100% Sweet Love

Chapter 54: Using Action Should Tell Whether I Like It or Not

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

After thinking it over and over again, Ye Wan Wan decided to meet the Old Madame in her school uniform.

Although Si Yehan’s grandmother is an exceptionally distinguished person, she felt that all the grandmothers in the world should still have some similarities, they tend to favor neat, well-behaved, and obedient girls.

And no matter what or how, there is no other outfit that appears as well-behaved and obedient as a school uniform.

As for makeup, in addition to the facial mask she wore last night when she went to bed, coupled with her basic skincare products, she had no traces of makeup on. Her hair was also tied up into a fresh and neat ponytail, which revealed her bright and beautiful forehead.

Blankly looking at the arrival of a certain person, what he saw wasn’t the girl with her scary ghost-like appearance whom he had expected, but rather, a vibrant, beautiful, and particularly charming looking young lady.

Xu Yi stared blankly for a good while before he finally reacted. Staggering out of the car, he went to pull open the back-seat door, then went back and stared strangely at the back from the rear-view mirror.

In the past, Ye Wan Wan’s most favorite thing to do was to oppose master. By relying on master’s fondness towards her, even if she did something excessive, master would always let her have it her way.

With today being such a good opportunity, she unexpectedly dressed so… normally?

This Ye Wan Wan… has been acting too strange recently. In the end, what is she planning?

When Ye Wan Wan got into the back-seat of the car, she sat down beside Si Yehan.

Even though she had just gotten into the car, she couldn’t help but to click her tongue. There was nothing that could be seen from the outside of the car, but the disposition of its interior could even be compared to the president’s luxurious hotel suite.

The Si family must’ve given a lot of thought to this, so that Si Yehan could have a little more sleep.

“I wasn’t sure if I’ll be staying over tonight, but since I haven’t finish my homework yet, I’ve decided to bring it along with me.”

Ye Wan Wan placed the schoolbag she was carrying on top of her knee, while trying to explain, she lowered her head and pulled out a little notebook from her schoolbag, then hastily explained, “This is my list of gifts that I’ve listed. First, I’m going to Wan Chun Tang to buy some herbal tonics, afterwards, I’m going to the mall to buy some clothes, bag… or maybe a shawl for grandma. But since I don’t know what grandma’s preferences are, you’ll have to tell me! Also, I’m broke. Although I’ll be the one picking out the gifts, you’ll be the one who’s paying…”

Probably because the girl ran the whole way, there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. At this moment, as she gazed at her small notebook, she was speaking in an exceptionally dedicated manner, as if there were stars within her eyes.

Wan Wan, if you’re deceiving me…

You better guarantee…

That you’ll deceive me for the rest of my life…

As Ye Wan Wan continued explaining, she suddenly felt her chin being lifted, a distinct chilly breath was slowly approaching her. The sight of the man’s handsome face gradually enlarged in her eyes, causing her mind to fall into a trace. In the next instant, she suddenly felt her lips ache.

Feeling a trace of imperceptible warning, Ye Wan Wan became baffled. What’s wrong with this guy? She didn’t do anything, did she?

Is it because of how she’s dressed?

Thinking that Si Yehan wasn’t too fond of seeing her with this kind of appearance, she had to make reason with him, “Umm, you don’t like seeing me dressing up like this? But today, I’m going to meet your grandma, the elderly probably dislikes girls who wear eye-catching makeup, so I decided not to put any on. It seems that I’ve caused you to feel a bit wronged…”

Hearing the girl unexpectedly say how she intentionally dressed up for his grandma, made Si Yehan’s expression momentarily froze.

As his gaze fell onto the girl’s cheeks which then swept past her chin, neck, and her body which was wrapped in her school uniform reaching till her waist, the bottom of his ice-cold eyes gave rise to a strange heat. In the next second, he suddenly dropped another kiss on her. Unlike the superficial kiss just now, this one was more overbearing, and even somewhat crude. As he invaded every inch of her mouth, his wide fervent palms explored through the inside of her school uniform…

Using action should tell whether he likes it or not…


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Mei: *Blush* This ending is such a cliffhanger. I’m swaying whether I should give another chapter.….. (ó﹏ò。)

Vsukio: Halp halp call the police! (*/。\)

18 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Using Action Should Tell Whether I Like It or Not

  1. Thanks for the chapter. oh you are playing with my wild thoughts by giving a cliffhanger.poor me have to wait for 2 long days.😭😭😭


  2. As he invaded every inch of her mouth, his wide fervent palms explored through the inside of her school uniform…’

    Si Yehan is being naughty~
    Yes to another chapter pretty please and thank you for this chapter.

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  3. ‘As he invaded every inch of her mouth, his wide fervent palms explored through the inside of her school uniform…

    Using action should tell whether he likes it or not…’

    I’m sure everyone knows the answer to that question…..

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    1. Yeah. Finally someone who sees the deeper side of the novel. This novel isn’t some fluffy lovely romance novel, it’s not exactly the main focus here. It’s about YWW’s life, her revenge, struggle, trust issue, and her relationship with SYH. How firm… or fragile is it?

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    2. But also really sweet, he’s willing to be deceived if it’s her, he doesn’t dare to believed if wan wan’s change is because of love or such things, doesn’t wanna be hurt also doesn’t trust for it will take his life if he’ll be betrayed again ~~~~


    3. I agree. If it is a dream, let it last a lifetime. That’s how I feel like Si Yehan is feeling.

      It really showcases his possessiveness. Still, it’s also kind of scary, honestly. ;_;
      Not sure if I want a real life SO like that.

      But for whatever reason, I just find it all kind of sweet. Even if it is a scary-sweet.

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  4. Don’t tell me Si Ye Han got jealous cause of his Wanwan’s dressing up not for him but for his grandma 😂😂😂😂 if that’s really the case then that’s funny anyways what’s with this part
    “Wan Wan, if you’re deceiving me…
    You better guarantee…
    That you’ll deceive me for the rest of my life…”
    It made me go all aww,❣️💕
    Thank you soooo much for the chapter!!


  5. O.O I’ll join mr. Driver in being the third wheel. Let’s pretend we do not hear or see anything.

    Thank you for the chapter ^ ^ fu


  6. RAWR! but really what made more of an impression was ” if you are deceiving me, you better deceive me for the rest of your life”. Cant help but feel a wee bit sorry for SYH.. Thank you and another chapter please 🙂


    1. I’ll have to read the first few chapter because I am lost. I am certain that the past life with Si Ye Han was orchestrated by Sheng Menqi But not why? And she lost everything. Now living for herself perhaps she can find real love. Si YeHan is a lost soul and for some reason he has come to feel something for Ye Wan wan . Something that has overwhelmed him.Something warm and fulfilling Something that he will not let go of.Something that he feels can give him inner peace.

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