song Shi An merely felt a deafening crash resound in his head. Afterwards, every train of thought exploded with pieces flying everywhere, only leaving a blank space.

Su Tang ignored his unobstructed passionate view.  Without consulting anyone, she climbed out from the tub, so then exquisite curves were completely exposed to his line of sight. Song Shi An clenched his fists, exerted all his strength, and exercised restraint.

Dripping wet, as well as very chilly, the glued-on clothes were very uncomfortable. It was extremely easy to catch a chill.  Su Tang hastily grabbed clothes to change.  Afterwards she scurried onto the bed and tightly wrapped the quilt.  “Scoundrel. I’ve encountered an unexpected misfortune, am about to freeze. And you want to watch!”

This thought came to Song Shi An, when all’s said and done, this brave and agile woman is merely a woman. Is she able to tolerate and survive this ladle after ladle of cold water poured (on her)?

Ok, apart from other times, he indeed did not regard her as a woman.

However, looking at her current fierce and intimidating appearance, the effects of that drug ought to have faded already.

Looking at his own splattered body, Song Shi An also changed clothes. Afterwards he got into bed. He wanted to still hurry tomorrow morning and get back on the road. He tossed and turned, also should sleep. But seeing the indecent fairly tall peak in his trousers, that plaything, he couldn’t help but look toward the sky and deeply sigh….her fire disappeared. What about his fire?

Forget it. Clench fists. Continue to refrain!

Still, the celebrated and renowned doctor went to a lot of trouble over 3 years developing the might of “Spring returns several times in one night”. How was it possible for a few ladles of insignificant cold water to dispel it?

Translator’s Comments;  I’m currently overseas in Taiwan, hope the trip helps my Chinese skills!!!!  Anyhow, ch27 has been started though expect it will be take a bit due to being away and then recovering from jet lag.

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