100% Sweet Love

Chapter 52: It’s the First Time Meeting Your Family, How Can I Be Casual?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: Yahoo~ Here’s a chapter with brief interactions between YWW and SYH! I like that YWW is conversing more casual and intimate with SYH, slowly removing her deeply ingrained fear. (*^▽^*)

“Eh? Grandma…” Hearing what was said, Ye Wan Wan was utterly taken aback.

At this moment, she suddenly recalled a few events that had occurred during her previous life.

Before her rebirth, Si Yehan had once taken her to see his grandmother.

In the Si family, the closest person to Si Yehan was his grandmother. Having lived half a lifetime with iron-and-blood, coupled with her powerful family background, these gave her the highest status within the Si family. Owing to the untimely death of Si Yehan’s father, her most doted on and dearly distressed for loved one is Si Yehan, this grandson of hers. So as long as Si Yehan becomes fond of something, without exception, she would unconditionally support him.

(E/N: Iron-and-blood = the use of military power rather than normal diplomatic means.)

In her past life, she had offended the Old Madame thoroughly.

With the previous generation Si Yehan wanting her to meet his grandmother being such a big matter, how could she not consult Shen Mengqi about it?

Shen Mengqi tried to think of every means they could use, she taught her all kinds of methods that could make the Old Madame hate her, with her naturally doing each and every one of them.

When she met with the elders, she openly dressed up in a heavy and hardcore style, from the beginning till the end, her face remained cold as she continuously made rude remarks.

The Old Madame was greatly distressed for her grandson. Ye Wan Wan had shown off her ghost-like appearance, as well as her unruly behaviors, but the Old Madame didn’t pay the slightest attention to these.

That was, until she touched the Old Madame’s sole inverse scale, which was Si Yehan.

(T/N: Inverse scale = most vulnerable point // bottom line)

When she was at the ancestral home, Shen Mengqi suddenly gave her a call. She told her that Gu Yueze had a car accident, and was on the brink of a crisis.

How could Si Yehan possibly let her go and find Gu Yueze?

It was very likely that the two of them would wage war. She was driven to near madness as she scolded him, bit him, and even cursed him to quickly drop dead.

To hear her unexpectedly curse Si Yehan to drop dead, made the Old Madame so angry that she fainted on the spot. Since then, she had loathed her to the extreme.

And with her purpose being achieved, the Old Madame tirelessly advised Si Yehan that he mustn’t be with her.

However, even though the Old Madame started to speak up, Si Yehan still didn’t let her go.

In the end, the Old Madame had fallen ill due to excessive worrying, and not long after, she soon passed away. But before her death, her heart was still obsessed with her grandson’s illness and that malignant tumor which was buried at his side…

(T/N: When she says malignant tumor, she’s referring to Ye Wan Wan.)

As she thought of these, Ye Wan Wan felt a sharp stabbing pain inside her chest.

Although she hates Si Yehan, she could see that the Old Madame had treated her with sincerity from the very beginning. Even though she acted so rudely, the Old Madame didn’t mind it at all, nor did she care about her family background…

Seeing that there was no response from the other side for a long time, Si Yehan’s tone had already become completely cold, “Forget it.”

When she finally pulled herself back from her train of thoughts, Ye Wan Wan hurriedly replied, “Grandma wants to see me? Of course, I wanna go! I’m just a little nervous, after all, this is the first time I’m meeting your grandma! Does she have any special fondness? How about her hobbies? What should I wear? Should I prepare some gifts?”

Listening to Ye Wan Wan suddenly asking these long chain of questions, the person on the other side of the phone was silent for a long time.

Ye Wan Wan was anxious, “Hey? Hey? Are you still there?”

“En.” The man’s voice was somewhat cracked, “You… want to go?”

“Why not? But you still haven’t answered any of my questions!” Ye Wan Wan questioned.

“You don’t need to prepare anything, just wait for me to pick you up.” Si Yehan replied.

“How can I? This is the first time I’m meeting your family! First impressions are very important, how can you be so casual about it!” Ye Wan Wan’s face was filled with dissatisfaction, “Let’s go with this, you can come pick me up early Saturday morning, then accompany me to go shopping!”

Whether it’s because of her guilt, or because the Old Madame is the only person who could control Si Yehan, she should try to establish a good relationship with her.


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“Having lived half a lifetime with iron-and-blood, coupled with her powerful family background, these gave her the highest status within the Si family…”

Mei: I can see where Si Yehan got his shameless, unreasonable and overbearing attitude… Granny, you’ve made a huge mistake………………..

Vsukio: Om… But I don’t think she’s as bloodthirsty as Si Yehan though (´⊙ω⊙`)

Mei: B-but the worst part is, he actually surpassed her.…… o(*´д`*)o

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  1. ⊙.⊙) shopping… shopping? ooohhhh a date \o/ their first ever date now that she’s ‘normal’?

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  2. If she dresses a bit more normal with little to no make up she will be fine. Does she truly not care about Si Yehan?
    Thank you for this chapter update and translation


    1. Does she truly not care about SYH? WOW that’s a huge spoiler there… Imagine when everyone abandoned her when she lost everything, literally everything, she lost her home, her grace, her wealth. But when that happened, SYH came. Take a moment to understand that.

      More info about YWW’s feelings for SYH will be covered in future chaps. (LMAO this is becoming my tagline)


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