100% Sweet Love

Chapter 53: To Marry a Virtuous Wife

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Saturday Morning.

At Qing He High School’s North Gate secluded alley way entrance, a luxurious Bentley that was incompatible with its surroundings, was quietly parked by the mottled old walls and tattered cement road.

Although the black exterior seemed very low-key, the lavishly decorated interior inside was at its peak. With the leather seats covered in an expensive high-quality velvet blanket, and the completely automatic air conditioning system emitting out a faint hypnotic fragrance, everything was arranged for it to be exceptionally cozy.

A man with a tailored dark black suit, was sitting on the seat covered with the snow-white velvet blanket. His expression showed his usual handsome and indifferent self, but due to suffering from a long-term case of insomnia, he had a faint shadow under his eyes, making him appear somewhat gloomy and terrifying at first glance.

At this moment, the man was looking outside of the window with an unfocused gaze, making it difficult to guess what he was thinking.

In the driver’s seat, Xu Yi had a pair of heavy dark circles under his eyes. With his face being so gloomy and clouded with worry, it was obvious that he hadn’t gotten a good sleep last night.

He would have never thought, that master would really bring Ye Wan Wan to see the Old Madame. As soon as he found out about the news, he had been burning with anxiety.

Could it be that master isn’t worried about that woman’s appearance frightening the Old Madame?

Not to mention that woman’s troublesome temper.

What is the Old Madame’s identity? She’s undoubtedly the helper and supporter of master who’ll be carrying on the family clan. If Ye Wan Wan were to stir up trouble at the ancestral home, it would be much more serious compared to Jin Garden.

Originally, from the beginning, he had been holding onto the slightest trace of hope, hoping that master was just playing around for his own amusement. But up until now, because he wouldn’t let go of something he couldn’t have, who would’ve thought that he’d unexpectedly bring Ye Wan Wan to see the Old Madame.

As they say, to marry a virtuous wife. If master insists on being together with this brainless woman, one day, sooner or later, he’ll have to pay an insurmountable price.

As Xu Yi kept on thinking of these, he became more overwhelmed with fear. No longer being able to endure anymore, he tried to advise, “Master, you may not like what you’re about to hear, but even if this subordinate is risking death, I must remind you, please consider carefully in advance. Not only is the Old Madame your most important closest relative, even her words have the highest authority in the Si Family. If the Old Madame was harmed or offended, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If Miss Ye was merely being kept in Jin Garden in private, then it’d be alright, but since you’re personally taking her to meet the Old Madame, you’re basically showing them that she may possibly become one of the Si family’s head wife candidates in the future. With Miss Ye’s characteristics, it’s really…”

It was too late for Xu Yi to continue speaking. Suddenly from the back seat, came an ice-cold voice without a trace of temperature, sweeping along an immense sense of oppression, “Who told you it was possible?”

Xu Yi was so startled by the abruptly cold voice that a chill ran down his spine, causing him to instantly turn silent.

In the next second, the man’s ice-cold voice became even more colder, as his thin lips spat out the two words: “The only.”

The one and only candidate.

The moment the man’s voice fell, Xu Yi’s entire being suddenly shook.

Xu Yi had originally wanted to open his mouth to speak, but under the pressure of Si Yehan’s fierce gaze, he didn’t dare utter another word. The only thing he could do was to pinch the steering wheel as he limply sat there as if awaiting his death.

The atmosphere in the car was stagnate for a while, seemingly frozen.

Just as Xu Yi was preparing for the worst, not far away came the sound of intermittent footsteps.

When he lifted his bloodshot eyes towards the direction of the sound, he saw a girl wearing Qing He school uniform, walking towards their direction from the back.

The girl didn’t apply on any makeup, carrying a blue schoolbag under her shoulder, she had her long jet-black ink-like hair neatly tied into a ponytail. While wearing Qing He’s blue-white top and bottom two set school uniform, the long-sleeved shirt and trouser design seemed a bit silly and didn’t carry any sense of beauty. However, the girl’s jade-like fair skin was set off by contrast, seemingly making the girl appear more vibrant and lively.

It wasn’t like those finely carved exquisitely dressed renowned young ladies whom he had been accustomed to, but rather, it was a young lady with a very bright and pure look, seemingly like clear streaming water. Such a sight would cause people to brighten their eyes at first glance.

After clearly seeing who the person was, as if unable to believe what he had just saw, Xu Yi’s entire being was stunned silly.

That… that’s… Ye Wan Wan!


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Vsukio: Qing He’s school uniform sounds… quite tacky.

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  1. –That… that’s… Ye Wan Wan!–

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  2. Wan Wan is a real beauty. If we can get her away from this goth look that she used in her last life no man would hesitate to look her way
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  3. Thank you! I really love this novel and actually read the raws! Your updates make each chapter clearer to me and I am truly grateful! Please don’t drop this! Ganbatte!

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