100% Sweet Love

Chapter 11: Did I Scare You

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the room gradually stagnates and freezes, the situation between her and Si Yehan was as if it returned to the time before her rebirth.

Her inherent fear of the man before her begins to invade her body.

Fortunately, at this time, the sound of footsteps from the courtyard broke the deadlock.

Xu Yi led a group of gardeners and construction workers enter the living room, “Ninth Master, the issue with the garden…. renovation…”

Xu Yi was only able to say half of what he intended before he saw a woman sitting next to Si Yehan’s left hand, immediately becoming stunned speechless. The workers behind him also look at each other.

Not only are they surprised by this girl’s pretty good looks, rather everyone knows that their master has severe mysophobia. He has an extreme loathing towards women. The only woman that can appear within three feet of their master is only Ye Wan Wan. Even if the other women were immortals, they wouldn’t do.

So, who is this woman?

Ye Wan Wan looks at Xu Yi and then looks at the other workers. Taking a bite of the shrimp dumpling, she apologetically looks at them, “Oh, I forgot to put on my makeup today. Did I scare you?”

Ye……Ye Wan Wan!!!

Hearing the familiar voice, everyone, including Xu Yi, were scared.

Although that ugly person looked pretty horrible, but she actually had a good voice. It was like the graceful and subdued waters of the Yangtze river, clear and limpid.

However, it was such a pleasant voice, but it made them all feel a reflexive sense of  loathing when they heard it.

After all, ever since this woman came to live here, they have not suffered few hardships since then.

Currently, Master didn’t order this beautiful woman at his side to be thrown out. This tremendously beautiful sort of girl, unexpectedly, is Ye Wan Wan?

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Ye Wan Wan grows serious, thinking “Sure enough, my previous appearance looked better right? I remember that time when I dyed my hair green, you look at me with stunning expressions! How about I change back tomorrow?”

What stunning, they were obviously horrified!

Xu Yi finally come to his senses, shaking his head like a rattle drum, “No, no. Miss you look very good like this!”

I was absolutely unexpected that Ye Wan Wan would look like this without makeup.

So, in front of Miss Ye, until now, there is not a question about her attractiveness, rather there is a question about the mind?

Master’s insight is too fierce and great. In the end, how was he able to see through those thick walls of makeup, clearly seeing her true beauty?

If Ye Wan Wan knew what Xu Yi was thinking at that moment, she would surely tell him “Your family’s master did not have to penetrate the ‘walls.’ Your family’s master is very fond of the ‘walls’.”

“Did you want to discuss the issue of the garden renovations?” Ye Wan Wan asked.

Xu Yi subconsciously nodded, “Yes.”

Ye Wan Wan immediately asked “Then may I offer some suggestions?”

It is estimated that she must stay at this place for quite a long time. Why not do things according to her wishes and let her live comfortably?

Since I may not go to school, this is possible right?

She remembered that apart from going outside, Si Yehan agreed to her other requests, no matter how excessive or indulgent they were.

When Xu Yi heard Ye Wan Wan’s request, he immediately wished he could die. He immediately looked towards Si Yehan to plead for help, hoping that he would let him call the shots.

Ninth master, I’m pleading you, don’t let her ruin the garden again!

Si Yehan responded to Ye Wan Wan with three words: “As you wish.”

Xu Yi: “……”

Well, he knew this would happen.

Xu Yi can only accept this sad fate: “Miss, what would you like to suggest?”

Ye Wan Wan carefully thought “I do not like roses and lavender, can you change the flowers in the field to sunflowers?”

Xu Yi blankly stared, next he subconsciously asked, “Miss, you like sunflowers?”

Compared to demands such as “Give me those flowers to burn” or “Pull all those out”, this kind of request is from Ye Wan Wan is really too normal.

Ye Wan Wan thought of the request saying, “I generally like them.”

Puzzled, Xu Yi asked: “Then why…”

Ye Wan Wan’s bright eyes shine: “Because later you can stir-fry the seeds to eat!”

Xu Yi: “Uh……”

Si Yehan: “……”

Ye Wan Wan also pointed towards the distance, “There is also a pond. Don’t raise those expensive carp to die, they are very delicate and can not be consumed. Put some grass carp, Crucian carp, shrimp……Change the wild rose trellis to a grape trellis……In fact, planting some sweet potato is also pretty good…….”


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T/N: Surprise! Ah…I finally got chapter 11 out. Chapter 12 is a WIP and may or may not get published tonight… 😉

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  1. I hope the author explains how they met. I assumed the ML met the MC before she turned ugly. Thanks for the fast releases! I check Novel Updates six times a day or more because of wonderful translators like you!


  2. How economical….I’m thinking of doing this in our garden,the balcony…
    Anyway, thank you for the chapter…


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