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Chapter 72: The Hideous Freak’s True Appearance Gets Exposed!

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Pi3

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Fortunately, she was only more scared than hurt, the original trajectory was smoothly changed, and she has finally survived this crisis.

(T/N: more scared than hurt = get through a daunting experience without mishap)

For the time being, Ye Wan Wan wasn’t feeling sleepy, so she sat near the lakeside to indulge in her own thoughts.

While she was lost in her thoughts, she heard a series of messy footsteps approaching from behind.

A man was cursing while walking, he then sat on an inclined bench from a distance behind her.

“Fuck! Zhao Xingzhou, you heartless beast! This old man here will lodge a complaint about you to the Ministry of Education! Abused student! Psychotic pervert!

(T/N: this old man = 老子, is used in anger, or out of contempt, and in an arrogant manner.)

The small lakeside was very quiet during the night, so Ye Wan Wan could clearly hear the boy swearing.

From the voice and the content of the swears, the person cursing is most likely Ling Dong, the boy who wanted to make fun of her by setting a bucket of water on the class’s doorway, Cheng Xue’s godbrother in school.

(T/N: Please note that the god-brother in school (在学校认的哥哥) is not the same as the sworn brother (拜把兄弟). It’s common to have god-brother/sister in school as a form of protection or forming a group of buddies. Sworn brother/sister is mutually tied by an oath, more intimate and long-lasting, as it’s usually between very close friends.)

It seems like he was horribly tortured by Zhao Xingzhou!

Zhao Xingzhou truly didn’t disappoint her; he didn’t even let him off during the weekends!

The area that Ye Wan Wan is sitting on was covered by the shade of a large tree, so Ling Dong didn’t notice her at all. On the contrary, using the bright moonlight and street light, she could clearly see Ling Dong’s poor and dry complexion, with large dark circles around his eyes, and one beer can on his hands. To his side is a pile of mathematics test papers, which he has stepped on, leaving behind several black footprints.

“Ye Wan Wan, that hideous freak! To actually dare cause so much harm to this old man! Just wait and see! If this old man here doesn’t pressure you to death, then my surname isn’t Ling!” Ling Dong violently squeezes and explodes the metal beer can in his hands, showing a sinister and resentful look.

Hearing her name being mentioned, the corner of Ye Wan Wan’s mouth twitched.

What does it have anything to do with her?

Don’t tell me if they are making fun of her, she should just willingly let herself be fooled?

Ling Dong is considered to be the school’s little overlord, widely known for being overbearing and can’t be reasoned with. Because his father is the school’s director, the bullied students could only swallow their resentment, even the teachers didn’t dare to discipline him and turn a blind eye to his actions.

Unfortunately, this time, he came across Zhao Xingzhou who was difficult to deal with. If it was another teacher, it’s likely that they would just let him off after a bit of scolding…

If she was marked by Ling Dong, then her future days in school might not be so easy…

“Heh~ that hideous freak unexpectedly dared to plot against this old man! Playing around with this old man, is that it? This old man here will make you pay! Let’s see if you still dare to be so arrogant…”

In his drunken state, Ling Dong kept cursing and mentioning hideous freak every now and then. Towards the end, Ye Wan Wan finally couldn’t hold it in any longer; she coughed lightly, “Student Ling Dong, the trap that you have set up seems to have been caught up by Zhao Xingzhou accidentally, so how is it my fault?”

“Ah—!” Hearing a voice coming from the side without any warnings, Ling Dong was so terribly frightened that his whole body rolled down from the bench. It was only after a long while before he finally gets up, trembling as he spoke, “Fuck! You… are you a human or a ghost?!”

Ye Wan Wan was somewhat dumbfounded; “Just treat it like you have seen a ghost then!”

“You… are you Ye Wan Wan?” Ling Dong couldn’t clearly see the person in front of him, but knowing it’s her from her voice, his face immediately turned ugly.

Not caring why Ye Wan Wan would still be here this late at night, the man coldly spoke with indignant: “Hideous freak! You still dared to deny! If you hadn’t purposely taken a step back, how would the water be splashed onto Zhao Xingzhou! How would this old man here be so wretched to this extent! I’m telling you, you’re so screwed! As long as this old man here is in Qing He, don’t expect yourself to have it easy from now on! This old man here will let you have a fate worse than death!”

Ye Wan Wan touched her forehead, whatever, she shouldn’t have reasoned with this youngster with a sophohigh syndrome.

(T/N: Sophohigh syndrome = Middle School 2nd year syndrome a.k.a Chunnibyou syndrome)

Watching Ye Wan Wan getting up and about to leave, Ling Dong was not willing to let it go. He threw away the beer can in his hands, staggering as he chased after her, and grabbed Ye Wan Wan’s arm, “Hey hideous freak! Did this old man here give you permission to walk off! You better stop…”

Without finishing what he was saying, Ling Dong suddenly widens his eyes in the next second, staring at the impeccable beautiful little face under the moonlight, he stood there blankly…


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  1. Yep, yep. Freak’s gonna fall for her godly beauty, by the time he wakes up he might just think of everything as some sort of drunken stupor that disillusioned him😌 but is yehan really gonna just go like that 😭 it’s gonna be hard for him to make a comeback in the story now.😞 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHAPTER AND WELCOME Pi3 🎊


  2. Does Wan Wan plan on revealing herself at school. Or is this done to mess with this Freak?Won’t he tell everyone at school?
    Thank you for this translation👍


  3. I sometimes question the wisdom of the folks in these stories, does no one notice this girl being kidnapped by thugs only to be returned by said thugs later. Whether she is related to someone who has thugs on call or being messed with by someone with thugs on call I would avoid messing with her just to avoid the splash damage.


  4. Thanks for the translating, omg someone knows her real appearance, I bet he’s become lovesick until he see the scary man behind her😂


  5. Thank you for the chapter! And welcome Pi3! 🎉
    He might really think he imagined all of this… Even if he believed it, when he said that to others, they might thought he’s too drunk at that time……
    Can’t wait for her to show her real appearance to other tho hehe…. But that might attract more flies and bees, and Si Yehan might drink.more vinegar…..


  6. Thank you ladies (I think. o.o) You guys are already doing a fantastic job, I’m not sure if you guys speeding up a good thing since I don’t want you guys to be overworked. However your hard work is always appreciated. 😘😘😘


    1. °(ಗдಗ。)°. I’m temporarily speeding up the translation because i can’t guarantee being able to do steady translation. So before that happens, i’d at least do my best now. I’m about to have final exams soon.


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