100% Sweet Love

Chapter 73: Love at First Sight

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Pi3

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The girl in front of him was wearing a light pink dress, with jet-black hair and snow-white skin. Her eyes were remarkably brighter than even the stars above. With her eyes appearing watery, she seemed like she has just cried… those eyes could easily stir up one’s innermost feelings…

If the school’s beauty queen Cheng Xue was considered beautiful, then the girl in front of him was simply a fairy who had descended to the world.

Ling Dong suddenly felt a strong impact in his heart. For a long while, thumping sounds kept on resounding in his mind, making him feel confused.

Ye Wan Wan was already used to the strange looks that others would usually give her, but she soon noticed that something seemed amiss.

In the beginning, Ling Dong looked like someone who had seen a ghost, but then his entire face gradually reddens, and the look in his eyes becomes more and more unusual. Towards the end, he then released her hand as if having been electrocuted. Looking embarrassed and nervous, he gazed at her while stammering, “You… You’re Ye Wan Wan?”

Ye Wan Wan slightly arched her eyebrows and subconsciously touched her face, only then did she realized that she had just returned from the ancestral home. She was currently dressed normally and didn’t have any makeup on.

As expected, not wearing any makeup would definitely scare off any students.

Since he has already found out about it, then there is no use in denying. She simply laughed, “I’ve forgotten my makeup today. I’m sorry if I’ve ended up scaring you.”

With that, she then lazily turned around and walked away.

Even after Ye Wan Wan’s retreating figure has completely disappeared, Ling Dong was still stuck in a daze and not moving.

What… what is going on!

That girl who was more beautiful than Cheng Xue… was actually Ye Wan Wan, that hideous freak?

How could this be…

Still feeling bizarre, Ling Dong returned back to the dorm with great difficulty, walking with intermittent heavy and light footsteps.


In the dorm, after spotting Ling Dong, his three other roommates immediately welcomed him.

Among them, a guy with a crew-cut hairstyle respectfully handed over a cigarette that he has treasured up; “Dong ge, you’re back!”

(T/N: Dong = refers to Ling Dong. ge = elder brother, a familiar way to address a male with respect; Other examples = 姐 (jie = elder sister),妹 (mei = younger sister), 弟 (di = younger brother))

Watching Ling Dong directly went to sit on his own bed without showing the slightest reaction, the crew-cut guy was momentarily bewildered; “Eh? Dong ge, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?”

The guy on top of Ling Dong’s bunk-bed was also worried after noticing that Ling Dong was spacing out: “Dong ge, stop freaking us out!”

Across them, another guy who was only wearing his underpants, spat and cursed out as well: “Damn! That Zhao Xingzhou is too heartless! Isn’t it just being splashed with water? Does he need to torment him to this extent? Look at how messed up our Dong ge is!”

“It’s entirely Ye Wan Wan, that hideous freak’s fault! Dong ge, you don’t need to suppress your anger any longer! On behalf of you and Cheng Xue, we’ll help you vent out your grievance! Let’s humiliate that damned girl tomorrow!”

As the three were in the midst of defending Ling Dong, they gradually realized that something didn’t seem right. Ling Dong appeared to be in a trance, but his entire face has turned red from his ears to his neck. He also keeps mumbling to himself; “Impossible”… “How can she be so beautiful”… “A goddess”…

The three men stared at one another. Ling Dong being this absent-minded doesn’t seem to be caused by Zhao Xingzhou’s abuse. On the contrary, it seems like… a guy being in love…

At this moment, Ling Dong was oblivious to the remarks and stares that his roommates were giving him. His whole mind was only preoccupied with that attractive face which was making his heart beats rapidly.

While he was still in a trance, he suddenly felt something on his palm.

As he slowly opened his hand, he saw that it was a pink knitted flower which he seemed to have accidentally grabbed from Ye Wan Wan’s clothes….

Looking at that small flower, Ling Dong was startled.

It wasn’t a dream?

It’s real! That girl really is Ye Wan Wan!

After removing her makeup, Ye Wan Wan’s true appearance isn’t even ugly but actually this good-looking?

This isn’t logical!


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Mei: The poor guy… Si Yehan is gonna ‘slaughter‘ him. Ahahahaha

Pi3: Hmm… I still see him as a shitty guy. Who’s the one cursing before this?

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  1. Thanks for this dynamic duo.
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